Reports: Oprah Makes Nearly $20 Million From Weight Watchers Tweet

Media mogul says she eats bread 'every day' on the program

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Reports are raving about Oprah Winfrey’s latest feat with what has been a decades-long battle with weight loss. The spokesperson for Weight Watchers recently tweeted how she was able to lose 26 pounds with the program—earning her nearly $20 from one tweet.

The company’s stock reportedly soared 20% Tuesday after the media mogul tweeted a video where she raved that her pounds have dropped. “I have eaten bread every single day,” Winfrey, 61, shared with her nearly 31 million Twitter followers.

The company’s shares closed at $13.29 a share.

Weight Watchers, which is based on a program that centers on moderation of foods via a value system and points allows participants to theoretically eat what they want as long as they stay at or under their allotted point limits each day.

Watch her insights on her Weight Watchers journey below: