Grace Under Pressure

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Call her a woman with class… And right now she seems to have it all.  As in, that magical “it” factor reminiscent of Jackie O.

Sure, some might debate the similarities, but it sure doesn’t help when the sole survior of Camelot’s offspring, Kathleen Kennedy, endorses the Obamas.

Before an internationally televised audience and a packed convention center, America’s next potential first lady delivered. Her keynote address was poised, articulate, and humorous. (Who would have guessed ice cream was the way to her heart?  Mr. Obama did after she rejected him several times.)

And her speech, at certain points, showed vulnerability, especially when speaking about her children.
I am convinced this statuesque beauty with the brains to match is a match for the man who hopes to become president.

I sensed something I haven’t seen in any televised couple in a while: geniune love.  This woman loves Barack Obama.  And not because of his ambition, but because of his integrity.  I’m willing to bet –if this becomes the first couple — this bond won’t be easily broken by any intern.

As a black woman, it was nice to see a female of the same hue exemplify class, intelligence, dedication to family, and have the courage to stick by her man as he attempted to do early on what many deemed impossible –to become the first African American president.

You go girl! You made me proud.

Shon Gables is the host of the Black Enterprise Business Report syndicated television show.

  • Troy

    Barack Obama Is A Baby-Killing LIAR!
    He has a 100% pro-abortion approval rating from Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW, and the National Abortion Federation!
    He voted against protecting late-term viable babies from Partial Birth Abortion!
    He voted against the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act!
    He wants to make abortion MORE AVAILABLE than it is now!
    He wants YOU to PAY for ALL abortions through your hard-earned tax dollars!
    He wants to PROTECT the abominable Roe v. Wade decision at all costs!
    Yet he pretends to be a “moderate” and a “Christian”—and he’s successfully fooling good people.

  • Hyacinth