‘MLK Was a Republican’ Billboard Sparks Outrage

Are you offended by this billboard?

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A billboard recently erected in Dallas, Texas has sparked outrage amongst the area’s black community.

The billboard, erected by African American conservative Clauver Kamau-Imani’s group, Raging Elephants, reads: “Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican. VOTE REPUBLICAN!”

Raging Elephants implores African Americans to switch to the Republican Party.

While Kamau-Imani claims the billboard portrays the civil rights icon accurately, many disagree.

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  • People say anything to get the result they want. That’s the political process we have in this country. Its very shameful. The people who fall for it are the real victims.

  • Ridiculous… Dr MLK, Jr. was not a Republican. He was assassinated in Memphis, TN, yes, because of his Civil Rights activities and so forth, but he was in Memphis in the first place because he was supporting a protest by SANITATION WORKERS!!!….a union rally. When was the last time Republicans have supported union activities like that? By that argument alone, that claim don’t hold water. Besides, the name “Republican” is still the same, but the platform has COMPLETELY shifted. Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass would be exiled if they were present-day Republicans.