Is This Michelle Obama Magazine Cover Racist?

Magazine cover shows the first lady naked in slave garb

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From Clutch Magazine

Another European magazine is under fire for a questionable cover of an African American figure.

First Lady Michelle Obama was featured on the cover of Spanish magazine, Fuera De Serie, in slave garb with one of her breasts exposed.

She is also pictured with one of Aunt Jemima’s headscarves.

The portrait superimposes Obama’s head onto the famous art-historical body of an African Guadeloupean female slave painted by French artist Marie-Guilhelmine Benoist in 1800.

What are your thoughts on this?

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  • LE York

    She looks beautiful! The garments are far from racist! Take a trip to Liberia, we wear clothing like this on a regular basis. Wait until you see the cover of “American John” Avril wears her headtie.

  • Natasha

    I think it depends on one’s definition of racist. One would also need to consider the fact that this is also a photo of a woman which might make it sexist as well. For example the author of the above article pointed out that one of her breasts is exposed which indicates not only a body part but one that in many countries is considered a feeding apparatus and nothing more. In America however breasts have become overly sexualized. The caption translated means : “Michelle Eats Obama” according to another online article about this subject. According to that article this publication contains an article praising Michelle for being an asset to her husband. The original painting which was titled: Portrait d’une négresse which is translated:” A black female slave” was supposedly considered an uplifting painting for black women at the time of it’s painting. I am not familiar enough with the historical ramifications to provide an opinion on that aspect. However, I do feel that there is lot to consider before simply deeming this as racist only without considering all of the aspects.

  • Brandon Dean

    Insensitive yes, short sighted yes, Racist? Perhaps not in intent, but in result.

  • That’s not racist. People photo shop pictures all the time.

  • BePatrioticNotidiotic

    Besides taking a step back into history… (I prefer to move forward and not be like the always complaining la raza crowd), this is just obsurd. It”s not obsurd revamp art.. folks do that all the time particularly in living art festivals where people pose as if they were in a painting, social media likes to polk fun of art as like the gal who recently painted over a portrait of Christ in a church in Spain making Jesus looking more like a primate than a savior. Ironically hundreds of other people had taken the revamped picture of the ape like Christ and have remodeled what the Last Supper may have looked like as if Christ and his disciples would have been Gorillas from the mist themselves.
    In the early days of President Obama, a young artist had taken President Obama’s face and imposed it onto the old Russian art where half the page would be black and the other side white. It’s a particular style of art in which revolutionaries often used it for propoganda. Throught the years young and old artists have been taking the faces of famous people and adding them to what their impression of art is.
    Anywho.. what makes me curious is why Spain chose an American President’s wife to place on their magazine. The United States of America is the greatest country in the world and a once fierce Communist country as Spain, (currently Democratic but their 3rd largest political party is a bunch of Communist), uses an American woman from a Democracy that sets the presidence in the world to put on their magazine.
    White House Genealogists have discovered that Mrs. Obama’s family lineage is diverse as to where she has a rainbow of ancestors from the darkest folk from Africa to the whitest upper cut folk who ever crossed the Atlantic. She has family that died slaves and some who were born slave masters. ~Google it~
    In my opinion.. . the commy country of Spain was not portraying Mrs. Obama as a martyr of a days gone by and perhaps paralleling an old cause with a modern cause.. the Spanish magazine was using a prominant American to slur, haze, discount, poke fun of (what ever you want to call it) for their very own reason and to make headlines for the deminishing magazine.
    or.. . perhaps it has something to do with Mrs. Obama lavishly vacationing in Spain with her friends and family (all flew on tax payers dime, security for friends and family while touring Spain paid for by Americans), where they all dined and hobnobbed with King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia at their summer palace on the island of Majorca. Now Mrs. Obama finds herself busy when an invite comes from the Spanish palace particularly after photos appeared of heir to the Spanish thrown hobnobbing, practicing karate, yachting and more with Russia’s Putin.
    The photo has nothing to do with art, slavery, racism or women’s issues.. Spain is mocking the American President’s wife due to a political agenda.

  • chitownpete

    She looks beautiful in this picture. Maybe when unemployment drops down we won’t have so many people sitting around yelling “Racist!” at every little thing. Focus people!

  • Cece

    It depends on the INTENT! Two people can do ro say the same thing, but it is the intent that can make the difference in interpretation.
    Either way, personally, I feel it is inappropriate and unnecessary.