Man Sues Store For Forcing Black Man To Bag His Groceries

Man says his Hinduism religion prevents a black man from touching his food

black grocery baggerFrom The News Journal

A Texas man is suing a grocery store after he was banned for complaining about a black man bagging his groceries.

The man, Dewitt R. Thomas, was buying groceries. When he saw that the man bagging his groceries was black, he said: “Wait a minute, don’t touch my groceries. I can’t have someone negroidal touch my food. It’s against my creed.”

The cashier reportedly yelled at him and ordered him out of the store.

Thomas returned to the store two days later and said he didn’t want a “negroidal” touching his groceries.

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  • Insane + religion = more insane.

  • Anita Golfradump

    can’t say I blame him . . whether you agree or not some religions see blacks as cursed by GOD and that is NOT insane because GOD DOES curse, Kill, and separate his people from the rest . .”jacob I loved Esa I hated” is one example of GOD choosing favorites and it IS the TRUTH !

    • Truthhurts

      Oh really cause the God I know is the truest definition of love. Love everyone, even thy enemies. God does not show favoritism. If so, not everyone would have a equal chance of getting into heaven.

    • kellstar24

      So Anita, if someone’s religion believed in the ability for anyone to rape another person, that should be allowed too? As history has shown us, one can twist the words of any publication, including the bible, to justify pretty much anything.

    • JackP32

      Your version of the truth is from another world. I suggest you join your kind where ever they reside. Try outer space for starters.

    • nahjah

      the truth is ms dump, is that we are all Gods people. yet you were black before you were anything. the first form of life originated in AFRICA not america and america would not be the same had not the whites who knew they would need the blacks for their skills and talents. enslaved them and took credit for something you could only dream of inventing. if you think not. look under blackinventions and you will learn today… be blessed not stressed….

  • This man DeWitt is a disgrace to mankind.
    I thank God that I was not brought up in a racist home. It shouldn’t matter if one is blond, dark-haired, light or dark-skinned, Catholic, Lutheran, etc., get my drift. We were all made in God’s image; we all have two eyes, two feet, the same fingers and toes, one nose, one mouth, one brain, and one heart.
    I am no better than anyone who has a different color skin that I have, practices a different religion. The only thing that matters to me is that people respect me for who I am, how I conduct my life, and that I have never deliberately hurt no one. If you treat me the same, I am your friend in life. All those who live by this code is welcome in my house.
    This is not religion; this is my code of life.

  • Pardon my English; “All those who live by this code “are” welcome in my house.”

    • kellstar24

      I hate burst your bubble sweetie, but with a name like Ramos I don’t think you or your “code” would be welcome in this guys house.

  • So are we going to say that race trumps freedom of religion?

    • kellstar24

      I know plenty of Hindus who don’t believe in the crap this idiot is saying. Your question alludes to the logic of, “well, if it’s your religious belief, that should trump all.” Whether your “religion” allowed for pedophiles or murderers or whatever, no one should tell you how to live, right? I get it now. Thank you kind person for opening my eyes….

    • Hal from East Boston

      It’s not a matter of “race trumping religion.” The Free Exercise clause of the First Amendment is interpreted to mean that no person or persons, and no governmental body, can prevent or obstruct any religious practice NOT OTHERWISE PROSCRIBED BY LAW. No one may use the excuse of religion to deprive another of his civil rights, in this case that clerk’s right to equal employment condtions and his right not to be put into second-class status because of the prejudices of another. When this is ironed out, in or out of court, and that Hindu is better advised as to how we do things here, he will understand our ways betrter and be the better citizen for the experience. His other option if he doesn’t like it, is to leave here and go to live in some Hindu country.

      • The concept of “civil rights” is incompatible with the concept of rights, not to mention the constitution. Rights are individual by nature, there’s no such thing as group rights. And if someone is free, that means they are free not to trade with someone else, even if their reasons are offensive.

        In this case, the idiot is free not to trade with that store if he doesn’t like the employees or the policy. He is also free to ask that someone else bag his groceries. Of course, the owner of the store is also free to tell him to take a hike.

        But what stikes me as particularly silly about his beliefs is the fact that, unless he grows his own food, he has no way of knowing who has handled it.

  • Lou Bator

    Why is the man considered a racist by some? He’s more of a realist. He just wants to live a healthy life.

