Woman Who Provides Children Free Lunches Faces $600 Fine

The state run program serves over 60 children free lunches on a daily basis

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school lunchesFrom NBC Philadelphia

A Philadelphia woman known as the “free lunch lady” could face a $600 fine due to a law in her town.

Angela Prattis, who runs a free lunch program in Chester township, recently received a letter stating that she needs a variance to run the program in the residential area.

As many as 60 children a day receive lunches from Prattis through the state run program.

“We’re talking about children,” said Prattis. “Children. It’s unbelievable. They’ve never once said anything to me in reference to what to do to be in the right standing with the township.”

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  • ella from glendale arizona

    they r bitching because arent getting taxes from her. i commend her for what she is doing. please someone out help her with the papers she needs so those kids wont go hungry. all this talk about no child will b left behind and they r doing to someone who is trying to help those kids. i would do the same thing if i were able, i cant stand to see a hungry child and there r millions out there.