Maryland Voters Walk Out On President Obama

"Steady stream" of people head for exit while President rallies for Anthony Brown

anthony brown governorPresident Obama making a rare appearance to support Maryland democratic gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown just may have had a rude awakening.

Some say he got to witness first-hand proof of his fledgling popularity.

According to some reports a steady stream of people made a beeline for the exit walking out of the auditorium while he spoke. A heckler even interrupted his remarks.

It’s still unclear why they made for the exits.

Right now his approval ratings are at disturbing lows and several Democratic candidates in the race for senate have been leery of appearing with him on the campaign trail because of his sagging popularity.

Gallup has him at 41.5%, among the lowest quarterly averages of his presidency saying, “That ranks as one of his lowest quarterly approval ratings to date. The only two that were lower were the 41.2% in his 20th quarter — after the troubled launch of the health insurance exchanges last fall — and the 41.0% in his 11th quarter during the negotiations to raise the federal debt limit and its fallout on the U.S. economy.”

Anthony Brown, Maryland’s Lieutenant Governor was one candidate who opted to have the President by his side at an October 19 rally in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

The president urged voters to make sure they hit the polls saying, “You’ve got to vote. There are no excuses, the future is up to us.”

If Brown is chosen, he becomes the State’s first ever African American governor and only the third elected black governor in United States history.

Brown is well aware that he is flirting with history. He tells Black Enterprise magazine, “Clearly, I am very mindful of the historic significance of my candidacy and what this election means in terms of the history of this country and the opportunity and ability of African Americans to rise to the highest offices in the land.

And he may not have to rely on the president to shore up support, Brown is 11 points ahead of Republican opponent Larry Hogan, according to an average of polls by RealClearPolitics.

It’s been a dozen years since a Republican won a Maryland governor’s race and even before that victory a state Republican hadn’t sat in the governor’s chair for some time

However, democrats reportedly have a history of not turning up to vote in midterm elections.

The elections are November 4th.

  • Audrey Simmons

    Let’s Make History Fellow Democrats And Turn Out The Largest
    Midterm Democratic Turn Out In History!!! Let’s Go!!!! Let’s Go!!!!!

    • Tony Davis


    • Rubie Brown

      Yes let’s make history and continue to vote and demand nothing for our vote. Let’s make history as be the dumbest culture in history, our unemployment rate is at 11%, Illegal Immigrants have gotten 99% of all jobs created, “Center for Immigrant Studies”. Vote for people who will represent you. Obama will sign an executive order to legalize over 5 million people as soon as you vote. You are voting for them not you. Those are people who will get the job you don’t have or a job you are trying to get. People who have a country to go back to when this economy tanks, where are black people going to go. I have nothing against the president personally but yet I don’t have my head in the sand. He has put forth a Hispanic, LBGT, and Women agenda. Yet he has done nothing for Blacks, he has not stood up for Blacks as he has people who are illegal in this country. Our culture is in chaos, inner city children stuck in gang infested neighborhoods, such as Chicago are getting shot by gangs and stray bullets. Our teenagers shot down by racist police. But we silently watch as over 70 to 80,000 illegal children and adults come into this country and get free housing, food, clothing and jobs that are not available to you. Because they are so call running from gangs and/or poverty, however it is spent on any given news cast, and we say nothing they are given everything that have been denied Black and Poor citizens in this country. It is time to walk out on the President, the Black Caucus, the NAACP, and any other political groups, asking for the black vote that will not put forth a BLACK AGENDA. Is it worth sacrificing the entire Black community to continue not demand what is important for our people. Hispanics say we are tired of waiting. We voted for you now we want to be legalized so we can keep taking jobs away from blacks, who they have little respect for now because they know their own politicians don’t respect them. It is time for Black people to say, our vote put you in office both times, we are also tired of waiting for 11% unemployment to come down, and you can write an executive order for our children not a charity program, and a jobs program for the group facing the highest unemployment rate today. So yes they walked out. Some of us are over the hype.

