Reports: Read In Detail How Michael Brown Lost His Life

Based on eyewitness testimony, audio and the autopsy report

Image: Facebook

With a new poll in St. Louis County spotlighting the deep racial divide over the Michael Brown case, 100 Life Goals’ Shaun King posted a prevailing theory that is sure to send shockwaves throughout the human community.

An independent survey of 604 county residents conducted by Titus Bond and the Remington Research Group discovered that the races see the case through different lenses. Tracking attitudes toward the shooting, whether or not Officer Darren Wilson should be arrested, whether the shooting was justified, the handling of the aftermath by the governor and the news media, and who is responsible for rioting and looting were the subjected polled.

60 percent of county residents overall believe that Officer Darren Wilson should not be arrested, while 71 percent of Blacks believe that he should be arrested and charged. The survey also found that 65 percent of county residents overall believe that Michael Brown was not targeted because of race, while 64 percent of Blacks surveyed think he was.

Found at Shaun King’s Twitter page, the theory, which was based on eyewitness accounts, audio of the fired shots, and the released autopsy reports, has been compiled by Vincent E. Heck, Jr. (@HeckPhilly). In it, the information is quite damning, and while many await the report from the Department of Justice and the FBI, one look at the following will make you feel for any young, endangered Black individual in America.

See the theory for yourself below:

Image: Twitter

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  • wideeyed

    Isn’t Shaun King a bit hyperbolic? Who cares what he comes up with? Who follows this guy and why?

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  • Swill

    Wow. We should be discussing the murder of a child in broad daylight, and why there is such a wide racial divide in how people perceive that crime. How about we focus on the issue and not smoke screen it with lesser issues? If you don’t agree with this account then research the facts for yourself and promote your own less hyperbolic theory.

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  • UncleRuckusWasRight

    Don’t be naive to overlook how this began…”there was a struggle at the police SUV”.

    • Rick Banks

      The struggle, UncleRuckus, began because Darren Wilson grabbed Michael Brown by the collar and pulled him into the truck window in an attempt to intimidate and basically “bully” him because he felt Brown didn’t act as though he was afraid of him. All the subsequent action came as a result of Wilson sticking the gun in Michael Brown’s face to intimidate him, and of course a struggle then ensued.

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