Gabby Douglas Told to Get a Nose Job by Gym Staffer

The 'golden girl' said she was told her nose was not flat enough

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From New York Daily News.

In an interview with a Vanity Fair reporter, Gabby Douglas said that years before she won gold at the 2012 Olympic games she was told by a gym staffer that she should get a nose job.

Douglas said the staffer at Excalibur Gymnastics—the same gym where the gymnast said she was called a slave by teammates—said that her nose was not flat enough and should consider getting constructive surgery. The 16 year old said the comments were “very hurtful.” Dena Walker, the Girls team director at Excalibur, said the story was “a joke.”

In an interview for Oprah’s Next Chapter Douglas said she was the only African American who trained at the gym and often felt isolated and mistreated.

Read more at New York Daily News.

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  • Theycallme-Mr.tibbs

    We know __it Happens,
    Abby, understand that being thought of as a professional victim, will only insure that you remain, “a professional victim”. The way to handle your critics is to “never let them see you sweat”. The way to get even is t succeed dispite their “helpful comments”.
    Small stuff, small people – get their jollies by getting noticed. Oprah, Condoleezza, Michelle – all have “those kind of stories” to tell – but they are smart eough, confident enough and Elegant enough to save those for discussion with their “true friends”. Not for public discussion.

  • Praise God for her strength to rise despite all efforts to dehumanize and wound her to the core. She is our champion and America’s a better country due to her strength.
    Gabby you are perfection and beautiful !’