Opinion: Did Black America Turn Its Back on Roland Martin?

Culture critic Raynard Jackson chimes in on GLAAD's calling for the CNN personality's dismissal for controversial tweets

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I originally had absolutely no intention of writing about the recent flap surrounding TV personality Roland Martin, but because of the unfair treatment he has received; and his seeming inability to defend himself, I feel compelled to speak out.

Martin is a syndicated newspaper columnist, a political analyst for CNN, and host of his own TV show on TV One. During last Sunday’s Super Bowl, he tweeted: “Ain’t no real bruhs going to H&M to buy some damn David Beckham underwear! If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad, smack the sh@t out of him!” and “I bet soccer fan Piers Morgan will be in line at H&M in the morning to get his hands on David Beckham’s underwear line! LOL.”

This was in reference to a TV ad with soccer star David Beckham shown wearing nothing but his underwear. But, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (better known as GLAAD) had to rear its ugly head and do what they do best–defame others!

According to GLAAD’s Website, their mission, in part is… “promotes understanding, increases acceptance and advance equality.” Allow me to interpret what they mean. They want to promote understanding as long as they agree with your viewpoint; increase acceptance of their lifestyle; and advance equality that provides them a “special” legal status before the law!

GLAAD’s knee-jerk response to anyone who is a public figure that says anything that they disagree with is to call on that person to be fired; and then request that person meet with them. Why would anyone that you made lose his or her job be interested in meeting with you?

But doesn’t that go against their very mission–“to promote understanding?” Isn’t it more logical to call for a meeting with a person before you demand that their employer fire them? Shouldn’t you dialogue with a person before you start questioning their motives and intensions, if your true goal is to “advance understanding?

In the immortal words of semanticist, S.I. Hayakawa, “meanings are in people, not in words.” In short, words have no intrinsic meaning other than meanings that are internalized by each individual. For example, if I walked up to a female and told her that her dress was “stupid,” she would be either flattered or insulted. If she understood the language of hip-hop, she would be flattered; if she didn’t, then she would be insulted. “Meanings are in people, not in words.”

Just as disturbing as GLAAD’s demand for Martin’s firing was CNN’s suspension of Martin indefinitely. According to CNN, “Roland Martin’s tweets were regrettable and offensive. Language that demeans is inconsistent with the values and culture of our organization, and is not tolerated. We have been giving careful consideration to this matter, and Roland will not be appearing on our air for the time being.”

But most disturbing is the loud silence from within the Black community, I know first hand that many of the so-called Black “leadership” were quick to call Roland to get on his TV show or to get him to write a supportive newspaper column about one of their causes. But, now that he is in trouble not one voice is to be heard supporting him. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous, Marc Morial, the Congressional Black Caucus–your silence is so loud!

They have allowed a few vociferous people to tar and feather one of their own. This is the real tragedy of this whole incident. I am totally embarrassed by the lack of courage from these Black “leaders.”

Roland, you are now learning who your real friends are and they are not as many as you thought. I am totally disappointed that you even issued an apology (but we all know that CNN forced your hand on that). Do you really need the money from CNN that bad that you are willing to back away from your own innocent words? If you do, I understand. I don’t like it, but I understand.

Just a side note here; why is it that GLAAD called on CNN to fire Martin, but did not make the same request from TV One, the network he has his own show on. Could it be that since TV One is a Black-owned network, that somehow it is not viewed as having any “value?” Just a question!

Roland, remember these are the same Blacks who said absolutely nothing when Jim Clyburn was forced out of the House leadership to make room for Steny Hoyer. Again, the people he and you helped the most, said the least when you needed support

Gays don’t deserve special protection because of their sexual preference, but they do deserve equal protection because of their humanity. GLAAD talks about promoting understanding and equality and at the same time set out to destroy any public figure who disagrees with them. Roland has never done this!

I have sometimes criticized Roland for some of his liberal positions on issues, but he is a very decent person and has worked for years to bring equality to those whose voices many times go unnoticed. There are two things for sure; I am not happy and Roland Martin is not GLAAD.

Raynard Jackson is president & CEO of Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC., a D.C.-public relations/government affairs firm. He is also a contributing editor for ExcellStyle Magazine, Freedom’s Journal Magazine and U.S. Africa Magazine.

  • Victoria

    Thank you! The outcry about some innocent tweets was downright ridiculous. As a black woman, I envy GLAAD, PETA and other organizations. They have more power than the black community. They can get mobilized behind a cause, get the powers that be to listen and get action. What can black people do? Nothing. We get nothing for our votes, money or loyalty. Nothing. Yet we continue to run like puppy dogs behind those who could care less about us. I hate it for Roland, but he is learning a valuable lesson. You have no friends in this game and the black community has no power. If it had been Ellen, GLAAD would have had her back on the air that evening with a handwritten apology from CNN for inconveniencing her. I wish him luck in the future, but he needs to take his energy now and focus on mobilizing the community.

    • Ryan

      The author of this article is, in my opinion, part of the problem. Homophobic black men who justify their stupidity and ignorance have no place in our society. As a black gay male, I expect more from our community. The vitriol that is spewed from the unenlightened disgusts me. Martin was wrong; the author is wrong; those who think that being gay is a “choice” or a “lifestyle” or a “preference” is wrong. Get over it. I am surprised that BE would print such neanderthal-like garbage. Help, not hurt, your LGBT brothers and sisters of all races!

    • Dennis C. Latham

      ‎90+% of black people have turned their backs on their own existence – and choose to be a part of the destruction of the black race – so why would they stand up for Roland Martin – when they won’t even stand up for themselves ?


        The reason Black America will not stand up for Roland Martin, they have to “eat too”. Sharpton will loose his position is job. I can understand that, we do not have power. Believe me, many Blacks want to speak out, but they can not if they have affiliation with the media. I can speak out, you can speak out because we have no ties to media. Blacks will always be “wanting in something” but we will continue the fight, and will continue to press on. We will learn that what is good for “White America, will not be good for us.

