REVIEW: Is ‘Dear White People’ Worth Your Precious Dollars?!

Justin Simien's Sundace-approved satire has sharp wit

Image: Dear White People

When Dear White People, written and directed by first-time filmmaker Justin Simien, made its debut at Sundace — it was admired by all those who witnessed it.

Taking place in the fictional university of Westchester College, the project riffs on situations experienced by Simien and told to us in satirical form. For a newborn effort, Dear White People pulls off a few surprises that will leave audiences engaged and ready for repeat viewings. Led by Tessa Thompson (For Colored Girls), who plays Samantha White, the film explores race with her as the audible rebel without a pause, breaking down what White people can and cannot do in this “post-racial America” setting.

As Sam exposes the politricks being used on campus to separate the masses, the sole all-Black residential house is under threat of dissolution by the university’s dean for reasons of diversification. All the while institutional discrimination — from other houses using race to exclude others to using family ties — has resulted in the stagnation of opportunities for the minorities who wish to get an education at Westchester. Dear White People is an American film for the Now-Generation that explores feelings of racial divide and natural common sense with a humor that is sharp, biting, and thought provoking.

As the movie opens and the audience witness more characters, the cast reflect certain racial power struggles that spill over into the audience’s lives conveniently. Take for instance the president (played by Peter Syvertsen) and the dean (Dennis Haysbert). Their struggles to one-up the other has been inherited by their respective sons, Kurt (Kyle Gallner) and Troy (Brandon P. Bell). Both are upstarts in their own right, but are merely pawns in their father’s game to become the de facto leader of Westchester and have the biggest bragging rights.

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  • EbolaJenkins

    This movie addresses UCSD’s “Compton Cookout”?!? Do they not KNOW?!? (or do they not CARE about the truth?..)
    Here goes the media and the naive liberal ‘activists’ with too much time on their hands again… The second they first heard about UCSD’s “Compton Cookout” they jumped all over it and attacked UCSD for ‘racism’; but then they found out it was created and managed by Jiggaboo Jones (a black comedian) who established the function to UNITE the races, and then the story died away with no apology to their readers… it didn’t matter because they had already planted the seed of racial-paranoia into the minds of the citizens where it still lingers today. With the flames now fanned from this unprofessional reporting, some black students and many non-students took to the sidewalks of UCSD holding signs and protesting for ‘a cause’. It made them feel important, as if they were changing the world for the better… or getting gratification for playing the ‘victim’ card.
    …Soon later, a young Korean girl with her Korean boyfriend who didn’t know any better were playing with a piece of nylon cord in the Library; he showed her how to make a noose out of it and she put it dangling from a sign on the wall… but then they forgot about it before they left. A nice liberal college-student always on the lookout for ‘evil racism’ in this never-ending ‘witch-hunt’ found it and immediately reported it. All of the sudden, the liberal-media is throwing gas on the fire again- as if UCSD wasn’t ALREADY trying to give up lots of Asian-American students’ college-seats for people with black-skin and far-lower HS grades- people who blew off their college-prep years in high school for the sake of partying, clubbing, and chasing white-womens (even though Affirmative Action had been voted as ‘racist’ in California)… Then, the number of ‘justice-seekers’ on the sidewalks grew in numbers and got wilder. As soon as word had spread about the noose, the naive Korean girl came forward and admitted that she was the one that put it there, explained that the noose does not symbolize ‘racism’ in her country, and she did not mean anything by it. It was an honorable thing she did, but she was still EXPELLED. Maybe they gave her seat away to a nice person with black-skin and lower HS grades (and not the ‘next-smartest’ college-applicant in line).
    …A day or two later- someone puts a pillowcase over the head of the statue of Mr. Geisel in front of the Geisel Library. The faculty is then immediately intimidated to give-in to numerous unfair/unequal/racist demands of new black-student organizations popping up all over campus. They receive lots of new funding from an already ‘broke’ college in a state with a broke economy. They start placing students into positions of power on campus with no qualification other than skin-color. The faculty and the San Diego Sheriff Crime-Lab promises a full-investigation, with press-releases saying DNA has been obtained from the pillowcase and that video-surveillance around the area was being reviewed. They also let everyone know that the act is considered a ‘felony’. Soon after, the story immediately COMPLETELY faded, and the crowd dispursed. The California public was never issued an explanation as promised. The only reason ‘this could be’ was because the DNA and Video evidence revealed a BLACK PERSON (possibly a non-student ‘trespassing’ on campus for the sake of protesting) had put the pillowcase on the statue as an angry ‘statement’ but then zipped their lips as soon as they heard about ‘evidence’ and ‘felony’. They did NOT do the honorable thing and come clean like the Korean girl did. Figures… Perhaps they should do more [UNBIASED] research at ‘cultures’ and ‘history’ at their own social-studies/ethnic-studies/liberal-studies departments….
    ….The financial damage and the social-injustice of racism unfairly/unequally catering to the demands of the black-students who gained BONUS-RIGHTS that would have otherwise not been granted if not for the ‘hoax’ can never be undone. We can rest assured, though, that this unfairly-expelled Korean girl will still be okay in life even though she lost her college dream; she is Korean… she will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix- like Koreatown Los Angeles did after the black community burned their entire community to the ground in 1992… leaving their uninsured immigrant-businesses destroyed and their families empty-handed. Today, the Koreans are building the largest skyscraper in North America west of the Mississippi River. The black-neighborhoods that burned down Koreatown still look exactly as they did in 1992.

