Michael Brown’s Family: Darren Wilson Displayed ‘Brazen Confidence’ After Shooting

Parents continue to fight for justice after death of son

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The family of the late Michael Brown continue to fight and champion their son’s death by speaking out whenever and wherever possible.

The 18-year-old, who was shot dead at close range by officer Darren Wilson, was unarmed when caught in a tragic situation back in August. Now, the parents, Michael Brown, Sr. and Lesley McSpadden, are saying that their son’s killer “always knew” that he would get away with the killing and displayed “brazen confidence.”

Brown’s parents are set to appear before the United Nations Committee Against Torture in Geneva, and aim to bring evidence that their son was not only unarmed but was treated as “less than human” by Officer Wilson. According to the Daily Mail, the bereaved parents will also call for Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson to step down as his department has reportedly assaulted protestors and black people in a “predatory and degrading manner.”

A grand jury is currently deciding whether or not to indict Darren Wilson on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, but many publications and pundits are believing that the officer will not be prosecuted and that a riot is steadily brewing in the small suburban St. Louis town.

Below is an excerpt Michael Brown’s parents presentation for their meeting with the United Nations:

“Given the history of racial tensions in the city of Ferguson, this particularly disrespectful treatment of Brown’s body and callous disregard for the trauma it could cause Ferguson residents repeated and reinforced the longstanding degrading treatment of black racial minorities by an overwhelmingly white police force. Not only did the abandonment of the body convey to residents that the police officer regarded the black youth as less than human, but it also illustrated the officer’s brazen confidence that he would not be punished for such unwarranted violence.”

With Brown’s family calling for the arrest and detaining of Darren Wilson, who is reportedly hiding at an unknown location receiving paid administrative leave, it seems that it is up to the grand jury’s decision to ease brewing tensions in Ferguson.

On the next page, activist Shaun King breaks down how race influences an assessment of one’s crime once committed:

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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  • OB☭M☭C☭RE

    Mike Brown’s Mother is a thug just like he was. She beat the crap out of Mike Brown’s grandma while her posse took a metal pipe to the head of Mike Brown’s cousin over t shirt sales and then robbed them. That is a 1st degree felony in MO and punishable by 10-30 years in prison.


  • Mari

    Darren Wilson is a thug and a murderer. I’m so happy that the Brown family continues to stand up for their slain son and speak out against this racist killer cop. GOD bless them! Justice will be served that this case should be a warning to other racist killer cops that black people will not tolerate their violent hateful crimes against black people in our commuities anymore.

  • Makayla Oxley

    Darren Wilson is a criminal and a killer. I’m so satisfied that the Brownish members of the family is constantly on the take a position up for their slain son and talk out against this improper fantastic cop. GOD bless them! Rights will be provided that this situation should be a caution to other improper fantastic police that dark individuals will not accept their aggressive hateful criminal offenses against dark individuals in our commuities any longer.

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