WATCH: How One Black-Owned Small Business Survived September 11th

M.R. Beal CEO Bernard Beal tells how his financial services business rebuilt in the days after Sept. 11, 2001--what he did well and what he'd do differently

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M.R. Beal CEO Bernard Beal

Bernard Beale, CEO of M.R. Beale & Company (the 2011 BE 100s Financial Services Company of the year) vividly remembers the days shortly after the September 11th attacks. His investment banking firm, which is located in lower Manhattan on Wall Street, was affected greatly, and Beal found himself having to rethink his business, and go beyond the extra mile (including sleeping in his office space) to maintain.

Today, the tenacious entrepreneur talks to reporter Kahliah A. Laney about how his company survived after the attacks, steps he took to rebuild his business, and what, looking back, he may have done differently.

Produced, filmed and edited by Kahliah A. Laney