POLL: Is President Obama Freezing Out Federal Employees?

The administration proposes a two-year pay hold on wages to cut the deficit

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The Obama administration proposed a two-year pay freeze on Monday for civilian federal employees. The President’s move aims to lower the deficit, which the White House projects to be $1.4 trillion this year. “The hard truth is that getting this deficit under control is going to require broad sacrifice, and that sacrifice must be shared by the employees of the federal government,” President Obama said yesterday.

The proposal, which exempts military personne and must first be approved by Congressl, comes only two days shy of Mr. Obama’s deficit commissions’ deadline to submit extended fiscal and tax policy changes. According to the White House, the move is slated to save $2 billion during the 2011 fiscal year, $28 billion over the next five years, and more than $60 billion over the next 10 years.

But we want to know what you think: Is the Obama Administration’s new proposal putting an unfair burden on federal workers?

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  • Yes sacrifice are needed. I hope the President will include the wealthiest 2% when sacrifices are being made.

  • Michael Castelle

    Federal Employees are the victims here, we had no input on Federal spending by and large and the politicians responsible for the deficits are now trying to run and hide. I believe the President is playing politics to gain the Republican’s favor at the peril of the victims. We the Federal Employees, a war was started behind a disingenuous agenda and was not funded. The previous administrations spending when out of control and the party in charge at the time was on the go along to get along principle of the two party systems. Now, all of a sudden this party is physically responsible. I do not care for the politics President Obama is now engaged in because it seems to be based on the go along to get along principle. Which I believe he campaigned against based on CHANGE. I hope I have not been “Bamboozled” by the man I voted for based on my believe he was going bring about change. Where, is the relief for the oppressed in this country? I am waiting, when is change, going to come?

  • cc

    The sad part about all of this is the  people that now what the fed employees to have less..Well the top 2% are living it up and laughing because they just got justified for the crap they did to all the private sector job..AMERICA WAKE UP!!!!My hubby  works for the feds and he is law enforcement and believe me he deserves more.We are grateful for having a job and security and would never wish bad on the private sector lower and middle class but no one is making what wall street is in the government job… 

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