Clueless? Actress Stacey Dash Says ‘Vote Romney’

Romney currently holds zero percent of the black vote

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By Laurence Afum

Stacey Dash, the actress best known for her role as Dionne in the hit 1990’s movie “Clueless,” tweeted on Sunday that she was supporting Mitt Romney this fall.

“Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future,” the actress wrote.

Dash was most recently a lead on BET’s ‘Single Ladies,’ but left the show after reports of backstage acrimony between she and LisaRaye, the show’s star.

A poll taken this summer showed Romney capturing zero percent of black voters. (The poll had a margin of error of three percent.)

  • Michael Bednarz

    Obama received 92% of the Black Vote in 2008. If ANY White Presidential candidate received 92% of the White vote we would be accused of being hateful and racist. SO I guess we know what Danny Glover, and Samuel L. Jackson are? By the way, in case you were wondering. John Kerry got 41% of the White Vote in the 2004 Election against Bush. Obama got 44% of the White Vote in 2008. Don’t tell me that I or anyone that thinks Obama has failed is a racist. It’s simply about doing and not doing. It’s about leadership, policy, ability, and accountability. Obama has failed us in all aspects.

  • rrock0267

    So you must be clueless to vote for Romney if you are black. Wow. That sounds extremely racist to me. Of course, the ONLY reason he gets 92% of all black voters is BECAUSE he is black. That’s not me saying that, that’s the black voters who have stated that in after voting interviews and the years since. But, watch out. This web site says if you don’t vote Obama, you MUST be clueless. Incredible.

    • RoboNiner

      On Ms. Dash’s support of Mr. Romney, she is entitled to have
      her own opinion and should not to be attacked by some who disagree with her view,
      addressing her as a “Sell Out, et al…” Posts, like those on Ms.
      Dash’s Twitter page, do not add to the value of our political discourse. We should be able to politically engage with
      one another in a respectful manner.

      As far as your second contention where you argued that “the ONLY reason he
      gets 92% of all black voters is BECAUSE he is black,” I disagree with your
      assessment. If you look at history, the African-American community has strongly
      been in the Democratic column for a long time. Starting in 1932, FDR garnered
      71% of African-American vote. However, Republicans still were able to get at
      least a sizable percentage of the African-American vote. In 1948, the majority
      of African-Americans identified themselves as Democrats.

      The election of 1964 was the most significant moment that moved
      African-American population solidly into the Democratic camp. That year,
      President Lyndon Johnson was able to push through the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
      The Republican candidate, Barry Goldwater came out against it. That year, President
      Johnson gained 94% of the African-American vote. No other Republican candidate
      has gained more than 15% of the African-American vote since that election.

      One thing that has been lost in this discussion is that hardly anyone takes the
      battle within the community on who to support during the Democratic Primary in
      2008 into account. There were split within families on who to support. However,
      at the end of the day, the African-American community would have been solidly
      behind Hillary Clinton if she would have been the Democratic Party’s candidate
      in 2008. She would have beat Sen. McCain in 2008 just like President Obama did.
      If she would have won, some on the Republican side would have argued that
      people voted for her simply because she is a woman. However, it is much more
      difficult for people to argue that a person won because of gender versus race.
      Therefore, this argument would be less effective under those circumstances. If
      the vast majority of African-Americans voted for a person just because of race,
      than the candidacies of Rev. Jesse Jackson (1984, 1988} and Rev. Al Sharpton
      (2004) would have been more heavily supported than what they were.

      I am sure that there are some within the community that voted for President
      Obama because of his race. However, you also can’t argue the fact that some
      voted Sen. John McCain because of his race. However, that is lost in the
      discussion because Sen. McCain lost. To try to argue that the vast
      majority of people voted for or against a candidate strictly because of his/her race is ignorant at best and intellectually lazy at worst.

