Parents Discover Daughter’s Death on Facebook

The parents were not officially notified

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Jasmine Benjamin, a 17-year-old Valdosta State University freshman, was found dead in her dormitory on November 18, but her parents weren’t immediately notified and found out about their daughter’s death on Facebook.

Benjamin’s mother, Judith, and her stepfather, James, told CBS Atlanta that university officials didn’t notify them about their daughter’s death. They say they found out their daughter had passed from a friend’s Facebook post.

“For someone to be so insensitive not to reach out to the family, or not even to keep up with what’s going on because it’s a holiday and you’re going away on vacation or whatever you’re doing – it’s very, very hurtful to say the least,” James said.

Benjamin, 17, was found dead on a couch in her dorm’s common study room area. The case has become a homicide investigation because police suspect that she may not have died there, but that her body was moved to that location. The police say her death went unnoticed for 12 hours because her dorm mates thought she was just sleeping on the study room couch.

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  • I send much love & light to the parents. How heavy a burden to carry burying their child. God bless them.

  • Rhett

    This is very sad…My heart goes out to her family. Who was that heartless to move her body from one location to the next. It was either a guy or a more than one female involved.