Dhani Jones: A Man For All Seasons

NFL linebacker ventures into mens' fashion, philanthropy and TV

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(Image: American Express Open) Dhani Jones expands beyond football with his latest ventures

With the National Football League in a lockout, professional football players are wondering when they might see their next paycheck. Some of them might want to take a lesson from their peer Dhani Jones, a veteran free agent linebacker who was originally drafted out of the University of Michigan in 2000.

After playing in the NFL for 11 seasons, Jones, now 33, might be expected to slow down given all the wear and tear involved with his profession. But unlike many of his peers who spend their offseasons working out exclusively, Jones has long used his time away from the game to tackle new ventures and explore the world; something he calls, “player development.” For Jones, that has meant everything from launching a business that sells bow ties and a philanthropic initiative, to hosting his own show on the Travel Channel called Dhani Tackles the Globe.

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