The Black Vote: The Only Way Republicans Can Beat Obama

Often ignoring the minority vote, Republicans fail to tap into the diversity of the American people

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In 2010, noted political reporters John Heilemann and Mark Halperin authored Game Change, a book about the 2008 U.S. presidential election. Most of the attention from the book focuses on the reporting surrounding Senator John McCain’s choosing of then-governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, as his vice presidential running mate. Game Change was a success and, subsequently, HBO bought the movie rights to the book. Earlier this month, the network debuted the film, which focused exclusively on all of the reporting about Palin’s role on the McCain ticket.

While all of the political pundits have focused on the well-reported issues surrounding Palin, her family, and her conflict with the McCain staff; I have found something extremely unnerving that no one seems to be focused on. The mere fact that no reporters, political operatives, or party officials are discussing it is an indictment of the political status quo. But as I was watching Game Change on HBO recently, I was stunned to realize that there was not one Blacks or Latinos involved in the McCain campaign. I’m specifically referring to a Black or Latino with either hiring or budgetary authority. (I did notice two Blacks in a sparse few shots in the HBO movie with a group of reporters but they weren’t speaking roles).

I know from personal experience, that HBO’s lack of minorities was simply a reflection of the McCain campaign. This is one area where HBO got it right. I have been a Republican operative for over 25 years and have rarely seen Blacks or Latinos included in the decision making process of a presidential campaign. McCain and the Republican Party should be embarrassed! In the 21st century, how can you justify a presidential campaign that looks like one from the 1950s? If there is not a “game change” in the way Republicans approach minority communities; they will be relegated to be a footnote in political history.

When you look at the changing demographics of our country, the U.S. is quickly becoming a majority minority country. Basically, that means Republicans can get 100% of the White male vote and still lose a presidential election. This seeming callous disregard for people of color will make it extremely difficult for Republicans to oust President Obama from the White House this fall. Republicans can’t continue to espouse a “color-blind” approach to politics. The U.S.’s diversity is our strength–not a liability.

The game change that is necessary for the Republican Party to be a viable party going forward is to build better relations with both the Black and Latino communities over the long term. This includes hiring staffers on every level of the party–congressional offices, campaigns, RNC, etc.
Republicans must also turn down the heated rhetoric coming from within the party on issues like, racism, affirmative action, illegal immigration, and women’s issues.

I find it quite disappointing that Republican presidential candidates have been totally silent on the Trayvon Martin case. They are quick to weigh in on insignificant issues like: Obama’s March madness picks, inviting celebrities to the White House, or him singing one of Al Green’s songs; but somehow when it comes to Trayvon Martin, they seem to have contracted laryngitis. Weak people take strong positions on weak issues.

The tragedy behind the HBO movie, Game Change, is that no one seems to even notice the lack of diversity within the McCain campaign team. It’s as though this lack of diversity is so accepted that Republicans have become totally oblivious to it. Until Republicans realize this, the game will never change.

Raynard Jackson is president & CEO of Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC., a D.C.-public relations/government affairs firm. He is also a contributing editor for ExcellStyle Magazine, Freedom’s Journal Magazine and U.S. Africa Magazine.

  • Shirley Husar

    OMG this was well said. As a Black Republican I can say this election will be different. Black Republicans are Urban Game Changers. The GOP Leader are learning that they GOP in this race. We understand this is not just about race yet about how we react to the needs of the people. Mitt Romney has a clear vision on what Jobs and the finical needs the people are needing today.This is a job for Superman. Will Mitt Romney be that Superman? Being his father’s son, honoring the Romney name and the work of his father as a leader in the civil rights movement would be a start. Mitt Romney needs to show his dedication to civil rights to the urban community of 2012 and disarm the social mind games the democrats have played so well.

    It will not happen over night. Ignore the likes of Rangel and Waters, give no fuel to their mad fire. Your job is to continually prove them wrong by hiring strong, powerful, opinionated voices of reason and bringing black Republican staffers into the political game. A Romney needs to be a man of action. Support and embrace black capitalists as you travel the campaign trail. Tell the black community that capitalism is about people hiring people, creating and growing jobs. Jobs are so needed today.

    When the apple does not fall far from the tree, it has to outshine the tree and move forward in ways unknown to his father. Mitt Romney needs to take bolder moves in his chase for the race, as his father did. The myth would then be dissolved that Republicans do not give a hoot about black people.

    Mitt Romney needs to use the underground railroad of 2012. It will provide him a network of secret routes and safe houses to bring 21st-century Blacks out of the bondage of Democratic politics. The people of America’s urban communities need to escape from the failure of Democratic policies and the devastation they wreak on urban neighborhoods. They need to be liberated from the racist, defeatist, self-destructive rhetoric that comes from the Democrats. If Mitt Romney were to help them, he’d find himself surrounded by new black abolitionists and allies sympathetic to his cause.

    • S.S.

      HISPANICS/LATINOS have THE largest U.S. population (and potential voters) of ANY ethnic/racial group. The Hispanics vote will be the one that determines whether Mr. Obama truly gets reelected. Black folk and Democrats NEED to go into Latino communities NOW and get Hispanics registered to vote–before the white Republicans (with all their $$$) do.

      • April

        As we used to say in the sixties, right on! No time for complacency or depression if we want to keep Obama in office. Anyone who votes for Rs w/o being filthy rich is just plain deluded, or thinks values issues, like opposition to abortion trumps poverty and joblessness. Women will always get abortions. I agree with the president that they be “safe, legal, and rare”. Family values voters have more divorce, more out of wedlock babies, and are less likely to use birth control. Now they plan to eliminate birth control. What are they thinking, if anything?

      • duke nukem

        stupid ass…its the democrats who cheat by paying bums to vote democrat. and obama has more campaign cash than romney. it’s funny how the left always says the republicans have “big money” but it was wall street that supported obama the MOST. you stupid hypocritical bastards.

        • CRichardson

          duke nukem – You are the stupid ass!

    • Hasdrubal

      Republicans don’t give a hoot about black people. If, they did they would denounce some of the actions and epithets made against black people by their ranks. I do not need to list them as they are too numerous too mention.

      In addition, I’d like to know what is the price is for assimilation. Being physically spat upon is too high. You may be able to wash it off in a nice tub tht you purchase with your hard earned money, you may be able to drink it out of your memory temporarilly. BUT, deep down in a sobering moment you’ll have to face the fact that the coward in you still, exist.

      Education, ability, and hard work need not be compromised in exchange for decency. In fact, they go hand in hand. Especially, when the ignorance is on the part of the racists at your expense.

      It seems the money you are after is a just another drug being peddled to you.

      And, that’s coming from someone is no bohemian either.

      No thanks, Republicans.

      • Susan


      • duke nukem

        You’re a dumbass. The republicans are not against blacks. You mean because they don’t want people on welfare or something???.. of course you don’t need to list them because they are too numerous my ASS.. you can’t name ANY of them because they don’t exist you freaking moron!

        • CRichardson

          So it seems that you are unable to have a educated response to anything! Stupid is as stupid does!

        • Dee S. Knutts

          If you were able to comprehend what the message that the author of this article was trying to convey was that why defeat yourself and your own party by alienating the people that make up the MAJORITY of the country why not become inclusive and bring ALL to the table and not the narrow minded “some”. But you’re too busy doing the same exact thing that the “narrow minded” few are doing….bringing up things that are irrelevant to the issue…..who said anything about “welfare” ????

    • Curtis G.

      I understand and respect what you are saying. Maybe I missed it in the later post/comments, but I want your take on why Black Conservatives are somewhat silent on social issues, specifically on stories like the Trayvon Martin’s. Please advise. I really would like to know.

      • eli

        what about trayvon? he was shot as he attacked another man. who got two black eyes a broken nose and some cuts on the back of his head it has NOTHING to do with race. george (sorry im not going to spell that last name) has a black grandfather and tutors kids.. some black. some one called out race every one jumped on the band wagon and now no one wants to admit there wrong now that being said being followed would creep me out too and i would run or confront my stalker, pot does make people paranoid (pot was found in trayvons system)
        ps dont pick on my spelling and punctation just becouse you disagree with me…. fight me on facts

        • Dee S. Knutts

          You cannot be serious with your comments…..???WTF??? Mr. Martin was being FOLLOWED by Zimmerman, who was clearly told by a 911 operator to leave the situation alone. He was NOT law enforcement nor was he in ANY authority of any kind to pursue Martin. Zimmerman was/is a wannabe bad a$$ that obviously had a vendetta against black males and he PROVOKED Martin to respond the way that he did when you are being approached by some stranger. Martin tried to stand his ground, Zimmerman was on the LOSING end of a butt whooping, and to “EQUALIZE” the situation…he SHOT HIM. Oh but it was “Self Defense” HE says…

  • Shirley Husar

    Republicans are losing valuable opportunities while they travel across the country to connect with black churches, hang out at block party events, court local black Republicans and GOP clubs, and address urban town hall meetings. Black History Month is the time to invest in small, local black papers, to fill urban radio air time with ads, and do call-ins on local morning black radio stations to promote themselves. By creating their own cheerleading squads and not being afraid of black people, they might learn that we are not all fans of the Black Caucus.

    The GOP candidates should man-up and be risk takers. Over the years they’ve hired young college undergraduates, mostly white and middle class, to work as staffers who hold positions of authority. They oversee the smaller cities’ “meet and greet“ events, but they have little to no life experience to the urban communities. Having too many of them is costly and a bad strategic move for Republican candidates.

    Candidates, stop living in fear that you will be called “racist,” for most black people have already concluded that you are one. Many black people feel you do not care for them, you only want to tax them and help the rich. They have been brainwashed by social programs and liberals like Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel for over 40 years.

  • Redell Drakeford

    sista husar i was watching a michael moore program and he could’nt said it no better why right wing neo conservative republicans live in fear and it’s simple because they want an all white america that they remember Pre 1940’s When They Did’nt Have To Deal With Gays,Blacks And The Only Immigrants They Had To Worry About Was The Germans,Italians Now They Have To Worry About The Hispanics Ohh No!!! And I Give It To You Nine Times Outta Ten Certain Groups Of People Have Been Brainwashed By Social Programs I Used To Live In L.A.I Know For A Fact Who Receives Welfare!!! But As Of Right Now The Right Wing Neo Conservatives Republicans Will Never Get The Majority Of The Black Vote And You And I Both Know That.

    • Jill

      You guys will be at each other’s throats (already are in LA) between blacks and Latinos. Jealousies will emerge as hispanics step up to the plate defying the years of inability by blacks to lift themselves up. To talk about whitey being afraid of the minorities as a block belies the fact that the ethnic groups within the block do not act as a monolith. The factions will have fault lines to be exploited and when the leftists hydra head is cut off, cooperation between the ethnic divisions will evaporate.

    • John

      That’s funny last time I checked blacks didn’t want to deal with gays esp. gay marriage – nor whites. Blacks most certainly will divorce there newfound friendship with hispanics once they vault ahead in demographics.

      We are more alike than you are willing to admit. You just hate white people is all (maybe not hate, just prefer to be aroung your own. )

  • Frank Castle

    @ Redell Drakeford: Michael Moore, is REVILED by those of us on the Right! he speaks, for NONE of us, and is a two faced fraud! He hates “capitalism”, the SAME Capitalism, that has made him RICH! All White America?? Um, that REEKS, of the “Klan” crap that it’s Founders, Southern DEMOCRATS, may believe, but not US! I’m insulted, you’d buy into his lies. It was, the RIGHT, who “freed the slaves”, it was the RIGHT, who FORCED Liberals, to pass Civil Rights. What did Democrats, ever do for you?? The so called “Welfare state”… only serves, to hold people BACK. That’s, the Democrat plan. Conservatives?? We prefer, Everyone, to SUCCEED. That way, everyone has a good life, no one is stuck paying high taxes, to support others, all have Self Respect, as well as Mutual respect. Life is good.. for all. It COULD be this way, if the Tax and Spending LIARS, would simply, get out of the way, Stop DIVIDING us, and let us all work TOGETHER, for the betterment, of ALL. And yes, I’m a White guy. Who is Just as sick and tired of “racism”.. as anyone else. Also, please, do not Confuse “Conservatives” with those old DINOSAUR Republican “Rino’s” now running the GOP….they LEFT US, Too!!

    • Danyle

      Thank you and well said!

  • Bill in MO

    Think about this. If about 15% of the people in the US are ‘black’, and 90% of them voted for Pres. Obama (hence Democrats), how many blacks can be considered to be Republicans and, of that pool (puddle?) how many would be qualified to serve in any capacity at the Federal level?

    Also, think about this. We have representative Allen West, South Carolina representative Tim Scott, former Oklahoma representative J.C. Watts, and former Connecticut representative Gary Franks, economist Thomas Sowell (well respected by the right), former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (huge position of power and authority), perennial political candidate Alan Keyes (who, at a meeting of uber-conservatives in Missouri was chosen in a straw poll as our Presidental candidate preference over Bush, Buchanan, and others) and Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas. In 2009, Michael Steele became the first black man to chair the Republican National Committee. In 2011, Herman Cain was considered the leading Republican presidential nominee for a period of time.

    Given the dearth of people to choose from, the Republicans have put more qualified blacks in positions of power and responsibility than the Democrats who often have blacks elected only in mostly-black neighborhoods or who choose them based almost solely on their color. I would submit to you that the Republicans have always been the better at promoting what is best for ALL the citizens of this country, without regard to race.

    Of course, there are those who believe that is not enough.

  • JFLS45

    I have heard Dr. Martin Luther King was a registered Republican. Is that true?

    • duke nukem

      yes, because the democrats were AGAINST civil rights legislation… what the left doesn’t want you to know.


    you have lost your mind if u think mitt gives a s— about blacks or others people of color the only color that he cares about is green and only for the ones who have and control it if he is the next president we all are in trouble because bang will own the whole world but by then it will be too late and for people to want to put a person in just because they dont like some one else is really a race to the botttom where is theirs standard i dont trust mitt and neither do over half of the people in the world talk about race to the bottom not to mention putting safetly at risk and just for the record i am

    • Frank Castle

      Your class envy is showing.

  • Nada

    What comes around could go around for black people I’m afraid.

  • Jill

    Its not that the repub party won’t go after the black vote, its that blacks have Jim Crowed white repubs. Its racism on part of black people. Black people can study conservatism at any time and join up but they choose not to.

    Its a sign of racism for 95% of blacks to vote for Obama b/c he is black.

    • Frank Castle

      Sadly, it looks that way., And, HIS party, is the one that has always HURT the black race!! I don’t get it. Have they really SOLD OUT, for hand outs?? If not, WHY, Democrats?? makes no logical sense!

  • Deon

    The only way Republicans can win is if lazy Black voters don’t get out and vote by assuming Obama will get re-elected anyway without their vote. These same people in my opinion don’t have a voice in this country and should accept life as it is for them. Another way is that the politically challenged Black voters are persuaded to vote Republican, due to the fact they actually think Obama owes them something they did not receive during his administration. If some Black voters fully understand and agree with the views of conservatives, then by all means give them your vote. If Republicans are victorious, hopefully the Blacks that support them are happier with the new administration. As a Black man, in the event the Replublicans do win, I hope they can prove me wrong.

  • Mark

    Interesting – let’s reverse this and assume that 90% of white people voted for McCain… think Obama would have won? I am not espousing racism, but why is it not racism when 90% + of blacks vote for a black man? And what, really, has the Democratic party done for blacks in this country? It was white northern Republicans led by Lincoln that pounded the gavel and gave their lives to free the slaves not Southern, Jim Crow loving Democrats. Even into the 20th century (Woodrow Wilson one of the most racist Presidents EVER!!). The Dems like to claim the civil rights mantle but history shows otherwise.

    • Frank Castle

      Thank You, for seeing it as it REALLY IS!

      • duke nukem

        the most racist president is obama. He talks about people only having value if they “look” like someone. Trayvon had to “look” like a son before he gave a shi$… otherwise he would have said NOTHING if that had been a white man killed by a black man. It would have NEVER made the news even!!!

        you know why. because it happens sooooo freakin much it’s expected.

        Oh, you want to be judged by the content of your character… ok, lets see, whiney, lazy, entitled, killers, murderers, thugs, street scum and unemployed by choice GARBAGE. gosh, that’s SOME character…

        You want to stop being looked at like a stereotype??? then STOP ACTING LIKE THE STEREOTYPE STUPID

    • Deon

      The history books tell us Lincoln freed the slaves. Truth is, slaverly was the only thing stopping capitalism in the Union. The country could not grow and become stronger if capitalism was’nt allowed to flourish. Slavery was the road block of this country’s economic growth, so it had to be abolished. Lincoln knew this and that is the only reason he was forced to lead this country to civil war. It never was about “all men being equal and slavery is wrong,” it was for the greater good of the economy. Lincoln is no saint for slaves in my eyes nor blacks that study and learn true history. If it were not for the desire of economic growth, there is no telling how much longer slavery would have existed. HISTORY LESSON OVER.

      • Mark

        If you truly read/know history the North was kicking the South’s butt economically. Lincoln freed the slaves because he truly believed, as did the Northern abolitionists (mainly Republicans) that the institution was evil and did not hold true to the values expressed in the Constitution. HISTORY LESSON CORRECTED.

        • Robert

          You are depicting the revisionist version of history which is now taught at all levels of the education system (as mandated by federal government). In reality, the North gained its economic advantage by printing mass amounts of fiat currency, not through actual economic production. And Lincoln did not believe as you say – try reading the transcripts from the Lincoln/Douglas debates of 1858 (the powers that be haven’t managed to erase that yet).

  • Mikey

    Blacks aren’t free thinkers; they’ve been brainwashed to vote for anyone even half black; no matter, brain or not.

    • Kevin

      To say that black people are not free thinkers, is garbage. Black people vote based on their interest, not because of someone’s color. Look, we have voted for white candidates for President, both Republicans and Democrats, and now, because of President Obama, you think that black people, would only vote for someone black, even they were, biracial? Please.

  • S.S.

    Thsi article fails to address the fact that Hispanics/Latinos are curretnly the largest voting popualtion next to whites, and THAT groups’ tunrout in November will determine whether Obamag get reelcted.

  • S.S.

    CORRECTION: The article fails to address the fact HISPANICS/LATINOS have the largest U.S. population and potential voters (more than white and black community). That group will probably be the one that determines whether Mr. Obama truly gets reelected by popular vote. Blacks and Democrats NEED to go into Latino communities NOW and get Hispanics registered to vote–before the white Republican do.

    • matt

      lol…and where will you be when the democrats have the rich gays and the poor (and more numerous) latinos? Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, the guy who owns Facebook all are Democrats – why aren’t they giving you their money? Why do you think they target your neighborhoods for abortion? You are being marginalized and you don’t even realize it. Why aren’t you for balanced budgets (no debt for your kids), small business opportunities, an even playing field? Do you even know that Lincoln was a Republican? Are you pro-atheist? pro-porn? pro-gay marriage? Do you pay a portion of your salary to a union boss making 6 figures? You need to go home and really think about if you have been tricked.

    • me

      Oh, another up-side to the new paper that we will use to cast our votes…..  included upon/within the paper, the pen, etc…. is something unlike anything in the past.  not only can you not see, taste, or smell thisSAFE/Non-Toxic chemical, you wont even notice its there. No matter, the point is… If you are an American your vote WILL BE COUNTED. on the other hand, if you are NOT an American this WILL BE Detected Immediately…So, rest assured knowing that NO Illegal Vote will be counted.
      ~ WHAT! Did you think that after the last few years of voter Fraud and Illegal Voting that our geniuses wouldn’t come up with a NICELY HIDDEN NON TOXIC way to PROINT and DNA you while you VOTED! Well, they have CERTAINLY COME UP WITH AN EXCELLENT FOOL-PROOF way to get the REAL – THE HONEST AMERICAN VOTE TO COUNT?
      And those are the ONLY votes, and will be the only votes that W I L L  count!Finaly, we WILL have an HONST COUNT and ALL AMERICAN VOTING!

  • matt

    Wow, this is the most racist board I have ever read. First, there should be no “black” voters, only voters. What do any of you have in common with Obama, a rich, priviledged Yale graduate who is half-white and was raised in Indonesia and made a living as a community organizer and a 2-year part-time Senator from the corrupt Illinois regime? Are you the “ignorant scared people clinging to guns and religion?” that he despises?
    Can you afford Michelle’s $250 tennis shoes (or should you?) Are you drinking locally-grown organic milk at $6 a gallon? Do you want to pay for $8 gas that Obama’s energy secretary says you need? Do you know your electric bill will skyrocket as they shut down coal-powered electric facilities and put further restrictions on natural gas drilling?
    How do you like illegal immigrants taking non-skilled jobs away from your kids? And participating in the political process? And overcrowding schools as they rush to pro-create Americans who will provide them with benefits, public schools, and health care. Will you pay for us to provide healthcare and education to Mexico?
    At what point do people here begin to understand that Jackson, Waxman, and the guy with the funny hair are the house boys of Democrats who want to enslave as many of us as possible – and that they started with the most vulnerable?

  • Dr. M. Degamo

    Black people are one of the most racist group I ever know.
    White people are one of the most racist group I ever know.
    Latino people are one of the most racist group I ever know.
    Asians are one of the most racist group I ever know.

    The mere fact that they even call themselves in this category proves
    that they qualify their “race” to define them.
    We are all Americans and true Americans should not be or should ever be
    called or qualified by the color of their skin.

    I will vote for the person who fear God the most, love the country the most and have the most intelligence to know how!

  • L

    The black population in this country is approx. 15%, the hispanic/latino population is about 16%, and the white population is approx. 72% .It stands to reason that because the white population is the largest percent of this country, there are going to be more white people who are working with the republicans.That being said, there are some very prominent black republicans who do show overall support for the party.The truth of the matter is,many of our black citizens voted for Obama simply because he is part black.Many people are not politcally savvy and rely on others opinions and jugdement.That could be a Hollywood actor,a singer,a sports figure or what have you.They admire someone and because this person is speaking out for against a person or party,they jump on the band wagon without full knowledge of why this person is or is not the best suited for the responsibility of the position.White, black, hispanic,there are many people who do this.They are the ones that need to be better informed for themselves.

    • Frank Castle

      Black, White, or PURPLE… 4 more years of the Democrat Socialist program.. and we’re ALL DONE!! When the Libs, bleed the rich DRY, who will pay THEN??

  • JFLS45

    Who said Barry has not done anything? An impressive list of accomplishments!
    • First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.
    • First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.
    • First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States
    • First President to violate the War Powers Act. .
    • First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
    • First President to defy a Federal Judge’s court order to cease implementing the Health Care Reform Law.
    • First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.
    • First President to spend a trillion dollars on ‘shovel-ready’ jobs when there was no such thing as ‘shovel-ready’ jobs.
    • First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.
    • First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat. .
    • First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S., including those with criminal convictions.
    • First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.
    • First President to terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.
    • First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.
    • First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.
    • First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke-out on the reasons for their rate increases.
    • First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.
    • First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).
    • First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.
    • First President to fire an inspector general of Ameri-corps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.
    • First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office. .
    • First President to golf 73 separate times in his first two and a half years in office, 90 to date.
    • First President to hide his medical, educational and travel records.
    • First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.
    • First President to go on multiple global ‘apology tours’.
    • First President to go on 17 lavish vacations, including date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends; paid for by the taxpayer.
    • First President to have 25 personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.
    • First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.
    • First President to repeat the Holy Qur’an tells us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth.
    • First President to take a 17 day vacation.
    So how is this hope and change working out for you?

    • me

      JFL645: In response to your LIST:  And a bit of Info. that I have NOT yet read about?

      First President to defy a Federal Judge’s court order to cease implementing the Health Care Reform Law. • First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.
      When he campaigned & all the negatives came up (Sharptons Supremist Churche Sharptons non-christian church, etc… and the part about the HOSPITALS and INSURANCE co’s that BOTH Mr. and Mrs. Obma are PART owner in or OWNERS of in its entirety!

      She (Mrs. O) is on the BOARD of DIRECTORS of/in SIX (06) Hospitals. Both Mr. & Mrs. O’ own Major Shares in these SAME six HOSPITALS. Something about this was briefely mentioned then QUIETLY HUSHED even more quickly RE: the Ob’s owning all and/or PART owners of and in six hospitals, and have a MAJOR INTEREST in THREE (03)  Separate HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES!!!  

      MANDATORY INSURANCE Obama forcing onto America! [huh?] 
      Go back four years ago,  Look online from campaign days of past and type in (Mrs. OBA*%co-partner/co owner SEVERAL HOSPITALS!!!) And, when patients come in to the E.R. and complain about/for the very same thing similar/same ailment, SAME Emergency rooms in SAME Hospital…Same everything SAME DAY VISITS even… visit & for similar illness/complaints ~THEY WERE ‘the hospital’ CHARGING AND BILLING the PATIENTS who have NO INSURANCE-  MORE MONEY for the same illness and visit as they were charging other patients/people who actually  DID have INSURANCE!!!!!
      First President to defy a Federal Judge’s court order to cease implementing the Health Care Reform Law. • First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.

    • me

      O M G!  Obama paying $102,000 of tax payer money For a DOG TRAINER? Are you seriouse?

      With the amount of DEBT America is in right now, $102,000 yearly to retain a DOG TRAINER for the President, at US TAXPAYERS’ Expense is NOT practical, SELFISH, and is DOWN RIGHT REDICULOUS! Mr. O… I used to have HOPE…. But after seeing YOU and YOUR PROMISES DWINDLE to NOTHING just like ALL THE PRES. BEFORE…  I have No More Faith or Hope in the Presidency and LACK OF POWER thereOf.  What is the presidency anymore?  A nice FREE home, Free Maid Service, Free Meals, Free Transportation, Free Armed Guards, Free internet, Free Satelite TV, Tax Free CLOTHING, and FREE MEDICAL & Dental Insurance, and to top it all off jjust like a Cherry ( AN ANNUAL INCOME OF ALMOST $20 Million Dollars a YEAR!)
      You all ( ALL OF YOU ) ex. Prezs’ Senators, and the like: You ALL need to GIVE HALF of your MILLIOONS to the (AMERICA  That YOU SAY and CLAIM YOU LOVE SO MUCH GIVE your OWN MONEY AND and GET HER OUT OF DEBT… P R O V E  your LOVE for and of AMERICA!

  • Babs Anthony

    JFLS45: A review of your list of the president’s accomplishments leads me to believe that Barack “Barry” Obama is one of the most successful presidents in the history of the United States of America. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Re-elect the President!

    • duke nukem

      you’re a fucking dumbass

  • JFLS45

    Typical Kool-Aid drinker following the pied piper. Let me guess, he’s black (half) and that’s why your voting for him.

  • JFLS45

    Obama eating dog: his favorite recipes

    Beagles with cream cheese

    Eggs rover easy

    Great Danishes

    Pugs in a Blanket

    Pup Tarts

    Obama’s Indonesian cookbook: Dreams of My Fido.

    Chicken Poodle Soup

    Spaghetti and Mutt Balls

    Santa’s little hamburger helper

    When Obama asks for a DOGGY BAG he really means a bag with a dog in it

    Garlic Mashed BOtatoes MMMMM

  • drc6212

    Not true, we only need white people to vote correctly, no black presidents

    • JFLS45

      A large % of the black population voted for the Marxist. The whites who voted for him were comprised of:

      College-aged “mushheads” who got the vote for the 1st time and approached the election like the next “American Idol”. Some voted for him because he was “kool” and knew how to email and use the internet.

      Other whites voted because of “white-guilt”, taken in by the race-baiters like Jessie Jackass and Al Sharpton (greaseball).

      Older white moderates taken in by the hype and change rant.

      Stupid whites who stayed home and didn’t go vote for the old white guy “Mclame” so naturally that put Odumbo over the top.

      I just hope enough black & white folks have woken up and seen where the Marxist idealogy is taking us.

    • JFLS45


      what exactly are you referring to? Elaborate please.


    I am black and I share many “true” Republican boasted ideals i.e.. less government spending, less government interference into people’s personal lives, separation of church and state, gun ownership etc. I’ll be voting for Obama because despite him being a “democrat”, he’s the only candidate that is closest to meeting these expectations. EVERY republican candidate has openly made a platform out of theology and higher tax bracket/company tax breaks (which is the same to me as government spending – since it’s revenue lost.) I have a college education, I’m married (which they’ll tell you can’t be true), and I don’t receive welfare as certain candidates would have you to believe. As a previous registered repub, how could I vote for someone who caters to extreme groups with verbage derrogatory to myself and my family? This isn’t about Obama being black, it’s about him being the only candidate left that hasn’t offended me. Everyone knows that pretty much all of the GOP candidates have tried catering to the “conservative” folks in our country. They’ve let disparaging and unacceptable comments go unchecked. They’ve made disparaging comments themselves i.e. “I’ll go into the black community and tell them why they should demand a paycheck instead of food stamps!” (Gingrich) and ” I reviewed the tape, and I am pretty sure I didn’t say the word “black people”.(Santorum)and “I’m not worried about poor people…they have safety nets.” Well guess what…I live in a black neighborhood and I don’t receive food stamps…so what else do they have? It’s not that all black folks are voting for Obama because they’re tied to the Democratic party or just because Obama is black as I considered voting for McCain until he chose his vp. In my opinion, blacks feel that they have been sold out in exchange for the far right. The GOP strategy seems to be “well they’re going to vote for Obama anyway, so at least let’s salvage the racists.” Many hard working blacks aren’t in love with welfare as folks would have you to believe since this is the only platform issue they use to encite the far right. Mostly everyone I know has a job or lost one during our recession and is actively looking for one. Most of us completly frown upon people who aren’t willing to get out and bust their hump. Now the right has started this epidemic of calling out reverse racism (which is just to make the racists feel better about being racist.) I don’t discount that a big number of black people have what one would consider “racist” views- I have lots of them in my family. The big difference is these people have formed (or been forced into) this opinion based on their horrible experiences of being treated unfairly, being profiled, not hired, and not promoted by predominately one group of folks, thus they’ve formed their views. Most of the extreme racists in my family, oddly tend to have very close white friends because they don’t necessarily hate white people, they hate the bad things that some white people do. They seem to just be suspicious of others. On the extreme right, their opinions and mindset is from being endoctrined by other ignorant racists and typically not based on experience. Given that the latter is mixed in with regualar good hearted white people who as the majority hold the power and make the decisions, which side is more deadly? Democrats geniunely try to act as if they care (even if it’s just a ploy), but republicans have been blatently arrogant about divisive issues. So don’t act as if ANYONE black or white has to be clouded by drugs or “reverse racism” to vote for Obama. Who could vote for a group who runs candidates that: a) sign pledges (you never know what you’ll have to comprimise for the greater good of the country) and b) said pledges say things like “black families were better off during slavery?” Seriously?? You’d be voting against your own self interests and safety! Just my two cents 🙂

    • WakeUpFolks

      The track Obama and the libs are on, eventually will run out of other peoples money. Wait until the “tax waves” hit. You’ll wonder why your in the poor house…

    • JFLS45

      Dude, don’t buy the media spin. Your taking the bait, hook line and sinker.

    • Curtis G.

      Very well stated “Tiredofnonsense” I agree with every point expressed. I have question for you. Why do you think more black conservatives in office are not speaking out about racism? Their voices seem to be muted. Please advise. Thanks.

    • Kevin

      Curtis, you have made some excellent points in your posts. I believe that if the GOP wants the black vote, They are going to have lower the rhetoric from some in their party. Let’s be honest, black people want the same thing as anyone from any group, wants: jobs, a better economy, education, etc. However you have some like Gingrich who arrogantly stated that he will go into the NAACP convention and tell the black community to demand jobs not food stamps, showed a lot ignorance( no, stupidity) on the part of Gingrich, in thinking that black people want food stamps.

