Chicago Rapper Caught on Tape Attacking Woman

Will this end the young Chicago rapper's career?

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lil reese beating up girl Young Chicago rapper Lil Reese’s career may be in a world of trouble after a video was released earlier today showing him beating up his alleged child’s mother.

While the victim of the attack has yet to be identified and confirmed as his child’s mother, is reporting that it was her. There is no confirmation yet that Lil Reese even has children.

Reese and the unidentified woman go back and forth in the video in an argument of sorts when the woman tells him to “keep his hands off her face.” After the woman instructed him to keep away, Reese attacked her with a flurry of punches.

The video, which lasts a little over a minute, was uploaded to the website earlier this morning.

We refuse to link out to the video.

  • Brenda

    When I initially read your last sentence, I thought, “Good for BE for not feeding into the foolishness,” but then I realized that the mere fact that you’re devoting an article to it is indeed irresponsible.

    • Sandy

      How is it irresponsible to bring light to the crumbling of the black community? Turning a blind eye and pretending like it doesn’t happen won’t help anything. If more so called “upstanding” black people would speak out against this type of black ignorance using your various platforms and mentor a young child maybe some changes would happen in the black community.