        • Carol

          If Chris Brown tweeted ‘if your girl keeps interrupting you during the Superbowl smack her’ and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence got upset and demanded he apologize, all of Black America should come to his aid and call the Coalition racists. Really? Once again Gay is not synonymous for White. There are African American LGBT people who want the same rights as white LGBT people. So stop trying to make this into a White Gay vs Black America thing. Sharpton is pro Gay rights, so, sorry he isn’t going to condone homophobic remarks by Martin. Also you may want to pick up a book and read about Bayard Rustin, the openly gay black man who was instrumental in the Civil Rights Movement.

          • Court H.

            This is the most intelligent response I’ve read on this topic here.

        • Auth

          Seating Stephen Toulouse on that panels allsbuteoy kills its credibility. Toulouse should be sitting in the audience and taking notes, not speaking on the panel as though he has any authority on the issue of homophobia in gaming. His actions and his policies have contributed to the problem of homophobia in gaming communities more than any single gamer out there. Thanks GLAAD but really, no thanks.

      • Bill

        I agree celebrities and entertainers are nothing but stereotypes less a few. It perpetrates a sick data set they all ignore. If you made people look at the data about the Black culture daly they would either get up and fight for real change or shoot themselves.

    • Not4Profit

      Amen Victoria!!

    • akenataa hammagaadji

      I would like to say to every gay black male who has read Roland Martin’s tweets and read this article in his defense, worry not & fear not. The fearful black heterosexual male has no power to do anything to you. Roland Martin & Raynard Jackson can’t do anything to you. If you go for a job, housing, education or a loan it is not a black hetero male who will say yes or no to you. In the case of gay rights & gay marriage, it is not black hetero male governors who have so far signed legislation legalizing gay marriage. Really, these people can’t affect you. Their only resort is violence, which really shows how impotent they are. So when you see them coming, just cross the street & avoid them like a plague.

  • D. Mitchell Ford

    The Roland Martin Counterfeit Controversy:
    As I read through Roland Martin’s tweets and the firestorm of comments that followed, I was tickled pink. To think, that in a society, supposedly as advanced as ours, that there would be this much controversy over something that never happened. Then, I thought, well, there is that Obama… is an ‘anti-American’ Muslim who is not a Natural Born Citizen Bi…rther foolishness, so, maybe we are not as intelligent as one might suppose. And then, I remembered that the ‘Contraceptive’ controversy that has all the Catholic Bishops up in arms and may cause Obama to lose the Catholic Bishops’ vote while 98% of Catholic women use contraceptives, that this was the Law under Bush and is now in 28 States and the most of the media is uncritical, uninformed and disingenuious in sensationalizing this issue also. So, it makes as much sense as almost anything else does in this absurd, parallel and twisted universe we are living in; oh for the likes of a Tim Russert in these days and times. Roland Martin’s comments were not anti-gay or homophobic! They were simply and matter of fact comments on how straight men see and perceive unmanly and effeminate fashion. To conflate the two is an overreach of epic proportion. To equate everything unmanly and effeminate to that which is gay and homophobic is just irresponsible. And, the notion that he was suggesting actual violence is for GLAAD to ‘cry wolf’ when there is no substance there. In the context of a SuperBowl Celebration where friends and ‘real Bruhs’ are gathered, to ‘smack the ish’ is merely slang for a verbal beatdown and intensely laserbeam focused, concerted cracking on someone who has a lack of fashion sense or manly style. Much in the way that grown men wearing skinny jeans or showing their underwear in public by wearing their pants below their hips shows lack of sartorial style or savvy. I’m literally sick of the uncritical piling on by the media and the irrational, unreasonable and irresponsible ‘bandwagon’ mentality of Americans over a non-issue. Grow up and stop whining like a bunch of namby-pambies!!!

    • Truth

      Well spoken, couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Bill

      Gay people embrace the stereotypes about being gay and it creates crap like this and makes them look like idiots getting a man over a stereotypical joke that didn’t hurt than in any way really

  • Carol

    It is clear by your choice of words—lifestyle—that you are someone who is anti-gay rights. It’s also clear that you have no real knowledge about what GLAAD is or does. It is also obvious that you fall within the realm of those who wish to make African Americans choose between “black and gay.” Statistics continue to point to an increase in physical violence and murder of members of the LGBT community—the greatest attacks are against African American LGBT persons. So-called benign comments by Martin of slapping a real man or inferring he needs a beat down for displaying what is perceived as Gay or effeminate tendencies is wrong and irresponsible especially for someone in his position.

    GLAAD is not unreasonably singling out Roland Martin given that he and his wife have a history of demeaning and disrespecting the LGBT community, including when Martin was extremely upset that comedian Tracy Morgan manned up and apologized for saying he would stab his son to death if he were gay and didn’t tell him like a man. Martin has used lame excuses in the past for when he has been called out on his homophobic slurs. But having a gay friend or relative doesn’t mean someone can’t be a homophobe just like a white person having a black friend doesn’t mean he or she isn’t prone to making racist comments. When it comes to GLAAD demeaning Martin, you apparently are the equivalent of when a white person turns around and calls a black person a racist for making the accusation that the said white person is a racist.

    Your comparison of if “I walked up to a female and told her that her dress was “stupid” is insulting and ignorant beyond reproach. If you walked up to a woman and said ‘you look so hot in that tight dress I could just twist your arm dragging you off into this back alley and do you’ would be more in line with what Martin implied. Someone would question your “intent” and not just your “words.” Was the black community and black leadership wrong for coming down on Don Imus for calling the Rutgers women’s basketball team “That’s some Nappy Headed Hos There”? That was just his God given opinion, right? Meanings are not in words, right? I am sick and tired of people trying guilt others within the black community for speaking out against homophobic slurs and standing up for gay rights.

    • C. Brown

      Well said. This author appears homophobic and causing unnecessary resentment in the black community. I find black people to be the most homophobic of all groups. I know that’s a terrible thing to say, but in my experience it’s true.

