Mariah Huq Regrets ‘Married to Medicine’ Brawl

'How does a business woman stoop to such a level?' she asks

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mariah huq smilingSunday night during Bravo TV’s Medicine to Medicine, co-stars Mariah Huq and Toya Bush-Harris “got to pulling hair and tussling around a party full of doctors over comments that one made about the other’s mother,” Madame Noire reports.

Now, in a blog post, Mariah Huq has expressed regret for the brawl.

An excerpt from her post reads:

“I remember feeling so hurt, ashamed, and disappointed in myself “initially”after the fight. I felt as if I truly let myself, my family, and friends down. How does a grown educated business woman/mother/wife get into a tussle at a black-tie event?

Last month, medical students at Howard University protested the show and asked Bravo TV not to air it for fear it would portray black women doctors and doctors’ wives in a negative light.

Read more and watch the video at Madame Noire

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  • marie clark

    KNow u want to hit the blogs with excuses n more excuses

    A secret that is addressed on TV IS OUT I dont think that is a secret
    anymore if it was so important u and ur sisters and ur mom would not
    have addressed this on nationwide TV if it wasnt handled in the salon it
    should not been up for discussion for TV so u guys must have agreed to
    discuss this subject this was all set up but its a good thing her
    daughter doesnt watch the show or she could have found out from her Aunt
    n Mother the audience is being a sucker for Bravo’s bs this was so transparent.

    This behavior is totally unacceptable Mariah came to the party with a
    chip on her shoulder her sister could have waited until after the party
    to divulge the information they came with the intention that if it
    happened fine all this foolishness fits in with everything that we c
    wrong with our society her mother and her sister and Quad were looking
    for a fight.
    There is a petition being circulated for the shows removal oh well

    Toya should not have repeated personal information but it could have
    been handled differently bcause what did all that do to stop her from
    repeating it again and again and again nothing. Nothing is ever solved with
    violence they all looked terrible how could anyone make excuses for this

    Oh and Quad was saying hell no hell no trying to go over and help Mariah
    fight her husband was holding her back u cant take them serious at all.
    2 hours late u r selfish and self absorbed with ur disgusting behavior .
    U guys had a gr8t opportunity n u guys blew it.

    Whats the difference in u and the Bad Girls Club nothing and
    furthermore u signed up for the job u got paid so keep the fake remorse which is still
    full of more excuses u never told them to stop filming the subject
    matter when ur sister blurted it out on cable tv so it could not have
    been that important to u and if it was who better than ur family to have
    known never to broach the subject with the cameras rolling.
    I think that we as viewers have been had this was a complete set up
    This kinda crap needs to b removed from TV.
    It serves no purpose at all but some sort of entertainment but we can look @ the news 4 that.

  • GoBrown75

    Sigh the show is bootleg.

  • Ebay

    I was so disappointed to see two grown women at a black tie event fighting but Mariah I’m really disappointed in you. I understand you being upset but you handled that day entirely wrong. You didn’t help with the party and then to show up not late but 2 hours late in a stretch hummer limo was extremely tacky. You reiterated to what people think of Black women period that we are all hood and no matter what you can’t take the hood out of them no matter how much money you got.

  • Ebay

    I still have nightmares after witnessing that brawl and your mom beating Toya in the head. Off the chain.