Trayvon 2? Black Teen Killed in Florida by White Man Over ‘Loud Music’

Is this another Trayvon?

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jordan russell davis smilingA 45-year-old white man has been arrested in Brevard County, Florida and remains in jail after shooting a black teenager dead in an argument over loud music, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Michael David Dunn, 45, and his girlfriend were in Jacksonville Friday when they stopped at a convenience store, according to Jacksonville police.

Jordan Russell Davis, 17, (pictured) was sitting in an SUV with his friends in the parking lot. Dunn pulled up next to them in his car and asked them to turn down their music. Words were exchanged between Jordan and Dunn, and Dunn pulled a gun and shot eight or nine times, hitting Jordan twice. Jordan was sitting in the back seat. Surprisingly, no one else was hurt.

Dunn’s lawyer claims her client “acted responsibly”  and in “self-defense,” though Jordan was unarmed.


  • The problem is young black men are not being taught how to handle confrontational situations, but rather to play the tough guy role, infusing the situation, by sticking your chest out and throwing hands up and assuming the stereotypical gangster thug role “Yo, whassup bitch ass mother fucker” that kind of rhetoric is only going to get you killed because you never know who or what you are going up against! Sometimes you just have to downplay the tough guy thug role and just walk away. I can guarantee this is exactly what happened here and with Trayvon.

    • PAMELA

      No, the problem is scarey-ass white men whose only courage is their gun. I am sure if this guy did not have a gun, he would have not said a word to this black young man. Since I was not there, perhaps Victor is right that the young brother starting talking smack and acting like a gang banger. Nevertheless, he had no reason to shoot the teen unless the teen pulled out a gun, which he did not have.

      • I agree white people act bracvely with a crowd or with a hand guy. other than that they don’t say nothing. unless they are drunk and acting brave.

    • MrRob1369

      Victor your post is well thought out and probably accurate. Pamela it is not only scarey ass white men that carry guns, remember God created man Mr Colt made them equal.

  • bddog

    20 years ago this would not have happened becaus we still respected our elders 50 years ago this would not have happened because young black men feared whites 100 years ago this same outcome would have happened because upity blacks were shot out of hand in the south

    • Black Jesus

      You sir, are a piece of shit. I’ll be laughing my ass off when things start to switch around and upity whites get shot because they get out of hand.

      • Major Wood

        Don’t hold your breath for it to happen, dick face!

  • Cerius

    Fckn racist sh!ts. So it’s the kids fault because he told the old creep to mind his own business. If people stopped trying to run everything especially white people then sh!t would be a lot simpler. As Pamala said if this scary a++ creep didn’t have a pistol he’d never said sh!t to these brothers. Everyone should learn to respect others. Both black and white, young and old, men and women.

  • Native Pride

    Are you kidding me, black people only talk tough when they have there homeboys with and when they have a gun.

  • rick

    ok I will try to keep this short, first of all why is he considered a white man when I thought he was of hispanic descent, and I thought trevon looked brown. Everything in this world is not black and white, sometimes there are other colors, and I think the truth will come out, one way or another. WHERE IS THE LOVE?