Senate Hopeful, Kamala Harris, Releases First TV Ads

On Friday California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, released the first TV ads of her campaign to take California's open Senate seat.

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kamala harris
(Image: Wikipedia, California Attorney General’s Office)

On Friday California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, released the first TV ads of her campaign to take California’s open Senate seat.

As reported by the LA Times, the ads focus on her tenure as California’s attorney general.

Progressive superstar Elizabeth Warren makes an appearance in the ads, calling Harris “fearless.” An enviable endorsement from the widely popular Massachusetts senator is hard to come by, as the current Democratic presidential candidates can attest to. As Politico’s David Bernstein noted, a Warren endorsement not only ensures political clout among the progressive base, but also a robust fundraising source.

Harris will surely tap into these resources in the lead up to the June 7 primary, where she will face off against Rep. Loretta Sanchez, a long-time congresswoman from Orange County.

Now that Donna Edwards is out in Maryland, Harris is next in line to become only the second black woman elected to Senate.

Check out the recently released ads below:

  • Watchman

    Those ads are absurd. Why does Harris have to go all the way to Massachusetts to find someone (Warren) to praise her? Harris often takes credit for the National Mortgage Settlement of 2012. But the truth is she let the banks off the hook for their crimes and only got pennies on the dollar for California. The foreclosure crisis cost Californians at least $650 billion, yet “fearless” Harris managed to get only $18 billion of relief to struggling state homeowners and short sales comprise over half the $18 billion settlement. That’s a big fat ‘F” in my book. Short sales are not a win–they are a devastating loss to individual families, who lose their home and often their entire life savings, which were invested as equity in their home. As for the 200,000 Californians who had been foreclosed on at the time of the settlement, they were entitled to a paltry $1,400 cash payment under the terms of the National Mortgage Settlement, as compensation for having their homes and life savings stolen by financial criminals. That is pathetic. Why is Harris proud of that? She also failed to prosecute anyone for their fraud in the scandal of the mortgage crisis which almost destroyed the American economy and did so much harm to working class Californians. She has been a do-nothing AG and lacks experience to be a senator.

    • Yvonne2533

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