Comedian Lisa Lampanelli Tweets N-Word & Photo With Lena Dunham

Photo Caption Outraged Many Social Media Users

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Comedian Lisa Lampanelli Tweets N-Word & Photo With Lena Dunham
Lisa Lampanelli, the self described “Loveable Queen of Mean” may have finally crossed the line after tweeting a photo of herself and Lena Dunham,  creator of HBO’s hit series girls and including a racial slur.

While attending an event, Lampanelli tweeted a photo of herself and Lena Dunham. She added the caption “Me with my n**** @LenaDunham of @HBOGirls – I love this b****!!” to the photo, sparking outrage all over social media.

The stand-up comedian and insult comic, who was recently featured on NBC’s “The Celebrity Apprentice”, has made a career of incorporating ethnic and racial minority insults, slurs and stereotypes into her comedy routine.

When interviewed in 2009, she was asked about her penchant for racist jokes  & stated “I can get away with it because I’m a nice person, I have a warm personality, my intention is good behind it. The thing is, people sense when you have the least bit of anger or hate towards a group —— that’s why you never make fun of people you don’t like.”

Lena Dunham was accused of racial bias when her critically acclaimed HBO show ‘Girls’ featured an entirely White cast in it’s first season.

  • RexPacis

    Recently, there was an incident on a plane where an African-American child was allegedly slapped and called the n-word by an old, possibly intoxicated, white man. And now, there is this situation. As a black man, it feels as if some whites have been getting too comfortable with the use of this slur lately.

    • LS

      I agree.