Police Chief: “I Would Not Want Zimmerman As My Neighbor”

Bracknell says, "You'd think he'd get the heck out of Dodge."

George Zimmerman made headlines yesterday with news that he was arrested. Allegedly, he had made threats to his wife and her family which may have involved a gun. Previous reports showed that he and his wife were on rocky ground after his trial had come to an end.

The Police Chief in Lake Mary, Florida, Steve Bracknell, is frustrated that Shellie Zimmerman has now recanted her story which has led to the release of her husband.

Bracknell seems to think that Zimmerman may not know how to stay out of trouble. Citing speeding tickets, and his most recent headline arrest. TMZ asked if he would feel safe with Zimmerman as a neighbor. “The Chief was clear … “I would not want to be the neighbor of George Zimmerman.”

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  • Edward Boothe

    Maybe he would rather have Trevon Martin.

    • Terry Wright

      Not possible.
      He was killed…

    • Guest

      I would.

    • will201966

      If he were alive, he would be better than this pos.

  • Ray Jackson

    Remember when she gets her million dollar book deal. She is as much a liar as her
    husband. the book will based on lies from start to finish. She has no credibility to
    write a book.

  • Veritas__Aequitas

    Every cop on the street is looking for and pulling over every dark gray Honda Ridgeline they suspect of having Zimmerman behind the wheel.

    I bet there are lots of communities that would love to have George in their midst. And I would love to have him as my neighbor.

    Why would a political figure absent of testies say anything other than what this coward said?

    • will201966

      Yeah, a community if killers. He should go ND.

      • Veritas__Aequitas

        There’s very few bla ck people in ND and therefore very little crime. Funny how that works.

        • will201966

          You must be one of those in-breeders.

          • Veritas__Aequitas

            I’m the guy who writes facts. I don’t bash individuals because I don’t have the mental capacity to refute their words.

  • Joern Bieschke

    Sounds like a good neighbor to me, chief….