Police Chief Email Agrees “Zimmerman is Sandy Hook Waiting to Happen”

The Lake Mary Police Chief addresses the concerns of a citizen about Zimmerman's volatile nature.

george zimmermanThe Police Chief in Lake Mary, Florida where George Zimmerman currently resides is not a fan.

Zimmerman has had a traffic citation and an arrest on record since his not guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin trial. His most recent brush with the law was an arrest for alleged threats made with a gun to his wife Shellie Zimmerman and her father. Shellie later dropped the charges and Zimmerman was released. Residents of Lake Mary have become disgruntled with Zimmerman’s presence and have been very vocal with the Police Chief.

In an email to the Police Chief, resident Santiago Rodriguez expressed his concerns with Zimmerman’s apparent short temper. In his letter he states that Zimmerman is a Sandy Hook or Aurora waiting to happen. The Police Chief, Steve Bracknell, replied to Rodriguez agreeing to the sentiment and assuring Rodriguez that they are acting within the confines of the law. Despite Shellie’s refusal to press charges, the police are still considering whether they have enough evidence to charge Zimmerman.

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  • norm belluso


  • norm belluso


  • Robert Hagstrom

    Since when does being a police chief qualify as being a mental health professional? You can speculate all you want.And Zimmerman is Hispanic not white so cut the racism bull.

    remember this, only 2 people really know what happend in the trayvon/Zimmerman incident.And one is dead.End of story!

  • Debra

    What was Zimmerman arrested for? All the news site states he was not charged in this alleged domestic incident. I thought his wife lied about most of the incident. I do believe he did receive a speeding ticket. And I do recall he helped save a family escape a horrible car accident. I don’t do the “support Zimmerman or Martin” based on what color you are. I’m the kind of person that supports our court system, facts, evidence and justice. So I’m not quite understanding the point of this article. Sasha – care to explain?

    • Stephen Evans

      That was called laying down a coat of primer before you frame the canvas, or in this case, George.

  • therain

    I don’t think he was arrested. Or if he was, he was released soon after, and it should not be on his record.

    I am surprised I am defending an obama voter so much, but come on. Let’s move onto something else.

    There are still a lot of things that haven’t been called racist.

  • The Osprey

    This is just a bunch of brownies deciding they don’t like a “cracker” who successfully defended himself. Of course Zimmerman’s going to have emotional issues after what he was put through. These low lifes want him dead. Claiming Aurora or Sandy Hook because he has what might as well be PTSD? What a bunch of losers. Zimmerman may have kept lil’ Tray-Tray from robbing their house and raping their daughter that night. Typical.

  • impeachhobama

    There is a conspiracy to destroy George Zimmerman in the eyes of the public. Its very obvious, and soon Zimmerman will get the last laugh, as he will win a multi million lawsuit against each of the big media companies who have continued to slander him.

  • ray

    Oh what a crock.The world is getting sick and tired of black racism.

  • Cletus VanDamme

    There was no arrest. Police responded to a 911 call from his wife, and when the police arrived, everything she had told the dispatcher was proven false. She should be charged for making false 911 call. But you know, anything to throw some dirt at the shooter of “St. Skittles”.

  • Stephen Evans

    Woulda helped after his wife’s complain to have found a weapon. I guess she assumed George would be carrying one and seeing as he was heading for a wife who was using a technicality to snatch half the legal defense fund people raised for him, he elected not to take one. One BIG frustration for the “out to get him” crowd when they got there and couldn’t find the weapon he allegedly menaced people with (or describe it).

    Frankly this sounds like the worst of all post legal action divorces, and George showed alittle sense by not going to the meeting strapped. It also sounds like he may know his wife better than she thought not to have done so, as she MAY have ended up looking like a fool with a False Filing charge on her if the police weren’t apparently shielding her.