      The sad fact is that since Nixon implemented the “Southern Strategy”
      in the 1968 election, there has not been a serious effort by the Republican
      Party to reach out to the African-American voting population since Jack Kemp
      ran for President in 1988. Former Republican Party National Chairman Michael
      Steele did attempt to make some overtures to reach out during his tenure.
      However, under the current chairman, Reince Priebus, those efforts have been

      We need ALL parties to fight for EVERYONE’s vote. Writing off an entire segment
      of the population, especially with our changing demographics, is extremely reckless
      and short-sighted. Eventually, those
      votes are going to be needed. It is difficult to build inroads with any
      community, if there is little or no attempt to do so. If the Republican Party does not recognize
      this and/or fails to address this glaring need, there may come a time when the
      Republican Party goes the way of the Whig Party, replaced by another national
      political party, and fade into the annals of history.


    Actress Stacey Dash, thinks for herself. Good for you. Best of luck with your career, God bless you.

  • K. Mathis, Jr.

    Why do Caucasians insist on comparing their situation with African Americans? Some uninformed human being wrote:

    ‘ Obama …received 92% of the Black Vote in 2008. If ANY White Presidential
    candidate received 92% of the White vote we would be accused of being
    hateful and racist. SO I guess we know what Danny Glover, and Samuel L.
    Jackson are?’

    Yes, we know what they are. they’re Black men whose ancestors were held in slavery in this country, and for generations thereafter were held in less regard that the family pet. Denied the vote. Beaten. Murdered for daring to demand they (of all things) be treated as human beings. etc., etc.

    We. WE the vast majority of African Americans, know. KNOW, who the Republican party represents, We know who makes up at least, 26% of that party. We know the party wherein reside the members of the Ku Klux Klan.

    We have been in this country for over four hundred years. Never in that span of time have we at one time or another been assured that we are, other; different;. Not American.

    We don’t worship the Flag like we should. We aren’t thankkful enough for all the WONDERFUL things we have received from the Greatest country in the world. The Good ole U.S. of A.
    Where’s your flag pin, citizen?

    Ah-hhh over four hundred years of American bliss. Hey! they allowed us to die in all those wars, didn’t they. So they hung a few war heroes afterward. Hell- you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, eh?.

    So, yeah, we can sure see how WE are they villainous racist in this piece, never those fun loving Republicans who attended many of Barack Obama’s speeches when he was running for president, with M16’s and nine mil’s strapped on. Where were you then, citizen who accuses Danny Glover, and Samuel L. Jackson as racists.

    Let me say here and now that I am a Democrat. And yeah, okay everybody in this country has a right to vote as they choose.

    Except for Black folk

    You do not have the right to forget. To spit in the eye of every slave that lie beneath this soil they tilled until they were dead. A stolen people treated as little more, and often a lot less than animals. You do not have the right to side with people who share the same mindset as those who stole my ancestors, and your ancestors away from their country and their loved ones. Certainly not all republicans, but enough of them to allow the saying: ‘Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas’.. You do not have the right to sell us again so that your Masters will…what??!!…LIKE YOU??? Treat you as a human being?

    Well. Okay. Just remember you whose teeth are ever exposed. From now on when you roll over at night for your nightly belly rub from your Republican masters, remember that those same hands are just itching to check the ballot that will send your sycophantic behind to a cold dark place. A place where they send ALL black folk that are out of their, Mother, F**kin Minds.

    • winnie

      there are racist , klan demeocrats as well my friend. i personally would rather deal with a republican in a several ways than to deal with the liberals. there are good people democrats , republicans, independents and libertarians.. i like some of what romney stands for. i think he can bring some good things for our country.. i don’t like all of us policies, but i would like for him to get a chance. Obama has had a chance. he hasn’t really addressed the job issue.. i am not interested in excuses about the tea party or the republicans. i am sure that he has had opposition, but so has all the other presidents.

      • winnie

        i meant to say , that i don’t like all of his policies. i would also like to add that people should get more involved in their local elections and politics. i think we can make more of a difference on this level than on a presidential level.. our mayor, city councilmen, governors..state representatives. i ould also like to make this comment; whoever is elected as far as the president goes, i hope that he really will endeavor to help people, and be accountable for whatever he does, good or not so good. i am tired of all of these politicians behaving in such bad behaviors.(misrepresenting themselves, out right lying, bad mouthing the other party).Where are the real statesman!! men of real honor. they seem to be a dying breed.