Should You Care About Occupy The Hood?

This movement developed out of the Occupy Wall Street protests

Large Crowd of People with Their Hands Raised in the Air with One Man Holding a Blank Placard

(Image: Thinkstock)

As the Occupy Wall Street protests hit day 24, people are beginning to see more and more sprinkles of color among the growing crowd of demonstrators. Not to mention the demonstrations are spreading outside of Manhattan’s Financial District to Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and other cities across the country. Despite the new additions, going to ground zero of many of these protests will likely place you in a sea of white faces.

It’s this very reason that the sub-movement Occupy The Hood was born.  It was started by two activist friends Malik Rhasaan, 39, from Queens, New York and Ife Johari Uhuru, 35, from Detroit, Michigan.

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