Pastor Claims Obama is Racist Because Mother ‘Hated Being White’

Pastor says president rejects white heritage because his mother hated being white.

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jesse lee peterson speakingA pastor claimed that President Barack Obama is racist against white people and that his mother influenced this thinking because she “hated being white.”

Jesse Lee Peterson, who has been a guest on Fox News, recently made the accusation on a radio show.

“His mother, she hated her color,” Peterson said. “She hated being white and I’m thinking, I don’t have a whole lot of proof of this, but I do know she hated her color, hated being white. I think he may have been brought up not to accept that side of himself and that adds to him being a racist because he doesn’t really respect white folks.”

Peterson also called Obama evil, a socialist and possibly a Muslim.

Read more at Huffington Post.

  • LDB

    This dude is a joke. He is a flaming Uncle Tom. Every time he opens his mouth he says some stupid stuff! He loves white folk and republicans and HE hates being black and this is why the republicans wont be worth a damn because of people like him and as a person who refuses to support the GOP, I say go right on saying stupid shhhh lol thank you sir

  • Johnny Tucker( Decatur)

    Black Enterprise, why in the world would you repeat stupidity…I thought this magazine was of a higher capable then to repeat garbage…ummmmm it seems like I’m mistaken. Subscription cancelled. I have subscribed to BE for many years-15+ and .I’m not going to pay a subscription to a TMZ wanna be.