      • Nastasyana

        And what is the alternative? Until blacks can exert influence through their votes, nothing will change..not all the marches, and riots and shouting will change a thing. Blacks need to get their heads out of religion and prying for change and look at politics as a practical means of achieving change.

        • Rubie Brown

          I have no argument with what you are saying because we are on the same page. I think they should keep walking out. They should let the Political structure know we want the same thing for our vote as other groups want for theirs. Focus on Local and State government, and demand the Congress and Senate answer to the Masses of Black people and not Politicians who come out when it’s election time and then disburse themselves out to rally the Black vote. They should be held accountable and asked where have you been while our unemployment rate remained the highest in the nation, why are you supporting Amnesty instead of fighting for issues adversely affecting the people who put you in office. Then support Black candidates they will put forth our agenda. Until then keep walking out! You have to get someone attention before they know you are serious. Nothing has hurt us more than Silence. LBGT’s, were no silent. Mexicans are not silent. Women’s groups are not silent. They all have had they agenda’s address in an affirmative manner.

      • fred2

        Now you know why some Black people walked out on Obama.

        This is starting to have political implications. Check out this story from the Washington Post:

        * Black voters in St. Louis County direct their anger at the Democratic Party

        Conventional wisdom said that Michael Brown’s death would strengthen Black support for the Democrats. However, in some cases, it has cause a backlash against that party.

        • Rubie Brown

          Black people have really been disrespected by the Democratic Party and in some case blatantly so. What have Obama done for Africa Americans? Nothing. He has uttered the word African American and Black more during these days of needing the Black vote than I have heard him utter in the 6 years he has been in office. While he has actively given policies to Mexicans ,LBGT and Women groups. Only because the Border Surge created to much backlash to write the Executive Order to legalize the 5 million Mexicans before the election did he back up on his plans. Now you want to speak to Black people. Where have you been during the killings in Chicago, 11% unemployment, multiple Black unarmed teenage murders by police and other white people. It’s really offensive and I think a lot of Black people are over it. The people of Ferguson understand what is going on. If black people do not deliver they will gain the respect for their vote by letting both parties know you will not take us for granted. Thanks for the Link.

          • fred2

            You’re welcome.

  • Patricia Robertson

    They didn’t walk out, they were sold out, there were people in the hallway and the president spoke to them first and and those on the inside wanted to come out to hear what he was saying. He was giving everyone the message, it is so funny how some news media will tell the untruth just to make the president look back while others will tell the truth.. Yes Democrats need to come on in full force and vote blue all the way or we will be doom because the right only want to destroy him. I think the republicans keep trying to convince themselves that they are going to have a big landslide like they did in 2010 but they aren’t too sure that is why they are so hung up on voter id. They have not learn a lesson from 2012 when you tell someone they can’t do something that is when they come out and do it. Look for long lines again

  • Timothy Bell

    What comes around, goes around. George Bush (the elder crook) had the courage to address the nation as a result of the riots on the west coast. With two high profile homicides where two young african american men ended in summary executions.

    To date there have been no convictions. What message does this send to his young children or the rest of the world.

    I am not impressed with Mr. Obama who like many, I campaigned vigorously for.

    Be a man. Stop talking and take a stand for a cause other than the interest of wall street.

    Silver Spring, MD.

    • Nastasyana

      George Bush was a hypocrite. Yes, he addressed the nation as a result of riots and sold us all out by creating a war that made the rich richer and killed the middle class. President Obama has something we call principles and values and he really thinks about how to change things and not just take advantage of photo ops to promote himself. His affordable health care bill and his reduction of the deficit and other programs have made things better for most american, white, black, latino and others. Give the man a break. He does what he can given our racist congress and a conservative supreme court. Our system of checks and balances keeps him from implementing many of the ideas upon which he ran for office.

      • Timothy Mark Bell

        And continues to beat the drum of war. It’s all about seizing control of the world’s natural resources.
        Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria.. and the beat goes on.

