Rapper Ja Rule Will Be Released from Prison Soon

Will you be happy to see him return to the hip-hop game?

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Former Def Jam recording artist Ja Rule has been in prison for the last year and a half on a gun charge, but it’s now being reported on his website that he’ll be released in as soon as three months from now on February 21, 2013.

Ja Rule went into prison on June 7, 2011. He was convicted on gun possession charges. He and his tour bus were stopped outside of The Beacon Theatre in NYC and police found a loaded semi-automatic handgun.

Ja released his first studio album in eight years earlier this year, an album called  Pain Is Love 2 .

Read more at the Urban Daily.

  • He Jasucks Jadick

  • Hopefully next time ITS MURDAAAAAAAA so we never have to hear from him again

  • anna

    why should ja rule be treated any different cuz he has money? he was arrested on a gun charge and only got a year or so? wow and this is fair? if he did the crime then let him do the time just like any one else out here

  • anna

    ja rule cant sing any ways

  • vullie torrence