HBCU Employee Says She was Fired for Being White

Woman says university wouldn't have fired her if she was black

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From New York Daily News.

A former employee of Winston-Salem State University says the historically black institution fired her because she is white.

“In my opinion, had I been African-American, they would not have fired me,” said Shira Hedgepeth, former director of academic technology at the university in North Carolina.

“They had no documentation of any problem with my employment. I was highly regarded as a qualified employee.”

Though the university has categorically denied Hedgepeth’s accusation, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled that her race played a factor in her termination. Hedgepeth says she was fired without warning after working at the university for three years.

Read more at New York Daily News.

  • Deecreative

    Sadly this is a reality …reverse racial is never ok, I’ve seen it as a student at an HBCU

  • dmoseylou

    Kudos to her and GREAT JOB EEOC. It is way, way past time for black racists/ racism towards non-black persons be held accountable.