Sasha and Malia Obama’s Spring Break Trip Criticized by Republicans

GOP rips President Obama for sending daughters to Bahamas for Spring Break.

President Obama plans to spend the weekend at Camp David with his family (Image: Getty)

Republican representative Steve King pulled off his gloves during a local radio show, criticizing Sasha and Malia Obama’s spring break trip to the Bahamas.

“You’re on point and on the mark all the way through,” King told a caller named Carla after she said she found the Obama girls’ vacation “really hard to stomach” and “not acceptable.”

“He needs to show some austerity himself,” King said of President Barack Obama. He also reminded listeners that the president “sent the daughters to spring break in Mexico a year ago. That was at our expense, too.”

King’s commentary highlights a consistent effort by Republicans and conservatives to shed a spotlight on the Obama’s seemingly luxurious lifestyle amid America’s still recovering economy.

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  • Cookie

    The Obama’s has a life too just like us they have a life to outside of the white house they have the right to do what is best for the family on there time!!!!

  • Danny

    I”m sure w/2 college graduates, as parents they could afford to go a few more places… The nerve of some people… I guess their not suppose to shop at the gap either, huh?

  • I agree with Cookie. They have a right to a life and a vacation just like the rest of us. His job as president of the United States comes with a salary. The rest of us Americans who earn a salary are allowed to use it on vacations. Why not the Obamas?

  • I just recently visited Washington and saw the White House. It is impressive, but having to get cooped up in there for a few years is no fun. C’mon people, our leader and his family deserve a break once in a while.

  • Thomas Palmer

    My point it that with the so-called leader calling for all the country to be forced to cuts cost everywhere possible, He and his family are still spending our tax dollars with abandon. What all the other president’s have done in the past has no bering on our economic situation now. He needs to lead by example. All these vacations he and his family take multiple times a year cost us taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in security fees alone each and every time..

  • Evan Mayhurst

    Bahamas and then Sun Valley? Who is paying for the flights, fuel, wear and tear on aircraft, secret service cost? We are!! Keep following this horrible leader down the drain. He called Bush unpatriotic for having 9 Trillion of U.S. debt. Obama is almost at 17 Trillion!! You all are idiots!!

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