    • Von

      Well said Carol! I will have to disagree with Sir or Madame Brown. Black people aren’t the only ones. People of color in general are so very intolerant. And I think our biggest problem is the infamous “Church” and the values that we allow said establishment to instill in us. The Bible is a man-centric story that doesn’t allow for anyone or anything but the heterosexual male to prosper. The rest of us may fall to the wayside. Black women and Black queer people (in every sense: sexuality, gender identity, etc) are dying behind the supposed “upholding” of the Black man. What we are doing is coddling him. Telling him that he can do no wrong in our eyes and he’s acting as an undisciplined child would. Doing everything to push the boundaries. Testing, as a child would, the lines of what’s acceptable. And we need to come together and CLEARLY draw these lines and stop coddling grown ass human beings. Men aren’t the only offenders. But they are the ones we are coddling. We are ALL complicit accessories to the crime of coddling Black men under the guise of “unity”, “upholding”, or “love”. It’s time to stop. Because they aren’t using play gloves when dealing with any of their own people. They hate us all. Women, queer, and enlightened people of color alike. They try to mask the hate by hating us differently. Women are their objects. Queer Blacks and enlightened Black men who “sympathize” are their enemies. It’s still all hate. No more. We have the same power within our own community that whites have in theirs (which is basically the world). And we need to exercise it before we extinguish ourselves.

    • I. Gandy

      There are so many holes and unfair presumptions, it’s not even funny. Jack Cafferty called a liberal radio network a “Communist radio network” and Dana Loesch (on the radio) said “Can someone explain to me if there’s supposed to be a scandal that someone pees on the corpse of a Taliban fighter? Someone who, as part of an organization, murdered over 3,000 Americans? I’d drop trou and do it too.” CNN’s response was this:

      “CNN contributors are commentators who express a wide range of viewpoints—on and off of CNN—that often provoke strong agreement or disagreement. Their viewpoints are their own.For the record: Loesch is a paid CNN contributor.”

      Explain to me how that doesn’t apply here and I’ll write a letter asking Roland to be fired for good.

    • Steph H.

      Well said Carol.If Martin is big or man enough to make the comments, then he should be big or man enough to deal with the fall-out. Why Mr. Jackson feels the need to stand up for Martin is puzzling. Martin has yet to inform anyone of his suspension. Both “apologies” have been less than sincere. Martin is a public figure and has a public figure has to be careful of what he has to say. Martin was wrong, should have say so and kept it going.Martin has made his opinion known in regards to gays going as far as to say that his wife counsels gay; helping/assisting gays to go straight; I didn’t realize that being gay can be prayed away… I am following him on twitter and have to admit that his response has been a little arrogant, tip toeing around the issue appearing to use his followers to fight his fight, instead of facing it head on. Words hurt, Martin’s comments were less than respectful and now he is dealing with the repercussions.

  • jfbrown

    It really makes no difference what one thinks or feels or what the quality of a person is. Twitter is a public forum and Matin is a public figure. Why take a chance on offending anyone by saying something potentially insensitive? That was stupid and he should have known better. I follow his columns and pretty much agree with his position on most issues but he opened this can of worms all by himself trying to be funny and now he’s gonna get beat up a little bit then it’ll be over. So we should all start getting over it now.

  • Whiteeye

    I agree with you jfbrown. Social media does not mean tell everything you are thinking. People have just gone crazy with telling all their business and everyone else business. It really needs to stop!

  • c bell

    Until recently I have not really opposed the G&L movement ..but they go too far..their I idea of equality and tolerance seems to be…AGREE WITH US OR ELSE…that is a contradiction itself!…DON’T I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DIS-AGREE WITH THEIR LIFE STYLE?..They will not be satisfied until every one agrees with them..which is making me begin to feel real anti-gay…and I never was before..

    • Von

      It’s not “agree or else”. You’re thinking of the unenlightened coddled Black men in our community. The problem is the rhetoric that is used. The insinuations that being a woman or being gay is something bad or dirty. And that is the way he spoke. He spoke as if it’s ok to hit someone who is gay just because they are. And that is unacceptable. And I completely agree with him being reprimanded. He is a public figure and commending (and even recommending) such acts is a reprehensible way to conduct oneself. Public figure or not, but the fact that he is made it that much worse. Please educate yourself on logic and anti-gay/anti-woman rhetoric before you talk about hating someone for being who they are. You sound like a white supremacist. Because that’s what THEY do. Hate you for who you are.

      • Truth

        If you really want to flip the script you could make the case that GLAAD is being offensive to strait men. Roland never said any man that likes the commercial is gay, it was actually GLAAD who implied that. So a strait man that liked the commercial could be more offended by GLAADs implications than he would be about Roland’s comments. Bet nobody thought about it from that angle.

        • Von

          Actually, Martin himself implied it when he made the comment he made. He insinuated that if a man was excited about a male model in an underwear commercial, it is ok to be violent toward him.

          But I see what you’re saying there. However, considering Martin’s (and his wife’s) stance on gayness (her anti-gay camps and his agreement and being proud of her “work”), the right call was made. Why would he be hitting his straight friend for liking the commercial (unless it was that he was behaving in a way Martin did not approve of, as in homosexuality)?

    • Adam

      To clarify: we will not be satisfied until everyone respects us, not “agrees with” us. And there is no ‘or else’. Tolerance and respect does not make you a lesser person.
      And, to clarify further:
      – boxers vs briefs is a choice
      – chocolate over vanilla is a preference
      – vegetarianism
      I may be a boxer-wearing chocoholic vegetarian, but that has nothing to do with my sexual orientation.

  • Les Cason Jr

    First and foremost like Mr. Jackson said Gay is nonthing more then a sexual prefrence! Gay do not deserve special treatment they deserve protection like everyone eles! The Gay movement benfited off the Civil Rights movement and created a movement of their own to benfit and promote their own Sexual preference. While African Americans still are fighting for rights which are overdue, Gays benfits from. What you must remember is this you cannot tell if someone is gay by looking at them most of the time. However you can always tell if someone is African American We standout. Which give a Homesexual advantage because they can blend in with their peers! What GAAD did was wrong, Racist and Dirty and CNN was Wrong for Supending Roland Martian for Comments which were not Homfobic whatever that means! I hope Roland Sues the breaks off CNN and Glaad. I will end it like this Gay is a Sexual Preference one which does not produce Children or life, one in fact takes aways from life. Being Gay goes against Nature of Life, You have the right to be with whoever without being harassed or assulted for doing so! However Being Gay does not give you special rights over others!

    • Von

      If you don’t know the meaning of homophobia, then you have no place to speak on the issue to begin with.

