Photo of Michael Jackson’s Last Driver’s License Released

Why is his driver's license photo important to be released?

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michael jackson drivers licenseA photo of Michael Jackson’s driver’s license has popped up online.

Jackson, full name Michael Joe Jackson, is shown in a black dress shirt in a photo dating back to 2005.

The photo pales in comparison to his 1980 driver’s license photo in which he seems pretty happy. In this photo, he has a serious face and doesn’t seem too thrilled.

Check out more on the photo here at Newsone

  • Rhonda Martin

    You people need to seriously get a LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sheila W

      I agree, Rhonda! Bootleg psychoanalyzing a driver license photo? Who smiles at the DMV, anyway? I didn’t smile on mine either; care to bootleg psych me, too? Leave the man alone…he’s dead. So much for resting in “PEACE”…

  • Maria

    Et tu, Black Enterprise? Really???

  • Last time I check, barely anyone takes a fabulous licence. To be honest, I’m surprise that Michael was still drive during that time do to the fact that I heard many stories about how much of a shitty driver he was. lol Lord know how much I miss him and his music but to just shit on him about how he looking in his driver licence just shows people how much of a BITCH you truly are. If only people would of stop nagging him 24/7 about concerts, news albums and other bullshits and let him breath, Michael would of still be hear with his family.

  • Jeeze, it’s just a DMV photo, and we ALL know how much we hate our own DMV photos. Whether it’s a valid CA Drivers Lic. or a California ID…ya gotta have it. And everyone hates their picture (including myself).

  • No one takes a good DMV photo.

  • This man has already lost his life, in the last few years of that life everything written about him was negative. Can he please just REST IN PEACE? RIP MJ

  • Wheezer

    Wacko Jacko appears to be hopped up on “baby essentials” and Jesus Juice here.