Mitt Romney: ‘It Kills Me Not to Be in the White House’

Mitt's takeaway from 2012 election: Do not underestimate the influence of low-income and minority voters

On “Fox News Sunday” former presidential candidate Mitt Romney told host Chris Wallace that it “kills him” that he didn’t win the 2012 presidential election against President Barack Obama, News One reports.

“It kills me not to be there, not to be in the White House,” Romney said.

His wife, Ann, who sat next to him, agreed. “I’m like a she-lion when it comes to defending him,” she said. “And I mourn the fact that he’s not there.” Of the defeat, she added: “We were a little blindsided.”

Mitt added. “I lost my election because of my campaign, not because of what anyone else did,” he said.

Romney suggested in the interview that his fellow conservatives not underestimate the influence of  “low-income and minority voters.”

Watch the video.