Inmate Fathers 4 Kids With Prison Guards, Makes $16k a Month in Jail

Inmate accused of smuggling also fathered children by female officers.

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maryland prisonAfter a rigorous investigation, several Maryland correction officers were charged with drug trafficking and money laundering with a prison run gang.

The correction officers reportedly smuggled phones and pills to inmates. The investigation centers around one of the inmates, Tavon White, who allegedly fathered children with four of the prison guards since his incarceration in 2009.

During the course of the investigation, White was recorded bragging about the amount of money he made during his time in prison. During one of his slow months he estimated to bring in $16,000, which he used to buy luxury vehicles.

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  • Figures. They have just enacted new and burdensome gun laws, but can’t even run their own prisons. Show how they get tough with law abiding citizens but are weak on crime.

    • RL

      Ya, all those burdens. Please elaborate.

      • Crewmax42

        You obviously have never tried to purchase a handgun and are responding out of your ignorance. Obama voter,right?

  • Ah…THE ECONOMICS OF INCARCERATION! Supply & demand is what life is all about.

  • jaysimkin

    As a native of Baltimore – who has not lived there for over four decades – this report does not surprise. Maryland is permeated with corruption, much as is Illinois. In states wherein official corruption is the norm, all things are for sale. This state-of-affairs endures, because Maryland residents tolerate the corrupt, even if most residents are personally honest. It is up to Maryland’s voters to stamp-out corruption, by removing from office, those who tolerate the corrupt or conspire with them.

  • Festus

    I’m trying to figure out how and why this is the fault of elected officals, what laws are passed and so forth. Why isn’t this the fault of the inmates and correctional officers involved? Just wondering why it’s someone other than the involved people?