        He’s the most blood-thirsty CIC since Truman.
        How is awardee a nobel peace prize on Monday and authorize drone strikes from 30,000 feet targeting other brown people by happy hour on Friday evening.

        There is no difference between him and Bush. Consider what is in his heart before being so quick to give him a pass.
        How has your standard of living changed since entered office?

        • Nastasyana

          How has my standard of living changed? I no longer lose benefits die to pre existing illness. My daughter can stay on my benefits while she tries to get a job after college. My premiums are a little more but i am getting more. Interest rates are low, so I can refinance my home. “Consider what is in his heart”. I think he is such a decent man and an idealist. I don’t think he realized how dirty politics could be. The HR has barred every idea he has had to help our economy. A raise in minimum wage would stimulate the economy. It has in state that have increased it. He has reduced the deficit even as the Repubs conduct expensive, useless investigations and attempt to impeach and sue him. How does he “beat the drum of war”. He has advisors. Can he single handedly say, no we won’t help Syria or iraq (after the mess Bush and cheney created in irag? What is the role of congress anyway? To represent their constituents. 92% of americans want some form of gun control and congress won’t do it. Some congressmen continually threaten and have shut down the government to get what they want. No rhyme or reason. They are wealthy and they want to create and oligarchy by the wealthy. I am disgusted by people who vote against the best interests of everybody or do not vote at all because they are too lazy to take an interest in the issues.

          • Sue D. Nim

            I agree Nast…… On the night of his first inauguration, the gop got together and vowed to make him a one term president and cause problems for everything he is in favor of. They bragged about doing that. He had weekly get togethers i.e. cocktail parties to get to know everyone and the Republicans did not show up.

            He does less executive orders than other presidents and he takes half as much vacation time and Republicans tried to make it seem like he is arrogant, lazy, etc. They refused to accept our Surgeon General because he said gun violence is a public health issue. It is. Now would be a good time to have a Surgeon General, in light of West Nile, Ebola, that flu that is paralyzing and killing children, etc. We went without the Russia ambassador, because they wouldn’t accept the president’s appointment. While Putin was toying with the U.S. a diplomat would have been very helpful. The gop wanted Obama to deal with Putin so they could talk about what a ‘loser’ our president is. Ukraine might have been better off if congress had done their job.. I believe there are a couple of dozen ambassadors and other politicians still waiting for approval. Last but not least, Obama went to congress to get their approval on the U.S. getting involved in Syria. Not long after that, Putin offered to help negotiate the removal of chemical weapons from Syria, so the vote was put off. Congress never voted on it and now they are saying the U.S. should have acted sooner and it’s Obama’s fault. They even blamed closing the government on Obama, because he wouldn’t go along with their blackmail.

            The GOP thinks they have been undermining the black guy, but it has really been us Americans that have suffered for the Republicans childish stupidity. The U.S. could be doing so much better if the Republicans had at least passed the usual bipartisan bills, like the highway trust, unemployment extension, raising minimum wages, investing in our infrastructure and put millions back to work. There was no reason to vote against equal pay for men and women who are equally qualified and do the same job. The list goes on and on.

            The gop hated the president from day one. They disrespected him every chance they got and when Ebola came around, they even used that to try and convince the voters that Obama couldn’t be trusted. That he was a Muslim. A foreigner. That he was friends with a terrorist. Darrell Issa and Peter King tried very hard to get the people to panic. Duncan Hunter tried to make people think ISIL had been ‘sneaking’ over the border. They called the president a liar in public and claimed he wasn’t a citizen. Someone said it made them sick to even be in the room with him. They’ve even written that his wife is a man. They bad-mouthed his wife for trying to lead by example and get our obese children to eat fruits and vegetables. They asked Obama to delay the mandatory ACA insurance coverage, for businesses, for a year. He agreed and did what the Republicans asked and now they are suing him for doing what they asked; not implementing it at the same time as the individual plans. They played games with the debt ceiling and for the first time ever, the nations credit rating was lowered. They hated him before they even got to know him. I think they couldn’t forgive him for being black. There’s no other explanation for the extreme pettiness and spite that has come from the GOP. This is what they decided at the 2009 meeting. “We’ve gotta challenge them on every single bill and challenge them on every single campaign.” I can’t think of one thing the house congress has passed that would help the poor. It’s all been about big business and helping them avoid the law.