    • kellstar24

      You two must be related.

      • nahjah

        yeah the devils kids

  • I don’t know whether to laugh at the stupidity of this man or be angy. I think I rather get a good laugh out of the thoughts that come out of his brain and spill unto his mouth.

  • UncleBill2

    I have encountered this before due to religion. No cross gender touching, proximity, BUT, it is the man’s choice to live in a society where the rules are different than his… deal with it, find an accommodation, or move.

  • JackP32

    What about the Black man suing the “kook” for discrimination? If you can’t live within our rules deport the bozo.

  • Vicente de la Cerda

    He should shop at his local KKKMart instead.

  • redlace

    The problem is never with the deity to whom these ignorant faithers
    claim allegiance – the deity can be dispensed with as an impotent
    supernatural construct. The problem is with the faithers themselves. Gods don’t hurt people – people hurt people, and they rely on their faith to provide the justification. This is why faith has no place in the practice of moral behavior. Morality requires no faith, just common sense and consideration for others.

  • Apul M’Deek-Aoud

    Where else but texas…

    • WAYL


  • whitepromiseblacklie

    Blacks are the second most racist people next to jews. Why should someone be forced to do anything? Because you are the racist that is forcing someone to do something they do not want to do. You are the oppressor. You Jump on this story but spread your white hate all the time. Where was the reporting on the racist iowa state fair assaults that go on each year? They never charge a hate crime for that. The wisconsin state fair assaults? All last year. No reporting there because you are racist trash spreading white hate, I would love to meet you.

    • tdwilliams9999

      racism, by classical definition, cannot be engaged in by a person of a minority group – so you are wrong – and fyi – you are also a sociopath

  • Indian

    Can this idiot even spell HINDU leave alone interpret it. Hinduism was born eons ago in India where there were no people of African descent to discriminate against. Simply there was no relevance or mention about them. This is this crazy man’s crazy interpretation, let this not be thought as a reflection to being Hindu.

  • whitepromiseblacklie

    Did the dehuminization of the white guy over st. patrick’s day in baltimore get your attention? I bet you white hating racist trash supported it. In fact that was one of two white hate crimes that were handed out over the last four years. It was withdrawn and no one recieved the punishment for posting the open white hate on line or watching the crimes get commited. Your all trash and need to leave our land.

    • nahjah

      a promise is a comfort to a cant stop black and once your race has a taste they even want to be black. or at least identify with us. I let a white man splurge on me now and again just to keep people like you heated…there is a never ending line of white men wanting beautiful black women like myself..thank God you stepped
      up and be who you are or are you one of those closet racist

  • This HINDU should have a talk with the SIKHs in Oak Creek, Wisconsin about baggin’ his groceries !

  • Personally, I don’t want any Hindus fixing my computer or giving me a transfusion, . . . . even if it would save my life !

  • Justapooorpeddler

    Why are we even talking about racist morons. They will always be with us ignore them. They will always have a small group of malcontents to preach to don’t give them a platform.

  • “I can’t have negroid touch my food” That is way on more funny than if he said nigger.

  • I don’t want Jews touching my money. I don’t want Pakis touching my lotto ticket. I don’t want Mexicans touching my fruit. But they do it anyway.

  • I don’t want male doctor touching my testicles. I don’t want homo touching my teeth. I had a homo dentist and had to cut him loose.

  • I made love to a black woman once. Her dark chocolate skin up against my white skin really made my ejaculation stronger. I recall it went all over the place.

  • whats a negrodial? He said against his creed not against his religion so why bring your non beliefs into it? If he had said against his religion he might have a case but this man is clearly a nut job and i think he should be tied to a tree and have black people touch him if they could stand to get that close .

  • all of you bringing religion into the discussion areinterjecting your own bigotry, nowhere in the article does it mention anything about religion . a creed is a personal belief , not a religous conotation.

  • Mr.Ruffio

    I always love it when evil people use religion to justify their distorted views and all the sheep blame religion for the problem and not the person. 90% of the time the religion has nothing to do with a person who is evil. Since when did hinduism promote racism and racial superiority? Never. It’s no different than the retarded racist white americans who think hating Jews and blacks are apart of Jesus teachings (yet there is not a single word or quote from Jesus that would suggest such). Religion just like other social constructs are used as a scapegoat to hide the real underlining problem.