Rihanna and Chris Brown Come out Publicly at Lakers, Knicks Game

Their first public appearance together in a long time on national television.

rihanna chris brown lakers game courtside couple sightingIf you thought they weren’t together or friends anymore, today changed the minds of many on Rihanna and Chris Brown.

Both star singers showed up at today’s Lakers vs Knicks game sitting courtside near the New York Knicks bench.

Does this mean the couple is back together or are they just friends?

No one knows, but they sure are hinting towards more public appearances in the new year with this appearance ending 2012.

What are your thoughts on these two being acquaintances?

  • @TrueSunshineP

    Their relationship is for publicity. I’m not impressed, not any longer worried about their gongs on. I’m genuinely disappointed in Chris.

  • This is why women get no respect. Great example for the kids Rhianna.