      • Carol

        Les, you need to know your history. It was an openly gay black man, Bayard Rustin, who was a major force behind the civil rights movement. He was the one who was influenced by Gandhi and in turn influenced the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., his good friend, with respect to non-violent protests. Rustin also was the chief architect of the 1963 March On Washington. His contributions have been played down because of homophobia in the black community. Since being Heterosexual is a preference–which stands to reason if your believe Homosexuality is a choice–I am curious as to how old you were when you and other heterosexual men you know made a conscious choice to be with women even though you really could have easily had relations with men but chose not to. Furthermore, no one who is LGBT is asking for special rights but equal rights. You can be legally fired in 29 states for being gay. People love to hide behind the Bible to condone the mistreatment of LGBT persons. Imagine if unwed mothers could be fired from their jobs because after all the Bible states premarital sex is a sin. What is happening with Martin is no different than what happened with Imus and Dr. Laura with their insensitive outbursts. Moreover, arguments such as you can’t hide being black and you can’t change your race elude me. So, if someone who is black can pass for white then he or she should choose to do so? Jews are to blame for whatever hatred and harm has befallen them because they can choose to denounce their religion. And you can’t physically see that they are Jewish. The ability to pass for straight should not diminish the struggles of LGBT people in securing full and equal rights under the law. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said “it may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can keep him from lynching me.” LGBT persons want to make sure that there are protections and policies in place to prevent them from being harmed or the threat of being harmed even in jest.

    • Carol

      I would suggest Les that you need to do some homework. Know your history. It was an openly gay black man, Bayard Rustin, who was a major force behind the civil rights movement. He was the one who was influenced by Gandhi and in turn influenced the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., his good friend, with respect to non-violent protests. Rustin also was the chief architect of the 1963 March On Washington. His contributions have been played down because of homophobia in the black community. Gay is not synonymous with White, there is a significant population of LGBT persons of color. Since being Heterosexual is a preference–which stands to reason if your believe Homosexuality is a choice–I am curious as to when you made a conscious choice to be with women even though you really could have easily had relations with men but chose not to. Furthermore, no one who is LGBT is asking for special rights but equal rights. You can be legally fired in 29 states for being gay. People love to hide behind the Bible to condone the mistreatment of LGBT persons. Imagine if unwed mothers could be fired from their jobs because after all the Bible states premarital sex is a sin. What is happening with Martin is no different than what happened with Imus and Dr. Laura with their insensitive outbursts. Moreover, arguments such as you can’t hide being black and you can’t change your race elude me. So, if someone who is black can pass for white then he or she should choose to do so? Jews are to blame for whatever hatred and harm has befallen them because they can choose to denounce their religion. And you can’t physically see that they are Jewish. The ability to pass for straight should not diminish the struggles of LGBT people in securing full and equal rights under the law. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said “it may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can keep him from lynching me.” LGBT persons want to make sure that there are protections and policies in place to prevent them from being harmed or the threat of being harmed even in jest.

  • C. Brown

    This author doesn’t get it. Roland Martin made a terrible mistake. And I do think TV One should reprimand him as well.

  • Von

    Shame on BE for publishing this. I will certainly be unsubscribing. Black America has not turned its back on Roland Martin. In fact, most are simply quietly complicit to his abhorrent stance. However, White America. White gay America, specifically, is holding him accountable for his actions.

    • Von

      It’s an opinion column, yes, but I feel like if an Aryan or Neo-nazi magazine posted an article which reprimanded Blacks and agreed or sympathized with some public anti-Black figure, Black people would have a problem. There, again, is that problem, that deep-seated issue of us coddling unenlightened Black men.

  • Stephanie

    Yall need to read this book called Cruel Hoax….You will get a strong understanding of why and how these homosexual organizations have so much power. It’s by design. Cruel Hoax is a MUST read for all.


    “GAY”– Webster says: (1)joyous and lively, merry (2)bright, brilliant, as, gay colors. (3)given to social pleasures. as, a gay life. (4)Wanton; licentious; as, a gay dog.

    “WANTON”–lacking (1)originality, undisciplined: as wanton boys. (2)unchaste; lewd. (3)frisky, playful, unrestrained in play. (4)senseless, unprovoked, or deliberately malicious: as, wanton cruelty. (5)reckless
    disregard of justice, decency, etc. (6)lavish, luxurious, unrestrained, etc. a wantonperson or thing; an immoral woman.

    “LICENTIOUS”–(1)(RARE)disregarding accepted rules and standards. (2)morally unrestrained; lascivious; libertine

    “HOMOSEXUAL”–Of or having sexual desire for for those of the same sex

    “LESBIAN”–(In allusion to Sappho and her followers, in Lesbos) homo-sexual: said only of women. A homosexual woman. (Lesbos) Mytilene, an island in the Aegean: the ancient name.

    “…women did change the natural use into that which is against nature.
    “And like wise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned
    in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is un-seemly.”–St. Paul: Romans, 1:27,28.

    “In brief I tell thee, that all these were clerks Men of great learning and no less renown by one same sin polluted in this world.”–Dante’s In-ferno, XV, 106-108

    Interracial homosexuality probably goes back to Ancient Greece and Rome and may be traced here and there through European history. Reproduction is not the motive but the affinity moves on its very own. Homosexuality
    is a product of civilization but probably wouldn’t show itself were there no segregation of the sexes. The habit once formed in youth often be-comes fixed and erroneously believed to exist only among cultured individ-
    uals, probably because it was so rampant in ancient Greece and Rome.

    Plato in his symposium (Pausanius) speaks of the love of Grown men for Boys as if it were a common thing. Some Roman rulers as Julius Caesar, Nero, and Tiberius were notorious in this respect. Homosexuality is now
    common in China, India, Java and Islamic North Africa. Germany, England
    France and the US have a large number of homosexuals, who are Artists,
    Writers, Singers, Preachers, Musicians, and Idle Sons and Daughters of the Rich.

    Germany has long been known for its homosexuality. In 1907 and 1908 there was a terrific scandal at the Kaiser’s Court involving Prnce Phillip Eulenburg and others. “Wittels” says “Real Gods of War” “were revealed
    and caressing and giving sweet names to each other.” Dr. Magnus Hirsh-feld has written a book on homosexuality in Berlin.

