Obama to Host Youth Ball, Regional Balls Inaugural Night

Invited guests to enjoy night of festivities with president-elect

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As is usual for the evening of the inauguration, there will be a series of balls both unofficial and official. And as the day draws near, everyone’s vying for a visit from the president-elect, vice president-elect, and their families.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee announced Barack Obama will host the Youth Inaugural Ball, along with five regional inaugural balls and a ball for his home states, Hawaii and Illinois. Vice President-elect Joe Biden will host a ball for his home states, Delaware and Pennsylvania, as well.

The Youth Ball will be geared toward Americans aged 18-35 and will celebrate the inauguration and what young Americans can do to serve their communities. It will be held at the Washington Hilton, and tickets will be available to invited guests at $75 (a reduced price).

The regional balls are a tradition that Obama will continue. Balls for the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and West will be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The Eastern Inaugural Ball will be held at Union Station, and the Southern Inaugural Ball will be held at the National Guard Armory.

For more information on the inaugural balls, visit the Presidential Inaugural Commitee’s Website.

If you’re a history buff, these tidbits might spark your interests. (Who knew African Americans marched in the inauguration parade for the first time after the swearing-in of Abraham Lincoln? At the time of his inauguration, rain poured down until the end of his ceremony.)

Janell Hazelwood is the copy editor and a reporter for BlackEnterprise.com.

  • I think this is great news, I remember the day Mayor David Dinkins came into office, as a native new yorker and worked on several of his campigns, it was a great day seeing the youth come out to vote for a man of courage and honor, i cried, as many did then and on the day Obama was elected.
    Let the youth know we care by including them and dropping fees for college and trade schools. That is action behind the words. Remember Dinkins and Rangel, Powell and others paid less than $5000 for tutition, compared today 55+K. Still the leaders want to run the country on their low tutition fees and it is different times, stop the increases.

  • Mr. President Elect, freeze the school loans and housing and we the people could get on track, building apartments for independent living/foster care youth and get them into training/jobs. This would stop some of the major crimes.
    Save all home foreclosures and credit cards interests on the comsumers.

  • Let them Dance without Violence……..

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