      I have always felt that the GOP, could have had 30 to 40 percent of the black vote, but the decisions that they have made over the years, is going to cause them, as Mr. Jackson, in the article states, a footnote in American political history.

      • Kevin

        I am sorry, I did not mean to address Curtis. It was more meant to address, Tiredofnonsense. Sorry for the mistake.

    • jr22370

      Wah wah wah!! You can’t be forced into an opinion!! Did you really say that? The only difference in Obummer and the republicans boils down to which rich guys they want to benefit. Just a fact o think on. If you need money to expand a business or start one where do you go for the money? A bank? Rich guys? Why do they loan money? To make more! You can take every nickle from every rich guy in the United States, it equals roughly 1.3 trillion dollars. Your deficit is nearly 16 trillion the equivilant of the whole U.S. economy. Now what? it ain’t that hard to figure it out. Common sense is not so common. A weak America hurts everyone equally regardless of race, but poor people most of all.

    • jaquin

      Wah wa wa cry cry cry OMG were Sooooo finished w/ this ancient crap,

       I often wonder what…after So many year of being spoiled rotten/catered to/and having asses kissed what are blacks going to do when whites FINALY PUT THEIR FOOT DOWN AND SAY ( NO MORE ! )Weve NEVER OWNED a SLAVE, never done anything to or anything for Blacks and do NOT owe you anything. Also, STOP THROWING A FIT because when you do this It makes all Blacks look Ignorrant and BAD… when One black throws a Spoiled Rotten Fit untill he gets his way what do you think your doing to your race! AGAIN, WE DONT NOW and NEVER HAVE OWNED SLAVES… no one is responsible for that crap any more so NO ONE wants to CATER to you any longer! I believe you know this and I believe this is the REASON you are THROWING A FIT! Hey, the GRAVY TRAIN IS OVER, GET A JOB and/or CREATE/INVENT something! Do Something constructive! Do something GOOD for HUMANITY! Stop being a Big Baby! Ad anything POSITIVE to Society, stop being a spoiled rotten immature baby. Electricity, Plumbing, Wheels, Engines, houses, trains, automobiles, ETC… these are JUST A FEW of the Positive creations and Inventions WHITE MAN has Contributed throughout history! Instead of feeling so much LESS of a person, GET OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING GOOD Something GREAT Something CREATIVE! No One needs to help you, you should be able to add to humanity a GREAT WONDERFUL THING/THINGS! Stop WHINNING / STOP CRYING STOP THROWING FITS and STOP the Temper TANTRUMS! Eyebrows raised up and pursed Lips DO NOT DO YOU JUSTICE and actualy looks like a MANEQUIN face! So, TRYING to make others think your having an ATTITUDE is NOT WORKING!  Whatever! Now: Either create/discover something good for society and/or thee world, or Shut The F Up!


    I can only speculate on why they don’t as I truly don’t know. Speaking out against racism today is not popular in any way. On the right it’s considered “pulling the race card” and on the left people are tired of all talk and no action and most likely have written that individual off as an “uncle tom.” Curtis I am curious as to what the difference is regarding racism between conservatives or liberals? It’s pretty much the same beast.

    • duke nukem

      maybe if people would quit talking and speaking against racism, there wouldn’t be as many racist. You keep digging up 200 year old events and talking about slavery. There hasn’t been a living slave in a very long time in the U.S. and there are no sons or daughters of slaves, MAYBE great grandsons but probably not even that. maybe if you quit telling blacks that whites hate them and started acting right, you’d be alright.

      • me

        You are absolutely correct

  • jim

    Why are black people RACISM

  • Warhog65

    actually, its the only way that obama can be reelected. i’ve spoken to a few educated blacks, none of them are voting for obama. the ones that are voting for obama, rather hes an idiot or not, are the thugs, the uneducated, they ones that would rather do a white girl for her car, her checkbook, & pissoff their white daddys, & the muslims.

  • beingenvied

    This site is a racist place catering to racist african-non-americans who will always play the victim, when in fact you’re a victim of your own doings. You cannot progress when you harbor the white envy for all of our great accomplishments throughout history. Get-t-f over yourselves.

  • jamal

    I am black and I am a Republican, so what are you talking about.?  Are you talking about color or politics?  Go to school and learn please. Thank you

  • jamal

    BTW…. that means “by the way”  Obamas momma is white  Ann Dunham, so you still can not make it about color. Becasue our prez is half white and half black. !  Boooh yah

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