          • Nastasyana

            You have it all there Sue.

          • Sue D. Nim

            Thanks. When Canada had that shooting at their parliament last week, it reminded me again how much the U.S. has lost because of this vendetta against the President. No one in Canada blamed anyone and they all pulled together and they did a standing ovation for the man that stopped the shooter. When that sort of thing happens here, they find a way to blame Obama or the Democrats. It is exhausting and heart-breaking to see the relentless racism. I tried hard at first to believe it was just a partisan issue, but with the dispute about where he was born and whether he was a Muslim or not, it was very obvious that many of the Republicans did not consider him to be equal to them and just another American citizen. They considered him an ‘other’ and it’s pretty obvious that his skin color is the reason. When he won the presidency the second time, Twitter went crazy with hateful messages. They centered mostly from the ‘slave states’. Racism is still alive and it flies a confederate flag.

          • Nastasyana

            Yes, and an American flag also. The “patriots” who want to keep America white and return it to a monarchy or oligarchy are stacking the deck against the people who believe in America’s promise and potential to “.. to form a more
            perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility,
            provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare,
            and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,
            ” … do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States
            of America.

          • fred2

            Please check out this video of Chicago activists in Chicago explaining how Democrats policies endorsed by Obama have not improved Black poor people’s lives or made things worse:


            Bottom line, only wealthy Blacks have benefited from Obama’s policies. The Black middle class is being squeezed financially while the Black poor are ignored.

          • Nastasyana

            Really? The repubs defunded the SNAP Program, have not passed any legislation that will help the poor. Jobs come from customers. When consumers do not have the money to buy goods and services, jobs are lost. These repubs that you appear to respect, have taken jobs overseas where they can exploit poorer non-americans. Also, jobs have changed in this country. Manufacturing is just about gone and what exists is supported by technology and not employees on the floor. People need to be trained to keep up with technology, however, the repubs refuse to deal with student debt and the phony tech schools. And tell me the ACA has not helped people who could not buy insurance for themselves or their over 19 year olds. I don’t know where you are coming from or who supported that article to which you referred. But if blacks don’t vote to gain the house (where financial decisions are made) and the Senate (where other legislation is passed, treaties ratified,legislators chosen). Bone upon how the system works and you will see what a good president, Mr. Obama has attempted to be.

          • fred2

            “You put [Democrats] first, and they put you last,

            – Malcolm X’s warning to Black voters


            Obama’s term as President has truly vindicated Malcolm’s warning.

            A great example is how Obama along with Congressional Democrats (e.g., Congressional Black Caucus) wanted to move heaven and earth to provide amnesty-and even jobs-to illegal aliens crossing our southern border. These are the SAME Democrats who have told their loyal Black supporters “We really can’t deal with the Black unemployment rate now.”

            Naturally, unemployed Blacks were irate at being put last on the Democrats’ list of priorities. Even Blacks in Obama’s hometown of Chicago were in no mood for the President’s indifference and excuses for their plight:


            Little wonder growing numbers of Black people from Chicago to Ferguson (Yes, THAT Ferguson) want to sit out the midterms or vote GOP:


            What rational human being wants to be played for a chump as Malcolm X would say?

          • Nastasyana

            Fred, I read your comments in Black Enterprise.
            Sorry that old grandmothers miss the christian in the dem party. I don’t. Christians are the ones who enslaved us and kept us poor and illiterate and unmarried. Why in the world would I want a christian democratic party. That is the trouble with many blacks. Religion is too important and gets in the way of them supporting their own best interests.

          • fred2

            I have a question for you: where were the atheists (Black or white) during the fight against slavery?