    Hitler had a number of sex perverts in his entourage among them bosom friend Roehm, whose killing and that of others in the blood-purge of 1935, he justified by accusing them of this, charging that they ahd been surprised in bed with male prostitutes. Hitler according to some of his most intimate friends and at least one of his doctors was homosexual.
    Hitler created a scandal by the arrest and imprisonment of a number of Catholic Priests, charged with the vice.

    The few Black men who lived in Berlin were always being pursued by the Aryan homosexuals. In France where there many more Negroes there was much of the same.

    Homosexuality is common in the US too. Dr. William Lee Howard wrote,
    “The number of sexual perverts is atonishing to one acquainted with this important branch of neuropathic studies.” The same is true of the women, the number of lesbians among white actresses is said to be large. France had an unusually large number of lesbians.

    In native Africa there is very little or no homosexuality, though cunnilinguis and other forms of perversion have been introduced there by Europeans. “Auguste Forel” charges that it is White men who are largely responsible for such perversion as is now found among primitive peoples. The Black prostitutes of the East African coast towns catering to Negroes knew nothing at all of sex perversion. Dr. Jacobus X says ‘The Free Negro” is neither a Sodomite nor a Pederast! He says the “African Woman” is not a lesbian nor a Sodomite, having a profound aversion for this depraved taste!”

    “Shapera” who studied the sex life of the “Kgatlas” a South African Tribe, describes it at being on the whole, Unperverted! The African calls homosexuality “The White Man’s Way!” “Forel says, “It is the White colonists who appropriate the women of savage races and train them in the worst forms of prostitution!

    As for Brothers “Roland Martin” and “Raynard Jackson,” I have been trying to prompt and persuade our people for the last 50 years that we Must have our own TV News Network! PERIOD! Until we get that we will always be castigated and castrated by Whites and “Slave Catching” so-called African Americans! Never forget that “Slave Owning” Blacks were harsher than the White man on Black Slaves! That’s true even today. Never expect these Handkerchief Heads” to understand because they are Fools!

    And my grandfather taught me over 60 years ago that you can’t reason with a fool, simply because they have no reasoning powers, that’s why they’re a Fool! There will always be, until we start fitting them with the appropriate neckties, those who call themselves African Americans who will be traitors to our people! No point in arguing with them it’s useless. Just begin dealing with them as what they are, Traitors to our race!

    Do you hear Whites referring to themselves as German Americans or French Americans or Italian Americans and so forth, no they are just Americans. Bullshit! I am a Black Negro of African descent! We are not immigrants! Our ancestors were brought here as Slaves, many who were caught by Blacks who had no pride whatsoever in their Blackness! How many successful slave rebellions would there have been were it not for the Haywood Shepards among our people? Those Black fools who couldn’t wait to run and tell the White man, “Massa Dem Niggas Planning To Run Away!” How many Millions of
    people were annihilated by Whites for this land mass? With the help of these Fools? Upwards of 500 Million! Contemplate that!

    Roland do what T J Holmes of CNN did go to BET be at least among your people.

    “It Is easier To Believe Than It Is To Think”

    “A People Can’t Know What
    they Want Or Where They
    Want To Go Unless They
    Know who They Are And
    Where They Come From”

    “A People Will Never Look
    Forward To Posterity Who
    Never Look Backward To
    Their Ancestors”

    Truth Forever On The Scaffold
    Wrong Forever On The Throne
    Yet That Scaffold Sways The Future


  • You completed some fine points there. I did a search on the issue and found a good number of folks will have the same opinion with your blog.

  • J.Brown

    Unfortunately, turning our backs on each other is one of our legacies. The truth is most black people do not stick together when we need to. Most black Americans are falling for the divide and concur scheme….hook, line, sinker!! And that is exactly what’s going to happen to us if we don’t wake the hell up!! SINK!!! Don’t black folks realize that GLAAD is always singling out black males, especially famous black males? White people can’t use that reverse racism crap with us, because black Americans are not considered racist because of institutionalized racism beginning with our ancestors as slaves. It’s not to say that black Americans are incapable of being racist, it just that we are not considered racist according to American standards of institutionalized racism. So they do the next thing by accusing black people of being racist against homosexuals instead of white people, which is ridiculous, because if you have been around enough white homosexuals, most of them is just as prejudice as white heterosexuals. They are trying to exclude black homosexuals from their little clubs too. I read in Ebony magazine a little while ago about three prominent black male homosexual who wrote about the same issues about white homosexuals. This was in the 1990’s so probably no one took noticed about what he was discussing. And believe me, it’s not that much different now, based on their attitudes and behavior towards African American males. The same rule applies regarding the so-called women’s equality movement, because, they want that to be just about white females. Women of color are considered minorities instead of being classified in both groups, as women and as their ethnicities. And you don’t hear anything about black homosexuals’ organizations criticizing heterosexual black people about their opinions about homosexuality! That whole scenario with organizations like GLAAD and other predominately white homosexuals organizations gunning down black male heterosexuals especially is happening mostly because they know that black people are the least likely to understand what all that hoopla about homosexual rights in the first place because most black people believe that the whole issue about homosexuality is ridiculous. Therefore, black people will be less likely to do anything about it and also because you are not going easily brainwash black people into believing that being a homosexual is as normal as being black. White homosexuals are telling everyone that they are that way because they were born that way. Most black people, including black homosexuals are not buying that theory. I believe that those organizations are pissed off because many black people called them out on that theory, which is why they are trying to make it look like black people are prejudice against homosexuals. So what those organizations like GLAAD are doing is trying to pressure us into believing their hype. I personally, think that Roland Martin should sue the crap out of both GLAAD and CNN. Because both of them are guilty or racism and discrimination, based on color, gender, and sexual orientation. Both of them are!

    • Von

      GLAAD singles out people who use anti-LGBTQ rhetoric or conduct/carry-out anti-LGBTQ acts.

      You only hear about the Black ones because that’s all you care about.

