New York Post Columnist Phil Mushnick Unapologetic About Using N-Word

The columnist suggests the Brooklyn Nets change their name to the “New York Ni-----,” and criticizes part-owner Jay-Z

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New York Post columnist Phil Mushnick continues to stand by his racially volatile remarks about Jay-Z and the Brooklyn Nets. In a piece published in Friday’s paper, Mushnick criticized the team’s uniform and new black and white logo, among other things. He wrote:

As long as the Nets are allowing Jay-Z to call their marketing shots–what a shock that he chose black and white as the new team colors to stress, as the Nets explained, their new  “urban” home–why not have him apply the full Jay-Z treatment?

Why the Brooklyn Nets when they can be the New York Ni—-s? The cheerleaders could be the Brooklyn B—hes or Hoes. Team logo? A 9 mm with hollow-tip shell casings strewn beneath. Wanna be Jay-Z hip? Then go all the way!

The Nets issued a statement about the incident. “We find the story offensive and inappropriate, and it doesn’t deserve further comment,” said the NBA team.

The Village Voice reports that, in a defensive email to the Post’s “Bob’s Blitz” blog, he wrote “Jay-Z profits from the worst and most sustaining self-enslaving stereotypes of black-American culture and I’M the racist?”

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  • Michael Walker, CPA

    This guy Phil Mushnick OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T LISTEN TO MUSIC. HE JUST SKIMS THROUGH IT (that’s a Jay Z lyric by the way). I suggest he listens to the Jay Z songs, “Bitches & Sistas” “What We Talkin’ Bout” & “Say Hello” Jay Z may have mentioned guns, BUT NEVER HAS HE CLAIMED TO BE SOME GUN TOTTING GANGSTER! And just as Phil shouldn’t BLINDLY GO AT JAY Z like he did. I WILL NOT GO AT HIM AND CALL HIM “A RACIST BASTARD” He’s just IGNORANT as to what Jay Z REPRESENTS, JAY Z’S CATALOGUE, and maybe a little JEALOUS that a guy such as JAY Z (maybe Phil is perturbed by the fact that Jay is African American) is getting to call the shots and NOT SOME WHITE(WASP), IRISH, ITALIAN, GERMAN OR JEWISH GUY who may be qualified or may have obtained the position through WHITE PRIVILEGE AND/OR NEPOTISM! PHIL’S STATEMENTS ARE TRUE INCOMPETENT IGNORANCE! But on the flip side Phil, Jay is being used for the GREATER GOOD & PROFITABILITY of the team, to make a GREAT RETURN ON HIS INVESTMENT and to BOOST THE REPUTATION OF THIS ALREADY GREAT BUREAU! Jay is cool TO THE WORLD, not just BROOKLYN BLACK KIDS, THE WORLD! He’s great for the economy of the team. MAYBE I’M TALKING A LITTLE OVER PHIL’S HEAD considering the IGNORANT STATEMENTS HE MADE. BUT JAY Z/BROOKLYN NETS IS A WIN/WIN FOR EVERYONE, EVEN PHIL “That’s if he lives in New York City”

  • loutee

    Hey, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, just not through the media!

  • Alithia

    I couldn’t agree with Micheal Walker more. I’m not surprised to see this type of racist ignorance still goes on. I’m not even offended. This isn’t about anything but envy…Most people like Phil what’s his face, don’t have a clue about us or our sub-culture. Yet they have so much to say.

  • GeminIIGyrl

    I think Phil should just go get a life… No one wants to here this bullcrap you are writing. People like Phil is just another white man who envy our black culture, our swag. Deep down he is inferior, we are the epitome. Sorry Phil it’s not my fault you stood in the wrong line when beauty was being created. lol

    • Sipdesip

      Y’know, Gem…one thing about what you’re sayin’. True that few folks want to hear what this man is saying, as he obviously doesn’t know talent when he sees it in forms that he is not comfortable with.

      But when you say that he is “just another white man who envies your black culture”, I don’t hear that either. I’m as white as they come, and date/hang out with/talk to/b***h at/fight with folks of all races, including my own. As a white man, I respect that “black culture” is different from some of what I think, and find some of it pretty interesting. Envy? Nah. I see a lion on NatGeo when I watch TV, I think it’s beautiful, but I sure don’t envy it. I love MY life, and I don’t care to be either envied, or to feel envy to others.

      Gotta love YOU for YOU, not for some culture or swag. Folks need to find themselves before they call out others. True beauty is gliding past the smaller souls in life who seek to drag you down…truer beauty still is lifting them out of their own sadness to see the beauty they can possess themselves.

    • james bessell

      to gemini gyrl,u r ugly & can’t write correctly u r ignorant because beauty is in the eye of the beholder,u really think u r superior what a joke,

  • webby

    Let’s be honest. Every race thinks they are the best. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you don’t try to enslave another race. I love white, black and brown people, as long as they don’t try to screw me — you know what I am saying? Live and let live. More power to Jay-Z for getting certain segment of population to follow him and buy his products and become rich.

  • webby

    Also, all this talk about race is just not productive. Besides, one didn’t do anything to be born a particular race. We are born and will all be dead. All I know is Jesus probably didn’t look like the way they portray him in the movies. Let’s just say we are all great and beautiful and just get on with our lives.

  • Dino

    Good for Phil Mushnick.He told it like he sees it,and he’s right.All this garbage that JZ calls music is one of the biggest reasons todays youth are a bunch of thug losers.Number one reason is the parents of these kids are bigger losers than the kids.Yes I’m mostly talking about blacks because many of them live up to the sterotype.Truth hurts,if you don’t like it change,otherwise deal with it.


    We know who they are. What warrants such an attack?White brutes are always able to reinvent themselves, yet blacks are always judged by past actions.Pure hate, that B is normal.They cannot accuse us of violence when historically they are the most violent race.Ask the natives of the west, the ethnic groups in Europe,blacks in South Africa, southern blacks.After all this guy belongs to an organisation that is dubiuos at best, ask the British Parlimentarians,so such hate is normalform this cancerous glob of tissue.

    • stephen

      bowcat u are so right through out it,s history whites have been brutal,native americans,blacks,they even enslaved there own women,watch reruns of andy griffin,they were,nt allowed to work or vote,cook,clean,make babies and oh yea bring me a beer or some moonshine racist country,i hope my president will put it on the table when he win,s re-election.