#NotOneDime: Activists Demand Boycott of Black Friday

After grand jury decision in Ferguson, some urge consumers not to shop on big day for retailers

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A host of states across the country are protesting the unanimous verdict to not indict Darren Wilson over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. Citizens from Los Angeles to New York have gathered together to create numerous hashtags in order to urge others to boycott this upcoming Black Friday.

Blackout For Human Rights’ recent YouTube video—which is not safe for viewing at work—was the first gauntlet launched to let millions know that we cannot take this injustice lying down while wearing a smile. The activist group, started by director Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station), has helped to push the hashtags #BoycottBlackFriday, #NotOneDime, #DontRiotDontBuyIt, and countless others in the midst of the unarmed teen’s death by police officer Darren Wilson. As these trends continue to gain traction on-and-off the web, the Officer Wilson’s grand jury ruling has reignited a national conversation about race, injustice, and being Black in America.

“The only tool to fight against this is [on] the economic side,” Carlos Howard of the Hampton Roads Leadership Council in Norfolk, Va., said on Facebook. The overall message from those on Twitter and Facebook to Blackout For Human Rights is to galvanize economically and create dynamic change in the American Justice system when it comes to law enforcement versus the citizen.

According to Nielsen data, Black consumers have a buying power of $1 trillion and it is forecast to reach $1.3 trillion by 2017. Black consumers also make an average of 156 shopping trips each year compared with 146 for the total market.

Check out members of the Twitter community who are pushing for a boycott of Black Friday shopping holiday.

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  • catch22ifyoucan

    Is this the dumbest idea of all time? If not, it sure is a close second. How exactly is this boycott supposed to benefit the black communities? Do they really think by not spending money on Friday that it will bring some solution to their cause? These black communities want to be treated by police in the same manner that the white communities are treated. As evidenced by the animalistic, hateful, and lawless behavior we have witnessed over the past 48 hours, the biggest obstacle for these black communities to achieve their goals is likely their very own behavior.


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  • John Moore

    If We boycotted the holiday season (Black Friday through the day before MLK day) it would put a major dent in corporate America. We would then resume our spending on MLK day. This would provide hard data that we do matter. An economic shutdown during the holidays would be a peaceful way to show our support for the Browns and all the other families who have lost loved one to police brutality, while showing America that we are not happy about our kids being murdered. WE (Black Americans) were brought to this part of the world because of capitalism. Let our lack of capitalistic participation create data points that speak to our worth. A boycott would not only help Ferguson, it would energize Black America. #Economic$hutdown

    • eric

      A couple things.

      First of all “capitalism” didnt being slaves to America, unless youre going to use the most ambiguous posible understanding of the term to mean every people from African tribes to soviet russia, in which case the term pretty much means nothing. Most people agree human rights are a key component to capitalism.

      The other thing is, a boycott is the dumbest idea right now, unless you somehow did manage for every black person and many others to participate, which would possibly be even worse. As of right now all its doing is hurting the businesses in and around Ferguson and telling them not to stay and all that does is takes away from tax revenue and employment. Congratulations. You just took the exact problems in ferguson, and made them worse.

  • A friend

    I will not celebrate the colonial holiday, ever again–in solidarity with Trayvon, Michael, and every other victimized African male executed with a jury”s blessing, occurring upon American soil since before my time. The slain young men will never again celebrate the bias holiday that either the pertinent juries or frightened, fearful assailants will enjoy…

    I chose to live this protest silently, before even looking at this article. I encourage the readers to avail themselves every opportunity–in public and private–to speak with the only voice they have, wherever and whenever possible…if a boycott is a viable opportunity at your disposal, use it and own it.

    • eric

      Okay smart person. Lets lay aside the fact that all the hard evidence suggests Michael Brown did the wrong thing at every step. Lets pretend he was heartlessly hunted down for no reason and never tried to fight a cop. Lets pretend he didnt advance 21 feet towards a backing away Wilson.

      Youre suggesting that because of the actions of the police and a grand jury, that you should take it out on the local businesses that bring employment and tax revenue for all of your community programs and services.

      Well done. You make your own community a little worse, while doing nothing to hurt the people who made the decision.

      Next why dont you propose we all get together and piss in the water supply. That would really show them.

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  • RG

    The establishment didn’t anticipate so many white people being on board with this movement. They were hoping for a war against blacks only, but instead they got a nationwide reaction from people of all races, who realize that what happened in ferguson is merely a single chapter in the book of American injustice. America has so many angry citizens, angry at economic corruption, political corruption, legal corruption, wall st corruption, corporate corruption, military corruption, and the list goes on. The sensitivities of americans are at an all time high, and people are ready to protest for literally anything. The shot that killed Mike Brown was the proverbial “shot heard around the world”. And what the establishment doesn’t realize is that if these injustices continue, it won’t matter if the victim is black, white, green, or purple, the people of America will come together to indict the establishment, and the world will witness the American Spring.

    • James Dunham

      LOL Not even the bulk of African Americans are on Board … Much less White Americans.

      You are delusional… These Protesters have Virtually NO SUPPORT among the Citizens at large.

      BTW I am in fact a St Louis County Resident… And Plan to vote against ANYONE that Approves one cent to North County to help them rebuild. Ferguson can add a Half Cent or Cent to THEIR OWN SALES TAX to pay for the damage … as well as the Costs to other Cities surrounding it. Not one dime … As a Matter of fact I will be Voting those into office that seek to Make the African American Community more accountable.. By reducing Welfare Funding, EBT Funding and making these Folks become less dependent on Government and more Responsible for their Own Conditions.

      Point in fact: Ferguson a town of nearly 13000 African Americans.. Has seen Protests with numbers in the Hundreds (Maybe a Thousand) .. Not even the Blacks of Ferguson showed up as MANY of the Protesters are not even from Ferguson or St Louis for that matter.

      As a Matter of fact African American Clergy in Ferguson are now Condemning these Outside Agitators (they are not even referred to as Protesters anymore)… and are recognizing that there is indeed a Problem within a Segment of the African American Community that needs to be addressed.

      No… Whites are not in anyway supportive of this ‘Cause’… Neither are the Bulk Majority of African Americans in St Louis.. A Town with nearly 400,000 African Americans … And has seen maybe a few Hundred Show up and Protest.

      These ‘Protests’ are a Joke that people simply hope goes away before we have to take serious action and Remove them from the Streets by Force.

    • eric

      The funny thing is, I agree with a lot of your intent, but youre so off 9n a few parts its not even funny.

      First off, you have to be kidding yourself if yiu dont think the establishment didnt want exactly what we have today. If what you say is true, they wouldnt still be framing every single news article, except for things like FOX or Breitbart, in support of Brown skirting around the inconvenient facts.

      That brings me to my next point. In a country where we regularly have things like one man with a small knife being gunned down by a firing squad with 46 shots, this is the one case where the cops are in the right. We know that Brown went 21 feet towards Wilson when he was allegedly surrendering. We know he was close enough to get his DNA on Wilsons gun. We know he threw a punch at Wilson.

      All these things do a perfectly fine job at portraying Wilson as having a legitimate fear of danger. Everything against him however is either inconsistent or just downright ignorant of how people can cause harm to other people.

      Why must we pick the absolute worst case to sensationalize? Because that way Fox and MSNBC can have their sides.

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