EXCLUSIVE: Why Ben Carson Believes He’s Your Best Choice for President

With the Iowa Caucus looming, the GOP candidate discusses ‎his plan to cure what ails black America

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Ben Carson prepares for primaries and caucuses with a retooled campaign and new attitude.

Millions will tune in tonight for the GOP presidential debate to watch the leading contenders for the nomination engage in all-out warfare. It will present another chance for Ben Carson to make his case for why he should be the next occupant of the Oval Office. With the Iowa caucus just weeks away, the stakes for the renowned former surgeon are, indeed, high.

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His calm demeanor and admittedly anti-PC style vaulted him to frontrunner status in October. His focus on small government, faith, and family values has grown his conservative, evangelical base among the GOP candidates while his controversial comments related to immigration, same sex marriage, and national defense earned him a bevy of progressive detractors. Within the last several weeks, campaign gaffes and a major management shake-up has forced him to realign his camp. In the most recent, Des Moines Register poll, he currently trails Ted Cruz and Donald Trump and is neck-and-neck with Marco Rubio for third place among Iowa voters.

While Cruz and Trump continue campaigns of fear and divisiveness and Rubio offers his wonkish proposals, Carson says he has retooled his approach and expanded his outreach efforts. In the exclusive interview with Chief Content Officer Derek T. Dingle at BLACK ENTERPRISE headquarters, Carson makes his case for why he’s the best choice for the economic and social advancement of African Americans–and the nation.

Derek T. Dingle: So what’s the current state of the campaign?

Ben Carson: Well, it’s been a very interesting road, no question about it…lots of excitement. We’ve recently made some major operational changes which seem to have really increased the esprit de corps. For me it’s about what’s happening for our country and is it going to be possible for us to change the direction and really start moving upward again rather than sideways or downwards.

You led the polls in late October and now you’ve dropped considerably. You have three major contests coming–Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and then shortly after that Super Tuesday. What is the strategy to win those races and ultimately the GOP nomination?

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I think the key thing for me is exposure. Whenever I go to a rally, I always get the same comments, “Wow, you’re so different than they portray you to be. I love you.” The more people I get out in front of, the better. A lot of people in the media and in the established political realm are not super excited about someone like me because I don’t play by the rules. I don’t accept money from special interest groups who want to influence you. I criticize the established structure.

It’s particularly important in some of the minority communities and the black community to stake out a different path now. We’ve allowed the government to dictate for such a long period of time who we are and what we should be doing. In the meantime, poverty rates are getting worse, out of wedlock births are going up, crime and incarceration. All these things are moving in the wrong direction. This is in a community that has over a trillion dollars in assets. Remember, there are less than 10 countries in the world that have a trillion dollar GDP. We have enormous resources. We just have to learn how to use them.

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  • THDisqus

    Common sense; so lacking in today’s political arena. Carson seems to have a real ability to see things from both sides of an issue. He may not agree with someone else’s point of view, but he’s still able to listen and consider what they say. Great quality.

    Carson: “I’m not a particularly partisan person.”

    • survivalone

      I agree! I really wish people would give him time to actually hear these things he has to say because he is the only one who is not only saying what problems are but offering solutions to them. He is being honest with it as well he isn’t waiting till he gets in and lowers the boom he is telling his tax plan school plan and many other issues while everyone else stands up there arguing back and forth on there old record of yesterday! But everyone seems to think that wins the debates? Not to me! Dr Carson can bring us all together whites,blacks, Hispanics. If a person is in a poor community regardless of skin they will benifit from his plans and that is what we are suppose to have. People all of us need a chance regardless of color and that’s why we are called the United States. A place where we all can have the American dream IF you try hard and work hard

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  • John L. Battey

    One of those so-called campaign gaffes was talking during the November10 debate about China getting involved with ISIS & Syria – the White House absolutely denied it and the press said it was a sign of Dr. Carson being weak on Foreign Policy. Two months later there are 5,000 Chinese Special Forces soldiers on their way to Syria and it turns out Dr. Carson was just so far ahead of the curve that nobody else could see what he was looking at. A President that makes those kinds of “gaffes” could be a good thing.

    • THDisqus

      I saw that about the Chinese in Syria. Will the media now go back and retract their condescending “Carson is an idiot” articles written after that debate? Please. Don’t hold your breath.

      Another “gaffe” they’re scoffing at now is his warning about EMPs. Do we really have to wait for something to happen before we start taking this threat seriously? I want a president who is pro-active, not re-active. Carson appears to be the only candidate running who assesses future situations and looks to put things in place to deal with threats BEFORE they happen.

      WSJ: The Mother of All Blackouts

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  • rj

    Ben is hands down the best candidate running for President, regardless of party. It is sad that his campaign marketing efforts have not lived up to his potential as the best candidate. Give him creative, aggressive and sophisticated “artist” type management and I imagine his slippage in the polls would have never occurred. I only hope h quickly finds the energy and wizardry in these late stages of the campaign that his acumen and enormous gifts deserve. Our country urgently needs his common sense approach to ALL challenges. With Ben as President implementing his vision, minority communities would see the possibility of obtaining real economic freedom and empowerment. And that would be a truly amazing achievement for our entire country.

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