Televangelist Juanita Bynum Arrested

Bynum had a warrant out for her arrest

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juanita bynum

Source: Dallas News

Pentecostal televangelist Juanita Bynum was arrested and spent the night in jail Thursday night

Bynum had a warrant out because she hadn’t appeared in court for a civil case against her.She was booked in at the jail about 10:30 p.m. Thursday and released after she appeared in a Dallas courtroom the next day.

A2007 judgment ordered her to pay $140,000 to ALW Entertainment.


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  • Andrea Savala

    This a false claim against her, the actual person who filed the claim is not even in the report. Some one was hating on her. Go to her website and read what actually happened. She is a woman of GOD, I know for fact, because I seen it with my own eyes. Thank you.

    • Dr. Bynum is a woman with an amazing ability to attract people, I feel she has been misled by the trappings of what is considered the gospel today, the gospel has been muddied by evil people, I hope Dr. Bynum one day drops the titles and exposes the liars for who they are, She does not need to be called Dr. prophetess ,ambassador, evangelist or any other title, Jesus was only called….Yashua….In these days the church Catholic, penecostal, Islam and EVERY other church will fall before the people.