    • Dr. M. Polk

      Amazed at how many PPL hide behind their screens&erroneous images. Why not reveal your true image along with your opinions/comments? I’ll answer that simple question for you, you r a republican coward that spews inaccuracies about PPL,politics, or other social issues. There are just as many Caucasian students receiving some type of federal aid for college, if they attend. You are ignorant probably physically & mentally unattractive, redneck waiting on YOUR food stamps. More Caucasian PPL receive food stamps, look it up for yourself. Oops your probably don’t know to do proper research. I’m sure you are one of those PPL that say I have some black friends, this world need to rid itself of PPL like you. You don’t deserve to breed BC your offspring will be just as ignorant as you. Then more mony will come out of my check to support your sorry the way both of my parents whom are Blneurologist my sister&I very well. We are educated and well off family. Both of my parents are doctors, sister is a lawyer, I’m a neurologist with my OWN PRACTICE. I NEVER MAKE COMMENTS ON BLOGS BUT I SERVICES TO VOICE MY OPINION ABOUT YOUR MANIFESTO, SEEK MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES!

      • Dr. Polk

        Sory for auto check, errors were made. It should have read my parents doctors, one a gynecologist, one is a neurologist. Simply wanted to voice my opinion about comments.

      • EbolaJenkins

        “Doctor Polk” (lemme guess, you are a rapper?) all you did there was plagiarize Rule #37 from the Democrat Debate Manual… ie. ‘Seek help’, ‘tin-foil hat’, ‘are you off your meds again’, etc for the sake of putting an opponent in defense mode to ruin their credibility, distract the audience away from the topic of the debate with a red-herring, and buy time for your traitor peers to rally behind you.
        …With that, i will retaliate with Rule #19 of the DDM (an Obama favorite from the Romney debate): “LIAR!!!…. LIAR!!!………….. …..LIAR!!!!! […smirking and pointing at you, waiting for you to get the first 2 words of a sentence out…]… LIAR!!!!….. This tactic of the DDM will question the integrity of your opponent among the undecided crowd; your supporter crowd will cheer you on without considering whether your accusation is true or not. By the time your opponent crowd has an opportunity to fact check your childish accusation- the population’s short-term memory will deem the informarion obsolete/outdated, and your supporters can tease the fact checkers for worrying about things that don’t matter ‘right now’ and should instead worry about the next great thing in front of our ‘narrow’ tunnelvision ‘right now’…

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