Shoplifter Dies After Being Tackled By Walmart Workers

The man allegedly stole two DVD players

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An alleged shoplifter died early Sunday morning after being run-down by Walmart workers outside a Lithonia, Georgia Walmart according to the Atlanta Journal- Constitution.

The middle-aged man allegedly took two DVD players from the Walmart at 5401 Fairington Road around 1:30 a.m. He exited through the front door, but was stopped by the three Walmart workers in the parking lot where a “physical altercation” took place, according to the police report. The security guard working for Walmart is said to have placed the man in a choke-hold.

When police arrived, they found the three Walmart workers on top of the man. An officer who handcuffed the suspected shoplifter saw that the man wasn’t moving and ordered the employees off. Police found the man to be unresponsive and bleeding from his nose and mouth. Emergency units responded and transported him to DMC-Hillandale Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Read more at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


  • Dexter_Cornberry

    Wal-Mart says their employee aren’t supposed to physically engage a shoplifter, but my sis told me any employee spotting and catching a shoplifter gets a bonus. Then Wal-Mart throws them under the bus-fires them-and says it’s against policy-like they did with the loss prevention officer in the College Station store who shot a robber (that’s defined as a shoplifter who uses force against a person to steal) with his own gun in an altercation.

  • Justice for all

    What society do we live in? Monkey society? What the fuck is wrong with Walmart and their Employees? Its just sad to see someone dying because of other peoples stupidity. Sure, stealing is wrong, but its worse that people have to use their force to play the Hero. Fucking Security guys must lead miserable lives. These are people who never made it to anything in life, just pathetic! Sorry about my language, I’m mad to read about this…

    • Get over it, guy was a thief. Nobody meant to kill him. He could have had a heart condition or whatever, clue in on you shouldn’t be doing adrenaline junky BS if you have a heart condition. I’m not saying that’s what killed him, no matter the physical cause. Being a dumb ass killed him.

    • ekling

      I want to agree with you. But in the case of this story, we don’t know the whole story. We are told there was an altercation. We are told one of the security guards had the shoplifter in a choke-hold. We are not told anything about the shoplifter themselves. We are not told anything about the altercation. We don’t know the mindset of the shoplifter or whether he became violent when confronted. Hell, we don’t even know if he died from injuries sustained by his confrontation with the security guards. All we know is what the media wants to tell us and it is in their best interest to creat a story.

    • Michael

      And I am pissed as well.

  • ekling

    We can get into too many if’s, and’s & why’s. I don’t want to do that. My concern is this. What are employees of any business suppoose to do when witnessing a shoplifting incident? Or anybody for that matter? There are rules in place, but then the rules are null & void when the business quite possibly could get into trouble. Employees are expected to follow certain guidelines only when it benefits the company but then throw the same employees under the bus when that also benefits the company. So what is the proper answer. Do we close our eyes or look the other direction when a crime is being committed. Do we ignor the murder or the rape right along side the robbery? What is expected of the ordinary citizen? This is just an example of how our legal system has let us down and failed us. Protect the offender and to hell with the victim.

    • Michael

      What is it that he was taking and how much was it wearh?

  • Danner

    A criminal died while breaking the law. He did it to himself and is solely responsible.

    • Michael

      I don’t give a damn about him being a criminal but was it wearth his life being chocked out of him?

    • john

      yeah danner, you are wrong about this. it’s better to let the stupid guy steal 2 extremely cheap dvd players than to kill him. walmart employees are not police officers, they are a people that did not make it out of high school. you are inhuman.

  • Michael

    I only have one question. What he stole was it wearth his life, was it wearth him being chocked to death?

  • stevek11

    Ask the shoplifter if it was worth it.