            Black Christians like Frederick Douglas and Sojourner Truth fought slavery by denouncing it in the public square and halls of political power.

            Christians like Harriett Tubman and the Quakers ran the Underground Railroad which smuggled Black slaves to freedom up North.

            Black Union soldiers (Christians) valiantly fought the Confederacy in the Civil War that finally ended slavery.

            By contrast, good luck finding any atheists denouncing the evil of slavery much less working to abolish it.

            Thus, Black people are generally religious because Christianity has been FAR more beneficial to us over the centuries than atheism.

        • fred2

          You raise a fair point.

          If Obama were a WHITE politician (Democrat or GOP), many on this board would not support his Bush style foreign policy.

  • Deana Becker

    Bull! People started leaving when it was clear the speech was ending. This was not out of disrespect or animosity, but because the event was packed and the building was at the end of a two-lane road. People were just trying to beat traffic. Richard Spiropoulos needs to get the story straight.

    • latxguy

      Bull! that is not true. they walked out ! To try to cover for him is a joke. One does not walk out because it is getting near the end of a president’s speach to be the traffic! Maybe you need to get your head straight.

      • Deana Becker

        My home state, where my family and friends reside and were in attendance. I got the story straight from those who were there. Not some Right-Winged nut-job. Move on troll.

        • latxguy

          Yes from left winged blinded people. The news reports indicate Obummer was at the start of his talk. So you are saying the crowds took all the time to get to the place only to leave 1/3 of the same old talk? Right! So you say the audience leaves before he finishes? Is this not rude? maybe not to the ones you know troll of stupidity. Stop the trash BS ; My hands are up so don’t shoot!! It is considered polite and proper for the “president” to finish and leave before the crowd but then look at crowd ! LOL , who would expect anything less of you.

        • latxguy

          if you ever had a respectable job or served in military you would know one never walks out before the commander or corporation leader finishes their talk. Unless you can from some low life position. Even then it is not respectable! Maybe unemployed. He is the president for what that is worth and even though I do not like the guy I would let him finish because of his position. It seems you can not understand this and thus your circle does not either. He did not finish, he was actually 1/3 through his talk. My God even his own do not respect him. I know i do not and still would not have done it reguardless of working the next day.

        • latxguy

          if you ever had a respectable job or served in military you would know one never walks out before the commander or corporation leader finishes their talk. Unless you can from some low life position. Even then it is not respectable! Maybe unemployed. He is the president for what that is worth and even though I do not like the guy I would let him finish because of his position. It seems you can not understand this and thus your circle does not either. He did not finish, he was actually 1/3 through his talk. My God even his own do not respect him. I know i do not and still would not have done it reguardless of working the next day.

      • Nastasyana

        Sorry but people who have to get up and go to work the next morning do leave to beat traffic of small parking lots.. I do it with theatre tickets for which I have paid good money.

        • latxguy

          I lived outside DC and understand the traffic. The president is not like going to a movie theater. Stop trying to make excuses for what is. He is the president and it does not matter if you like him or not. One waits till he leaves and such is respect for the position. If getting to work was their agenda then they should had stayed home. the crowd left in mass. To even compare this to going to a movie is exactly the respect he deserved and you showed it by your actions. I would not have gone to be honest but if i had i would have more respect because of his/her position as the highest in the country. “Paid good money”, OMG! the disrespect does not stop! This is comical to say the least.

          • Nastasyana

            You are absolutely right about traditional respect and manners and perhaps that is the way it works in your culture.
            BTW “theater” does not mean “movies”.

  • Felicia531

    The author is Right-wing, and unfortunately was granted an opportunity to publish a hit piece on President Obama in a Black magazine. The give-away was quoting RealClearPolitics. As Rev. Al would say, “nice try, but we gotcha.”

    • Deana Becker

      Oh, you caught that too? LOL Unfortunately, the Obama haters will take this piece of pseudo-journalism and run with it. My people were there. I know the truth!