      • jaybee1958@hotmail.com

        How do you know if that is all I care about? Do you know me?…I don’t think so! But I do know that from my observation, research, and witnesses’ accounts that GLAAD, and other primarily white homosexual organization that they have a history and a tendency to single out black males especially, as being discriminatory against homosexuals simply because they openly expressed a difference of opinion about them. I have also notice that most homosexuals generally bashes anyone who disagree with them, and are labeled a homophobic. EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO THEIR OPINIONS, AND JUST BECAUSE HETEROSEXUALS HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY THAN HOMOSEXUALS DO, IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT ALL HETEROSEXUALS ARE PREJUDICES AGAINST HOMOSEXUALS SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE HOMOSEXUALS!!!!
        Again, Roland Martin should have sued the living CRAP out of both GLAAD and CNN for racially and gender profiling him!!!

        • Adam

          Sorry, but free speech doesn’t mean unlimited free speech. You cannot yell “Fire!” in a crowded movie theatre. And if your idea of ‘different opinions’ is “I think you should smack the gay out of him”, then, no, that’s not free speech, that’s hate speech.

          • J.Brown

            Being a homosexual is not a race or a culture, but a freak! And the reason you people don’t get that is because you are sick and in denial because you are caught up in your own lust, sickness and disease!! If you knew so much about black people as you are trying to force upon the world to that effect, then you would have known that when most black people say shit like that they are referring to the individual for what they are…a homosexual. It has nothing to do with discrimination. By the same token, black people have been known to say that they will beat the black off of another black person. Is that suppose to be a racist or derogatory comment to you nasty people as well? You are an idiot! Straight from hell!!

    • Carol

      GLAAD has a contingent devoted to addressing issues of people of color and has formed alliances with African American organizations that are LGBT or LGBT supportive like the National Black Justice Coalition. I guess it must really piss you off to know that GLAAD Media Award nominations include Pariah, an independent film about a black lesbian teenager written, directed and produced by African American lesbians, which by the way was also nominated for an NAACP Image Award. I’m sure you really hate that GLAAD Media Award nominations for Outstanding Magazine Article also were given to both Black Enterprise for Black & Gay In Corporate America and Ebony for Making It Work, about African American same-sex couples raising children in the south. You obviously could care less and know little about GLAAD’s agenda as it relates to LGBT persons of color. You have been brainwashed into thinking that black people aren’t prejudice against LGBT persons. Homophobia is widespread within the black community, black churches and historically black colleges and universities.

      • J. Brown

        Why should I be pissed off? Pissed off about what? I don’t care! And I don’t have a reason to be pissed off about something like that! But what I am pissed off about is some homosexuals telling me that I do not have a right to believe as I do. And because I believe as I do, that makes me a homophobe. And the real issue that GLAAD really need to address pertaining to black people is acceptance of how black people choose to think, feel, and believe. Black Americans especially, have come too far to allow anyone to tell them what they should and should not think, feel, and believe!! I don’t care about your little token support!! I do not want you to be a stumbling block in my path! Because if you are, you will be ye far removed. Take it anyway you want! But you will not violate my civil rights without a fight on your hands!! If any of you dish it out with me, you better be able to take it!!!

      • J.Brown

        Why should I be pissed off? Pissed off about what? I don’t care! And I don’t have a reason to be pissed off about something like that! But what I am pissed off about is some homosexuals telling me that I do not have a right to believe as I do. And because I believe as I do, that makes me a homophobe. And the real issue that GLAAD really need to address pertaining to black people is acceptance of how black people choose to think, feel, and believe. Black Americans especially, have come too far to allow anyone to tell them what they should and should not think, feel, and believe!! I don’t care about your little token support!! I do not want you, or anyone for that matter, to be a stumbling block in my path! Because if you are, you will be ye far removed. Take it anyway you want! But you will not violate my civil rights without a fight on your hands!! If any of you dish it out with me, you better be able to take it!!!

        • Carol

          You have the right to believe, feel and think whatever you want. If you are homophobe you are a homophobe—embrace it. Just don’t hide behind some false moral code because I am sure you don’t give two cents about morality when it comes to sex outside of marriage among Heterosexuals. Some people choose to believe premarital sex is perverse. But a radio or television personality couldn’t get away with making that statement publicly. Also, please be clear that Homosexual is not a synonym for White. There are LGBT persons of color. They have come too far to allow anyone to make them feel like they don’t have a right to speak out. You aren’t going to silence their voices in the fight for civil rights which by the way it not a synonym for Black America. The definition of civil rights is “promoting equality in social, economic, and political rights for citizens.” As I have said before I take great pride in knowing it was an openly gay black man, Bayard Rustin, who was a key architect of the non-violent black civil rights movement, a friend and adviser to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the chief organizer of the historic 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom where King gave his “I Have A Dream” speech. Many years later Rustin asserted that the most vulnerable group in his mind was gay people. He is quoted: “Indeed, if you want to know whether today people believe in democracy, if you want to know whether they are true democrats, if you want to know whether they are human rights activists, the question to ask is, ‘What about gay people?’ Because that is now the litmus paper by which this democracy is to be judged.”

          • J.Brown

            I don’t need you to tell me what my rights are because I already know what my rights are. But, in your twisted diseased mentality, you are not grasping the fact that you don’t determine shit about me based on your antagonism!! Feel free to refer to me as a homophobe until you blow it out of your ignorant homosexual ass! But, the facts remains, you don’t determine that I am a homophobe because you are having one of your nasty temper tantrums because you resent the fact that I openly disagreed with homosexuality!! And I don’t need you to tell me that white people are not the only homosexuals in the world. That doesn’t have anything to do with anything. But my original comment was, WHITE HOMOSEXUALS ARE JUST AS RACIST AS WHITE HETEROSEXUALS!! And if you were not caught up in your own mental defects, you would not have wasted my time with your stupid ass garbage because you would have known what I was commenting!! And that’s too damn bad that you think that everyone should be shut down because they disagree with you sick jackasses about homosexuality. But it doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen and you are going to get away with shutting us down because you don’t like what the fuck we said! It is you dimwitted sodomizers who are violating the civil rights of others, especially black heterosexual males, because they disagree with your choice to live as homosexuals. So don’t bring that bullshit to me because it does not work here!! You’re not deceiving me with that garbage! I don’t give a damn if white homosexuals are exploiting the civil rights movement or not to further and to justify their causes and to violate the civil rights of mostly black heterosexual males because they disagree with you. You should never get away with violating our freedom of speech and expression. I don’t give a flying fuck how many homosexual black civil rights leaders there are or the fact that some token people of color have joined LGBT organizations!! You motherfuckers have been over stepping your boundaries in violating the civil rights of African American heterosexual males especially too many goddamn times and you should not get away with that!! Even the greater majority of the black homosexual males in those LGBT organizations will not agree with that bullshit that sadistic motherfuckers like you have been slinging on the rest of society because black male homosexuals are been through the same bullshit that black male heterosexuals have through in predominately white societies!!!

