Beyonce, Chris Rock and Others Star in Gun Control Video

Celebrities are joining the fight for gun control legislation

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Demand A Plan, a nonprofit organization fighting for gun control laws, has asked stars Beyonce, Chris Rock, Reese Witherspoon, Will Farrell and others to promote the gun-control conversation in a new video.

The Demand A Plan website says:

“Our efforts cannot bring back the 20 innocent children murdered in Newtown, CT– or the 34 people murdered with guns every day in America. But we can prevent future tragedies by passing common sense legislation that will

1. Require a criminal background check for every gun sold in America

2. Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines

3. Make gun trafficking a federal crime, including real penalties for “straw purchasers”

Read more and see the video at

  • truther named sydney

    I Do you see the ways of the evil media! They are absolutely snakes! These shootings were tragic stunts and the world needs to wake up for the devil is a lie! And yes the devil IS directly related to the ways and tactics of the media! ABSOLUTELY do NOT demand a plan, everyone needs to realize that they are trying to take away our rights to bear arms using these celebrities to make you want to jump on a bandwagon! They are preparing us for a state in Which we will not be able to defend ourselves! Do NOT stand for this! And even if im wrong which im not, taking away guns from abiding citizens will not solve the problem. Drugs are illegal yet the use is still high, focus on ths people not the guns. Communist societies russia and china are endorsing this…the truth is the truth

  • SP OT

    And have ANY of these capstone promoted, capstone compromised,
    capstone ‘on board’ and on cue ‘M’ pathy whores said –ANYTHING—
    about our now massively ‘mainstream’ culture of turning on one’s
    own UNBORN in the name of —‘CON—‘V’—-knee—–ants’?

    “Political power grows out of the barrel —of a gun.”
    2013 Globalist Superstar

    THINK about that as you watch the Globalist—RED China handover
    —-‘CON—-solidate’. . .