POLL: Can President Obama Still Bring About the Change We Need?

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So the midterms are over, the Democrats lost the House, and the president is apologetic about misprioritizing his efforts over the past two years.

How should Obama proceed with the “new Congress?”

  • Maybe it’s me…but HOW did the President mis-prioritize?  He was “gifted” the worse economy (jobs, biz failures, potential bread lines) and in his 1st year as President demonstrated serious effort(s) to stabilize a sinking economy!  

    Plus he was able to pass Healthcare Legislation (no he did not get ALL he wanted) but when was the last time major Healthcare reform was passed in the USA..the 30’s, the 60’s?.  So in two years of being MY President, no need for an apology Mr. President…just stay FOCUS on the REAL ISSUES and STICK to your GUNS.  Hey taking the queue from the opposing party Mr. President… NOW is YOUR time to RELOAD.”

    No doubt REAL change takes REAL TIME… and any America who is expecting the 8 years of the Bush administration economic policies to MAGICALLY EVAPORATE…in two years…is living in the land of OZ.  (Of course these are my personal opinions)

  • Eddie L. McMullen

    Obama is a brillant President.; who has opening challeged the republican party to help him if they had better idea’s than what was already proposed. I still think that the only idea on their minds is to get rid of him. What was left to clean-up is disasterous. I believe a change in the white house within the next 8 years would be a mistake. God knows what he is doing. Do you really think this presidency was a mistake. Give God more credit to know that he is alive and still in control. If you say you are a christian, then do as the bible instruct you. Pray for your leaders
    1 Timothy 2 vs. 1-2. I pray for our president and first lady offen. If you are wise you will too!

  • Parker Jones

    President Barack Obama is doing an incredible job in circumstances not seen since the Great Depression. He inherited two wars, a US economy on the verge of coming unglued, a banking crisis, an auto industry that was melting down and a US stock market that under President Bush had its worst performance of any US President. Let’s look objectively at what he has accomplished:

    1. He promised to get us out of Iraq, and set and met that deadline.
    2. He promised that he would provide universal healthcare, something which has been debated and attempted by several US Presidents including Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton, and he was able to get his bill passed. 3. He piggybacked on the TARP funding put in place by President Bush, and rescued big banks and the auto industry, pulling the US economy back from the abyss. When I say the abyss, President Obama inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit and the worst economic conditions of any President since FDR. Whether you agree on the bailouts of the banking and auto industry or not, even most conservative media are finally admitting that his actions kept the economy from getting worse. His Wall Street reforms are holding Wall Street accountable and enforcing strong consumer protections. 4. After winding down combat operations in Iraq, he has inserted 17,000 more troops in Afghanistan to quell that insurgency, and has set a deadline for pulling troops from that theater. 5. He has fought against racial profiling and hate crimes. 6. He has passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to insure all Americans get equal pay for equal work. 7. He has passed a Helping Families Save Their Homes act which committed over $2 billion to stabilize the housing market and combat homelessness, and he has also signed initiatives to makes home ownership more affordable. 8. He has invested tens of billions of dollars in retraining, K-12 and higher education initiatives.

    By any reasonable and objective measure, President Obama has had an incredible string of successes. No, he has not used the White House as a bully pulpit to pursue a black agenda. Instead, he has done what he promised, and what he was elected to do by a majority of the American people: to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and to represent us all. I think he has done an admirable job under tremendous pressures, and has done it humbly, ethically and responsibly, without a hint of scandal. Pray tell, what else are we looking for him to do, under the circumstances?

  • Two years ago I felt a sense of pride when voting for this man. Today I am embarrassed by his unwillingness to take on his opponents. If I hear the word bipartisianship or cooperation come out of his mouth one more time, I will puke. This is not the change I can believe in.

    During his caampaign, he promise to fight for a public option. When the house was pushing the bill through congress, he lied and said he never made such a promise. I guess I should have been suspicious when I saw no black faces in his cabinet. He has to know by now that he is dealing with a bunch of liars and thieves. He’s either one of them or against them.

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