Ray Lewis Tries to Stop Former Girlfriend from Getting More Child Support

The Baltimore Ravens linebacker claims what his child's mother currently receives is enough

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Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis wants a judge to stop his child’s mother, Sharnika Kelly, from hiring a forensic investigator to review his financial records in an effort to obtain bigger child support payments.

Kelly asked the court to dismiss their original child support agreement because she signed it back in 2001 and alleges Ray Lewis never disclosed his full income.

Sharnika feels the $3,500 she gets per month for their son isn’t enough.

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  • Kundtluvva McGhee

    Let’s face it, this fruitcake has PLENTY of money. HE had the child, HE PAYS, period. He already got away with MURDERING SOMEONE, so can’t he at least pay some damn child support for IS OWN CHILD ??? He’s lucky he isn’t in PRISON, where he actually belongs. He should STFU and pay, and thank his lucky stars he is out on the street, making millions of dollars!

  • SIlly Koksukir

    Aw Thit, nigga, pay dat ho da money! You still gots enuf to buy bbq ribs and some dat malt licka !

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