Why Black Liberals Loved Hugo Chavez

Hollywood stars sought out relationships with the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

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Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan President, Dead at 58Many African American liberals like Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte considered the late authoritarian dictator and U.S. enemy Hugo Chavez an ally.

The former Venezuelan president died on Tuesday after battling cancer for two years. Chavez had been accepted by many Hollywood celebrities during his 14-year dictatorship including Naomi Campbell, Sean Penn and Oliver Stone.

Chavez’s continued support of disadvantaged communities, his outspoken criticism of George W. Bush, and his left-wing political agenda earned him the respect of these celebrities. Belafonte and Glover sought out a relationship with the controversial leader despite how they may be viewed in the United States for it.

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  • Starlin Pena

    as soon as i read the part where the article said that mr hugo chavez was a authoritarian dictator is where i stopped reading hugo chavez was neither authoritarian and mosdef not a dictator he was elected in the most democratic and transparent elections in the world according to independent observers from all across the world.before poisoning the mind of our african american people ms sandra evangelina garcia with false statements please do a little bit of research first. there’s a reason why these celebs supported hugo chavez because chavez was in the side of good and was not a puppet for american imperialism.hugo chavez and his government has done so much good for the mass poor, since first taking office in 99 poverty has decreased imensely. you are probably a biased capriles disciple with blinding hate for anything chavez.