Fixing the Economy: What Would YOU Do?

Be president for a moment and take our poll

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So here we are, two years into President Obama‘s presidency. Have things turned out like you thought they would when you voted in the presidential election?

Pretend for a moment that you are president and tell us what your next move would be if you were charged with fixing the economy. When you leave a comment, be sure to give your name, age, occupation and city of residence. Your comments may be included in the January 2011 issue of Black Enterprise magazine.

  • I would re – vamp our education system in this country, also would add more training programs. Lending more money directly to small businesses, then it fix itself in due time .

    • Well said, an educated consumer and citizen is the best tool to creating jobs!

  • I would help and encourage small business and enterpreneurs such as myself create and sustain job growth. I would increase taxes on the those earning 1mil or more. Give tax credits to companies creating jobs in the us and manfaturing products in the US. Cut tax breaks for companies takign jobs overseas. Train and educate the next generation so that the USA can increase their GDP in order to compete with other industralized countries and not get drowned out by China, India, Etc.

  • I think students should learn more about accounting ,home ownership,wall street and when they learn business math show what it links to. Schools need to show the kids and adults what jobs paid well and where to get the training and founding.If people are worry about the health care public option then let public donation help pay for it and give tax breaks to those who donate.I’ll give tax breaks to big businesses who starts hire people.I think pushing green jobs are a must and don’t take no for a answer and don’t send the jobs to other countries while yours is in trouble.

  • F.W. Lee

    I agree that a revamped educational system that focuses on the core foundation of reading, comprehension and oral/written communication is essential for kids. Start with this foundation and intergrate into math, computer skills and learning a second language. Afterwards, provide tracks in various areas including sciences, business, entertainment (management aspect), etc. I believe this would ensure the basics are down cold, while growing a diverse and competitive talent pool. Strengthen the community colleges to serve continuing education, career enhancement and trade/certification programs. Leave the four year universities for those persuing education or more business/managerial skills such as accounting and management. Also, stop give subsidies to company or entities that are financially stable (e.g. oil companies, large farms and tech firms) and invest in start-ups and small business to help them grow. Also, there needs to be more accountability in how government money is spent. Too often money is waste or misused by nonprofit, for-profits or other entities/individuals without repercussions. Instead, these entities have a “dial-a-politician” who covers for their mistakes rather than yanking the funds from them. Move the money from the abusers to those who are providing tangible results and can justify taypayers’ investment (taxes) in the program.

  • Mr. D.J. Small

    The stimulus money is already in place but the banks are holding it hostage. If I were president I would make sure that small businesses can gain access to that money. Next I  would call for a national conference with the labor movement, banks, Wall street, and all the major corporations to discuss how to put Americans back to work and the creation of new industries. Also to discuss the fade out of NAFTA.  NAFTA  has single handedly crippled the creation of new jobs in this country. If sacrifices have to be made business and labor must make  equal concessions. Last but not least we must put more money in education so that we will be able to nurture and cultivate the young minds who are our future.   

  • ItTakesAVillage

    We should do away with the tax breaks for the rich.

  • Sonia Fields

    What the American public needs is continuing dialogue (education) on the factors that drive the economy.
    The President needs to get around the country more frequently, get into neighborhoods, and actually show (Ross Perot-style) how the economy is rebounding and what the factors are that retard the progress too many expect. Perhaps this is the time for some to retool and/or rethink the present and the future. Perhaps this is the moment that some should look to create their own economy by selling whatever skills they possess (e.g., housecleaning, personal shopping, tutoring (at the right price, not a discounted price). Additionally, healthcare that is more universal is necessary. The Wall Street Journal (about three years ago) ran article after article on the necessity for healthcare across this nation. Yet, the Republicans and the Tea Partiers want nothing to do with spreading healthcare. The President needs to bring this to the attention of the voting public, who have been blindsided and lied to about the true health (economic and otherwise) of this great nation.