  • Not4Profit

    As a liberal black female in her 50’s, I must say I am sick, sick, sick of hearing of the plight of homosexuals in America. So you prefer to live your life in a same sex relationship. That is your right. I prefer not to, that is my right. I don’t even care to debate whether you were born this way, or chose this life style. But I will say you do not deserve special privileges. Mr. Martin said what he said, get over it. Recognized, highly supported politicians have called our president the “food stamp president” where was you outrage then. They have implied that we are all welfare recipients and drug dealer, where was your outrage then. Trust me when I say your plight can not be compared to the civil rights movement of Black Americans!!!Homosexuals are everywhere and accepted. They are praised and highly exalted when they come “out”. You are entitled to your opinion. I don’t claim to understand everything, and I accept that most things are between the individual and God according to my christian faith. My christian faith dictates that I can not compromise that which I believe. Having said that, it is neither my job or goal or the tenants of my faith to hurt or harm anyone who disagrees with me or my faith. The constitution gives you the right to be heterosexual or homosexual just as it gives me the right to believe in my God. It also protects free speech even when I totally disagree with that which is spoken. Get over yourself, life is not always fair, but you guys aint doing so bad..you are predominantly white in America, you’ve got money and lots of it and you’ve got a voice; don’t take away one of the few voices of Black America.

    • Von

      So, if he’d said something similar about a woman? That would be ok? Well, actually, it probably would. Ignorant Black people LOVE women abusers. See: R. Kelly, Chris Brown, Ike Turner and many others.

      No one is asking for special privileges. What is asked for is all that is deserved. EQUAL privileges. If a famous white man made a tweet like that about abusing a Black person for doing something “inherently Black” (whatever that means) there would have been the same outcry. You ignorant fucks need to take a splash of water to the face and wake up.

      Or eat a gunpower cocktail. Seriously. You’re killing us as a people. Literally. We need unity and equality in our ranks before we can go around trying to tell people what they don’t do for us when WE don’t fucking do for us. Please stop.

      You’re sick of hearing about the plight of gays in America? Ok. I’m sure the white supremacist have tired of the plight of Blacks. I’m sure the ignorant men who care not about the abuse and mistreatment of women of color have tired of their plight. Oppressors always “tire” of the plight of the oppressed. Get all the way out of here with that bullshit. Seriously. Eat a bullet.

      • J. Brown

        There you go, thinking that you are oh, so clever by blaming black people for your plights. BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SELF DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR.You are killing your damn self!! It’s not black people’s fault that homosexuals life expectancy is about a third less than heterosexuals! You need to understand, that there is major difference between being a homosexual and being of African descent. Whatever discrimination that black people have suffered by white people is based on hatred and discrimination because of the way that black people were born. Whereas, dislike for homosexuals are based on how they chose to live their lives. So you need to stop justifying your homosexuality based on how you chose to live your life, rather than trying to categorizing it as being the same as black people because being a homosexual is not the same as being black. And you can call me prejudice, homophobic, ignorant or what the hell ever! Homosexuality is not the same as being black. The commonality that we both share is that we are both a part of the HUMAN RACE, but don’t you dare try that crap with me by telling me that homosexuality is no different than or the same as being black!!

        • Von

          Regardless if it’s a choice or how you’re born (which if you actually had enough grey matter to do some research, you’d know that some people are born homosexual. There is scientific proof.), it gives no one the right to abuse you. Ever. Black people are responsible for destroying themselves. Based on all types of unnecessary discrimination within our own ranks. Before you run around here talking about how you have the right to be a homophobic asshole, think about this… if you went to the store and bought a certain brand of water, you think it’s fair that you get abused or killed for that chouce? Probably not. And if you agree that people should be abused or die for their choices (let’s ignore again the fact that some are born gay) then go ahead and kill yourself already. Do the world a favor.

          • J.Brown

            There is no scientific proof of any kind that homosexuals are born that way, but rather, it is a figment of homosexuals, who think that way, imagination. Homosexuals are caught up in a fetish call booty bumping. And along with the fetishes, it also include fantasies! If you would have read one of my comments here you would have known that I made the same statement that no one has a right to put their hands on you or violate anyone’s civil rights just because they don’t like someone’s opinions and preference. That is to include homosexuals violating others rights as well! And Von, you may no be a homophobic asshole, but you are an ignorant antagonistic asshole!! Because you resent the fact that you are not the only person who have an opinion about homosexuality! You comment like a racist to me. Which don’t have shit to do with the cost of tea in China! What have I told you about stalking me, Reed?! You better take your ass back to The Hollywood Gossip some goddamn where, bitch!! Don’t bring your closeted ass over here trying to start some shit! With your dumb ass!!!!

    • Carol

      Do some research. LGBT persons are getting raped, beaten, and killed in the United States and all over the world. Violence against LGBT persons has actually escalated in recent years. Children who are suspected of being gay are being bullied in schools. If based on some ill-guided moral code heterosexual men and women who engage in premarital sex and procreate, along with their illegitimate offspring, were marginalized, mistreated, and murdered the same as LGBT persons then people would start singing a different tune. To me, it is pointless to argue about gay rights vs. civil rights. Yes, there are different sets of historical and social issues as it relates to race and sexual orientation. But the definition of civil rights is “promoting equality in social, economic, and political rights for citizens.” The “Black” civil rights movement was a fight for equality that centered on legislative and policy changes based on issues rooted in bias and discriminatory behavior. The fight by gay activists is one that centers on seeking legislative and policy changes based on issues deeply rooted in bias (mostly for religious reasons) and discriminatory practices. Also, white people could argue that Blacks are everywhere and highly accepted even in the White House and especially on basketball courts, football fields and hip hop arenas making all that money rain down on black women. Wouldn’t that sound misguided.

