Lil Wayne Tramples on American Flag in New Video

Lil Wayne is working on a video for his new song "God Bless Amerika"

lil wayne smilingOver the weekend, while shooting his new music video for “God Bless Amerika” in New Orleans, Lil Wayne trampled over the American flag.

During the video, a giant American flag is lowered to the ground. After it’s on the floor, Wayne continues to rap while stepping all over “the stars and stripes.”

His lyrics while he’s performing the stunt are as follows: “My country ’tis of thee/ Sweet land of kill ’em all and let ’em die/ God bless Amerika/ This ole’ godless Amerika.”

Watch the video here.


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  • That Guy

    pretty sure this article is slander… He didn’t say anything like that in the videos I saw. He probably is too stupid to understand what he was doing at the time he did it, honestly.

  • heroes of the right wing

    He knew exactly what he was doing. Don’t like America, then you’re free to leave.

    • That Guy

      That escalated quickly, learn how to have a discussion, guy.

      • heroes of the right wing


  • Dat Dude Jibril

    What about the guy that dropped the flag. What about director that told the guy to drop the flag. What about the the guys at Universal that told the creative director for video to add that element in the script.

    • ListenUpNowYaHeard

      What about em?

  • WWM

    Nice article.i live it.. want any help come with us.

  • tnman

    LIL Wayne, needs to find himself another country to sell his “freak show” in maybe Iran or the Soviet Union where he would be shot in the head and than his family would be sent a bill for the bullet, as they do in China for stepping on the countries flag like he did the Stars and Bars.

  • Chris H

    This guy needs to be charged and put in prison. He is filth spewing hatred and is a straight up punk!

    • ListenUpNowYaHeard

      Since when is spewing hatred, being a straight up punk or being filth a crime?

      • Chris H

        It’s not. But I choose not to listen to it and I don’t condone the behavior. The real issue is you MUST treat the US flag with dignity and it should never touch the ground, be burned in protest, or trampled on to make a statement in a musical video. Lil Wayne is a disrespectful punk, a criminal and now basically committing an act of treason against the United States. That is the crime. Ya know my elderly neighbor saw I had a fire going last week and asked if I would respectfully dispose of his flag. I do so honorably. Lil Wayne is not honorable and it’s disgusting the disrespect he shows his country. Rappers in general have a attitude of disrespect towards the law, women and other races in general. I guess I’m not really surprised by this ridiclious stunt as I am just appalled that he thinks he can get away with it. If he hates America so much that he will stomp on our beloved flag…I know a couple other continents he is better fit to be on rather than this one in North America.

      • Chris H

        “My father is God. I thank him everyday and night. I think I’m the perfect example of…of…pure. Meaning not planned, not scheduled, not practiced. You know how white people practice to be smart, intelligent and all that sh-t? You know as black people we like a certain child, a certain way, and all that will have you believing that you have to do that. Just like a mother-ucka might think you have to train to be a great football player, and some nigg- just walk on the team and catch 100 passes. Now we know this ni-ga forever, know what I mean? S-it like that so, I am the definition of pure. I have no reasons why I am the way I am.” —- Direct quote from Lil Wayne. First off can you even decipher what he is saying and what is the attitude with white people? You know this guy is guilty of hatred yet the only people ever prosecuted for hate crimes are whites. Well except for the black who went crazy and beat up a white guy at the local steak house with a rubber glove that he embedded glass in. These punks are constantly talking down to other races and crying wolf for their own. Narcissism at it’s best. If you need a definition of narcissism…..Google it. I mean “it’s just us white people trying to be smart, intelligent and all that sh-” right so you and Lil Wayne should look that one up so you all get some education.

  • Joel-b

    OK, just who be “Lil Wayne” ???!! OK, now I’ll tell you… He be DA BIGGEST AH WITHIN THE POPULATION OF 350,000,000 GOD LOVING, FEARING, PEOPLE OF THIS ONCE GREAT COUNTRY !!! And I’m sincerely sorry that I wasted this much time on this AH PERSONIFIED !!! And just like him, anyone that buys HIS GARBAGE deserves ETERNITY IN HELL !!!