Stacey Dash on Romney Endorsement: ‘It’s Not About Skin Color’

Actress quotes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., when talking about Romney endorsement

stacey dash on cnn talking romneyFrom New York Daily News

Actress Stacey Dash appeared on CNN yesterday after she received racial backlash for her support of Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.

She evoked Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., when speaking of her endorsement.

“I chose him not by the color of his skin, but the content of his character,” the black actress told CNN’s Piers Morgan.

Potential Vice President, Paul Ryan, contacted Dash to offer her support.

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  • There is no excuse for ignorance – institutionalized racism is being practiced by media exploiting @realStacey Dash fans and silencing their liberal views by calling them racist using it as an excuse. There are far fewer that hurled degradating remarks at her than have spoken up against her stand based on policy and her celebrity status. There are far more of us who disgreed with her based on policy. The majority of black people can express their opinions without using hate but that doesn’t make the news. Both sides should be equally heard and respected. EVERYBODY VOTE Nov. 6th 2012!

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