• hacker

    there’s only 3 listed – johnson, barber, and woods. Who’re the other 2?

    • Hailey

      I see 5. Tyson and Kobe are the last 2.

  • guest

    I would use the term “love” loosely and opt instead for selfishness, stupidity, or entitlement…

  • how is this about black enterprise? just another sad, bundled, sneak attack on black males.. wonder why Black Enterprise can’t get 1million likes on facebook? Because to black progressives and entrepreneurs they’ve become the equivalent of a gossip mag with a few substance stories sprinkled here and …smh…deduct one more “like”

    • Hailey

      Athletes are brands. They are a business.

    • Professional sports athletes are a business and anything negative that a athlete does has a effect on his business. That being said,Michael Jordan’s ex wife made off with what 150 to 200 million dollars in their divorce settlement? Kobe Bryant’s ex wife made off with what 2 mansions and miliions of dollars after their divorce? Who knows what Tiger Woods ex wife got paid after their divorce. I’m not saying that women are golddiggers but they definitely aren’t dating no broke *ss n****. Black atletes have to be smart and use good judgement when getting involved with women.

  • Angela Davis

    As an entrepreneur who’s in the sports business, athletes must understand that they are more than just a player. They are a brand and as the product, they must be careful to maintain and grow their brand POSITIVELY. Sports is a business–period.

  • Z. Washington

    In response to D. Ervin, I think it’s related to black enterprise in the following ways: 1) Like A. Davis said in the post above yours, sports is a business, and those participating in it must treat is as such. 2) Many BE readers are athletes or have children who are aspiring athletes, and this article can serve as a cautionary tale. 3) For those of us “everyday professional,” who are not involved in sports at all, it is also a lesson — we all have a brand, and your earning potential is tied to that brand. As Black professionals, we need to keep that in mind and as grown adults, try not to be so messy in our interpersonal interactions, especially if our goal is to maximize our income potential…..

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