      • J. Brown

        Regardless of whether homosexuals are abused or not, they are abused because of how homosexuals chooses to live their lives. Granted, anyone who abuses another human being because they don’t like the way he/she chooses to live their life is wrong for doing so, because no one has a right to injure or kill another human being without cause, and doing so because they don’t like the way they choose to live is not a justified cause for injuring or murdering another human being. But, it still doesn’t mean that homosexuality is the same as being black, because the abuse that black people have suffered is because of the way that they were born!! Therefore, the homosexual community need to stop violating black people’s civil rights of freedom of speech and expression because some black people do not agree with the homosexual community concept that homosexuals are homosexuals because they are born that way. Or whatever some black people’s opinions are about homosexuality. Because black people have as much rights to their opinions and beliefs about anything or anyone as anyone else does, including homosexuals!! By accusing black people of being homophobic without cause, the homosexual community is literally violating black people’s civil rights of freedom of speech and expression!! Like I have been telling y’all straight up, I want one of y’all to think that you will get away with violating my civil rights like the way you have been doing to some of the famous black males in America!! You can rest assure that you will think twice about ever doing it again!

        • Von

          No one is trying to take away Black people’s civil rights or blame them for the plight of anyone. Except for Black women because everyone knows Black men HATE Black women and show it by choosing to date only mixed race and “exotic” (as in, non-Black) women. Regardless of color, your rights end where they being to infringe upon someone else’s.

          • J.Brown

            Reed, take your ignorant ass back to hell where you belong!

  • HypocritsareGLAAD

    GLAAD needs to be called out for their silence on gays who engage in sexism and racism. Dan Choi referred to Harry Reid as a ‘bleeding vagina’. There is no ambiguity on the misogyny in referring to perceived enemy as a woman. There was no ‘action alert’ from GLAAD only silence. Are Lesbians, the L in GLAAD, not women? It took GLAAD years to finally condemn Chuck Knipp for his racist Shirley Q. Liquor act. After years of pestering from black activists finally they decided to condemn a white man, complete with blackface, who named fictional children after venereal disease as misguided. I will not even touch on the disastrous AT&T support. I agree Roland’s tweets are rightfully perceived as homophobic. Although I believe they are framed around the ‘paper bag masculinity’ dozens. A test a man who wears ascots should never indulge in.

  • sharon

    This tweet that offended GLAAD was the least of the silly tweets by Roland MArtin. I used to follow him because I was interested in his political positions that I had seen on television. I had to stop following him because of the endless, inane tweets that he was sending out, especially about sports. That could be a reason why people are silent.

  • A RICH


  • Chris

    This is what happens when we start following the trend of technology out of control. It was not a message that should have gotten him fired or suspended. Yet, it is a message that he should not have shared with the world either because organizations all over this country watch for the next agenda driven incident to promote a cause that is not even close to similarity. Roland has been paid to give his oponion for years. Now suddenly, when he gives an opinion from a thirty second SuperBowl commercial from home or a private gathering he career is in juxtapose position. People lay off!!If CNN doesn’t put him back on within thirty days how are they different from Fox News? Is that a GLAAD certified network? Does that network cae about offending GLAAD off air? My point exactly. Put the man back on and go after Rush or Glen or Sean or Allen. Someone whoreally cares.

  • Waldo

    Words have power & weight, and a professional who wield words about recklessly must experience the consequences.

    And I would agree that intentionally or not, Roland Martin’s tweet contributes to the violence.





  • Nalaw

    The tweets by Roland Martin were wrong and he knew better. He was not talking to his “boys” in a private conversation in his home. He tweeted words that were considered “offensive” to a group of american citizens and he needed to be disciplined for it. The problem is unless you are gay you cannot say if it is offensive or not. After reading his comments I could see why gays felt the way they did. Do I think Roland Martin is homophobic…no. However he did not use good judgement with his choice of words as a talking head in mainstream media. we have to stop defending people just because they are black. He was wrong and his punishment is no different than others have experiencd on CNN (Sanchez got fired for his remarks against Jon Stewart).

  • Lans Ross

    FACT IS: At the end of the day most people dont’ give a damn who is gay or lesbian. People are busy and have problems and are trying to live. I’m not about stereotyping, but for some reason (and I’ve noticed this for years, now) gay and lesbians seem to want EVERYBODY to know that they’re gay…they want to “come out”…and then if someone says something they want to try to demonize them! I’ve seen Ellen Degeneres (while channel surfing) dancin’ all goofy down the steps on her tv show (trying to make people think it’s all cool and fun for a woman to have the hots for other women). Hey, it’s a personal decision…nothin “cool” about it. Ain’t a damn thing cool about two men or two women….it’s just life.
    To all the gays and lesbians. You are everyday people. That’s all. What you do behind closed doors…no one really truly cares it’s just that you all want to let the world in on your sexual preferences and that’s a bit annoying to some people. Roland Martin, this is just a wake up call to you to let you know that even though you can be opinionated on national tv and you makin’ a little change now that you can still be checked…..don’t forget that. Let’s all keep our humanity and some humility. Next topic!

  • Calvin Bell

    I support Roland.The gays want to control the media.I wish they would stay
    in the closet it is an immoral sinful practice.In the beginning God created Adam and Eve not Steve or Stevina.They go around saying God made
    me that way it is a lie.Now a days you can not tell who is a woman or man.
    The men wear hair longer than their woman and woman wear hair shorter than
    men read your bible.Years ago they would be ashamed to do the things they are doing.God help this nation.It is a reason why aids is no 1 in the black community.God will not bless this nation.

  • Yoda

    The reason Roland would’t be in line for these underwear is because they don’t come in his size!!!!

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  • Ms D

    I have always believe Roland Martin was gay himself, or I guess I should say Bi-sexual, since he has a wife, unless it’s a COVER. Something just seems a little “OFF” there, but that’s just my opinion, even though I did read where many others thought the same thing about him. Usually the one protesting the loudest has the most secrets…you know??

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