Slighted Mistress Creates Documentary for Film Festival

Wilkins plans to show the world how Phillips did her wrong

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From New York Daily News

Following an 8-plus-year extra marital relationship with Charles Phillips, mistress YaVaughnie Wilkins would like her voice to be heard.

Wilkins has created a documentary entitled The Glamorous Lie that will debut at Harlem International Film Festival.

Phillips attempted to have the documentary pulled by issuing a cease and desist letter to the film festival. The documentary will go ahead as planned, according to a statement by a spokesperson from the festival, stating that Ms. Wilkins will take full liability for the fallout of the film.

Read more at The New York Daily News.

  • 3 years of later? Get a life. He dumped you and moved on. She made her bed, now lie in it. You wanted something that didn’t belong to you. I’m glad he went back to his wife and left this skank.

  • This is so in poor taste. The affair has long been over, his wife must have forgave him. YaVaughnie is scorned…why because the cheating with him on is wife is over…jump offs are getting way too much attention. They twitched the game.