Landlord Threatens to Raise Rent on Obama Supporters

Landlord rages against Obama's 'continued assault on small business'

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John Obringer, landlord of Casa Adobe Apartments in Colorado Springs, Colo., issued a letter to his tenants on Nov. 27 threatening to raise rents for tenants who voted for President Barack Obama, the Huffington Post reports.

The letter rages on about the Obama administration’s “continued assault on small business” that is “resulting in increased taxes, regulations and mandates.” Obringer claims he’ll have to resort to layoffs, pay cuts and shorter business hours to survive.

“If you voted ‘Democrat’ on Nov. 6, please notify me ASAP so I can raise your rent first to help pay for what you asked for,” he says in the post script.

Read the full letter at the Huffington Post.

  • Well it is definitely intimidation and as far as I know it is illegal! There is absolutely positively no possible way for him to know whom anyone has ever voted for, short of asking them though he can find out if they are registered to vote and did they bother to vote. If anything I would move away from his building and flood the internet and local papers with copies of his letter and threat…thus keeping his building vacant until he is bankrupt. Sometimes people will hand you the very ammunition you need to take them down.

  • Guest

    Real smart Gus. And when you are taken to land lord tenant court, explain it to the judge!

  • This man is as dumb as it gets!